Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Justin Bieber?

Honestly, I don't understand the hype about Justin Bieber. o_O;

I've listened to his song 'One Time' and I didn't see it as a big deal. You might say that it's because of my unhealthy obsession with Josh Golden, but he's just not that much of a big deal. In fact, the Jonas Brothers definitely pwns him, him being Justin Bieber, not Josh Golden.

I thought he was really worth obsessing for, but I realized that they cling to him just because of his pretty face. Which is immature, and imo, disrespectful. I mean, really, who would be happy to know that you like them because of their face and not their talent? [;

Eh, yeah. Just wanna rant about it.

Do you like Justin Bieber?

PS; after finding that picture, I finally realized why I despise him so much. x]

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Despite the fact that I dislike Alex Gaskarth.

This video still gives me the chills.

Friday, September 25, 2009

John Donne.

Four hundred years ago, another well-known English guy had an opinion about being alone. John Donne. He thought we were never alone. Of course, it was fancier when he said it. "No man is an island entire unto himself." Boil down that island talk, and he just meant that all anyone needs is someone to step in and let us know we're not alone. And who's to say that someone can't have four legs. Someone to play with or run around with, or just hang out.

Monday, September 21, 2009



Sunday, September 20, 2009


"If ever you and Josh Golden reproduce, you'd be unlucky 'cause you're just up to his chest." -Syd. :(

In reference of being the woman on top, lmao.
I hate being short.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It Sounded Like An Accident

The pain is deep and wide.
Cannot esape from the lives we have made.
Where are we now?
I'm starting to forget just what it was you said exactly.
The love is gone,
only to spawn
Disastrous memories.

Life's a bitch.

Scratch that.

Life's a big bitch. :/

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I hate it when someone takes something from me that was originally mine.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I always feel sleepy during Chemistry time.

Chemistry is the first subject, and I guess it can be an excuse as to why I feel sleepy. I'm not saying that Miss Flores is boring, but rather what she is talking about is boring. Like today, she was explaining stuff about chemical computations. Oh my lord, my mind stopped working.

I think I can love Chemistry. I've been excited to learn about it when I was in third grade thinking that all we would do during Chemistry class is mix those fancy colored liquids together and be able to mix it together and create something out of this world.

Such dream was broken by reality. :/
I cannot stand Chemistry right now.

Well, that was a lie. I am excited everytime we're going to the Chemistry lab because that would mean we can do amazing stuff with the chemicals (the kid in me still lives), but I dread doing manual computations. I don't mind memorizing about the different people, rules, terms, and dates. But computing for stuff? Err, no thank you. I already have Advanced Algebra and Geometry to worry about.

I've read somewhere that for you to be good at something, you have to love it.
It doesn't sound as easy as it looks but I can do it. [;


Sunday, September 13, 2009


I get bored. ;)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I just finished rereading The Gospel According To Larry by Janet Tashjian.

It's one of the best written books I've ever read.
I like Larry's writing style.

What I can't figure out is if he's really fictional or not because both the prologue and the epilogue had a brief history of how the story came about.

I've been reading Larry's blog, and it's interesting. I think you should too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


(click it to see the whole thing)

So, I made that. It's not really the best, 'cause I was working out to do something, and this was the outcome. It blatantly failed, but I think I like how it ended up especially the image on the right. I don't know, that's just me.

I'm having a weird kind of writers block. It's probably called as Selective Writers Block. I've been making good progress with the story I'm writing, but I cannot blog, write a poem, write a song, or anything else. It's a good thing, somehow. At least I can still write decently but I'm afraid to reread what I've written the past days. They feel all junk too me. Revision is absolutely needed.

Anyway, I was having a fancy chat with Eudes two nights ago, and there was something unforgettable in our conversation. I'll post it here with respect to Eudes. :p

xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:20:46 PM): Eudes?
eudes joshan (9/8/2009 10:20:50 PM): hm?
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:20:53 PM): I like you.
eudes joshan (9/8/2009 10:21:03 PM): oh?
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:21:07 PM): Sabi ni ****.
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:21:07 PM): xD
eudes joshan (9/8/2009 10:21:14 PM): hahahaha
eudes joshan (9/8/2009 10:21:21 PM): :))
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:21:27 PM): :))
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:22:03 PM): Hinintay ko lang yung reaction mo. xDD
eudes joshan (9/8/2009 10:22:39 PM): hahahahaha
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:23:01 PM): Pero seryoso, ano naramdaman mo nung sinabi ko yun?
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:23:06 PM): wait natatawa talaga ako
eudes joshan (9/8/2009 10:23:17 PM): naramdaman q na may ka2loy un eh...
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:23:22 PM): Ay shit.
xxheddaa.mclovin (9/8/2009 10:23:26 PM): Sayang.
eudes joshan (9/8/2009 10:23:27 PM): :))

So, my throat has been really bitchy for this week. I don't think I can shout tomorrow. It hurts everytime I talk, and the louder I get, the more it hurts. It's really bothering me, but I don't think I have to overreact. It's just a simple aching throat which randomly ached because of my non-existent habits. Have I mentioned that swallowing hurts? It does. It's extremely painful. I kind of imagined that my throat was scratched from the inside by an invisible claw monster, and now it has open wounds everywhere, therefore causing anything that hits an open wound hurt. It's like rubbing salt on a wound. If you haven't tried that, then you should. It's agonizingly fun.

Also, this week hasn't been the best week for me. :/ I'm sick and tired of all the crap that you put out on me, and I'm not blaming you for everything. I'm sorry that I actually give a damn about your health and welfare. You already know that OD isn't the solution and that it's bound to just make you worst. You don't have to be sober every night. :( What happened to the old you?

We also won the weight training competition. I'm glad. :)

Actually no, I'm not glad. I cannot deserve to be glad at this point of time. Everything is just meh. It's something I refuse to talk about, yet I should. I'm never the type to expose my unjustifiable feelings to anyone. It only makes things worst. About 95% of the population of whom I'll try to talk to regarding my problem would judge me and think I'm consistently overreacting. I am not. I'm a different individual and what may seem shallow to you will obviously seem like a big deal to me.

I'm definitely not going to just grin and bear it, and I refuse to believe that it will get better unless it will.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What I can't understand

Is how 3 amazingly quiet people can create such noise that's enough to dominate the whole classroom when they get together talking about the most useless thing of all?

And yes, this is directed to Mira, Alyssa, and Mark. xD

Thursday, September 3, 2009

one of those nights.

i'm going to type like this because this is a "special" entry, and by special i mean random.

anyhoo, tomorrow is the field trip, i mean outbound. aha, it's so cute. everyone makes a comment about the field trip, and the phrase "i mean outbound" is automatically included. err, i think everyone should thank the lady who explained the difference between outbound and field trip. but anyway, i'm definitely not excited for the trip. why not?

lemme tell you a story.

i used to love nature. the idea of camping, going to forests, and hiking/trekking excites me. that was when i was a child. right about the time i entered the portal of adolescence, i realized that adventure crap is not really the best thing for me. i am too high-maintenance to survive. right now, the thought about going camping just frightens me. up until now, i still don't know the accurate reason behind that unexplainable fear. o.o;

if you ask me, i prefer an indoor educational tour, and by that i mean going to fancy buildings and stuff. there are a thousand imaginable museums/fancy places we can go that we've never been to. that's where i wanna go.

i suppose my mind will all change tomorrow. i'm a big hyperbole, and all i can think about is freaky stuff. i just pray that it won't rain because if it would, i would totally be not happy. like, not not not not not happy. :(

i can't wait to see the falls though. i'm sure it would be wonderful and pretty.

and the bus would definitely be funn. i'm still not sure who i'm bus mates with. damn mark won't let me sit beside alyssa D: but i supposed i can't go sit near smym which would be a bore. :( i'll probably ask eudes to sit near us. i have something major to tell him and he absolutely needs it.

i gots lots of food but i'm a selfishkid so i'll eat them when everyone else is too full =DDD

good night. (:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My computer and I aren't the best of friends right now. There is something wrong with it, and it's definitely not making me happy. I repeat, NOT HAPPY.

Every now and then my anti-virus keeps on popping up and asking me if I would allow the file or limit it to be opened. That doesn't bother me much, except that the file exists someplace I have no idea of, and I can't find it on search. That means one thing and that one thing spells out trouble.

It's rather kind of frustrating me, especially if the only thing to save my computer is by reformatting it. I don't mind reformatting a computer, but that would also mean I have to re-install about a thousand files. I'm glad to have a back up of all my files but it's not going to be a good job.

I'll ask my Uncle about this since he's a computer whiz. I hope this gets fixed soon. It's definitely not fun. Not fun.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I love textsfromlastnight.

(559): Psycho is an understatement. U were running around the house screaming IM UNDER THE IMPERIOUS CURSE

Oy, look.

I showed it to Josh last night, and he loved it. :)
And it makes me so darn happy.
I know I'm obsessed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009



You made me so happy. :DDD

i'm like touched that you called me your friend.

I feel so special now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Just Makes Me Really Happy.

I woke up this morning and logged on Twitter (I'm such a whore), and I checked my replies. I was extremely happy to see Josh Golden's name in it. He seriously made me smile and happy. I actually had my moment of fangasm, that I just had to jump around in circles and go back to my bed, lie down, roll around, and mess up my bed. I was that ecstatic. I even danced the ever so popular happy hotdog dance.

Looking at the picture just excites me even more. :DDDDDD
I'm seriously hyperventilating.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's shave some dignity

I stripped off my dignity for him, and in return I got a bottle of water.
Pathetic, honestly, but it was fun.

Alright, so, I dared Regina that I can actually talk to the 3rd year Solano (everyone knows his brother, the senior one) and ask him about his height. In return, she'll buy me a bottle of water. Since she doesn't have anything to do with it, she agreed. I was with her, Riched, and Mark, but unfortunately she had to go to the TLE lab for her gown fitting. So, it was just Mark, Riched, and I. We walked around, seeing him every now and then. Just when he's about to reach us, he always has to turn back, or I would chicken out. We just kept walking, chatting nonchalantly waiting for the right time. There was one point that I think he realized we were following him because we are always there whenever he turns his back or so. I was ABOUT to talk to him, when suddenly, two juniors were with him. It would have been less embarrassing, but I have no idea who those juniors are. Once again, he turned back and went up the Audi-gym. I had an "oh no!" moment, because I might not be able to do it. But yeah, he turned back again, and this time I ran to catch him before he's off the stairs.

So, this was what happened.

Me: Excuse, what's your height?
Him: 6 feet?
Me: Oh yeah? I'm 5 feet 1!
-insert his amusement here-
Me (as some sort of postscript) : ...Sorry, it's a dare kasi.

That was kind of awkward, and funny. The only thing that alleviated me was that he laughed when I told him I was 5 feet 1 (and a half, forgot to tell him that :P). I will never ever forget the fact that he was amused with me. Haha, I'm such a comedian.

The only downside to that, is that I'm hanging my head in shame now and I don't think I can actually face him again. It's blatantly exaggerated, but it was embarrassing. But yeah, I lost some of my dignity because he's like new, sometime around July-August? And we have absolutely no idea of each other's palpable presence. But like what I told Mark, I'm a journalist, and a journalist should never chicken out because it's part of their job. :D

Oh hey, I did it, and Regina gave me money to buy water:P

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tell me why.

We've talked things over and we agreed that it's the best way to do such.

Then why do I actually want to negotiate and talk things over?


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yesterday was my post birthday party. I know it's been forever but we've been planning it since August 3rd. We had plans of visiting Jolo in Makati, but we heard that he got out last Wednesday or Thursday.

It was so unfortunate that Allen, Arwin, Criselle, and Janjan can't go. Anyway, we planned to meet up in Pacita around 9:00. I arrived almost ten, but just so everyone is already there because my Dad gave us a ride. Arwin and Frans weren't there yet so we waited. It was untypical for Arwin to be late since he lives in Southview, around five to ten minutes from our meeting place. We found out why though. Arwin's Mom called Francis and explained that she has no idea about Arwin going out, and such. Apparently, the number Arwin gave was his Mom's number. She explained that Arwin talked to his Dad last night but she had no idea what they talked about. Since he wasn't answering our calls and text, we decided to wait for him a bit since he might not know how to commute.

So, this little girl came to us asking for change. Actually, she came to Eudes and tugged his pants. The funny thing was she won't leave Eudes alone. There was one point that her face got in touch with Eudes' crotch. I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh at people's state, but I wasn't laughing because she was poor, but instead because her face faced Eudes' crotch. Apparently, that wasn't the first time. But nice kid, Eudes, bless his heart, gave change.

Frans arrived and we were still waiting for Arwin. We decided to leave him, and then he texted Francis through Y!M. So the car ride was noisy, our conversations kept on overlapping. My Dad didn't mind it much though, he was silent all throughout. But anyway, he can't make us shut our mouths even if he goes Silencio on us.

When we arrived, we ate at Greenwich, my treat. It took us forever merely because we just have to chat and such. By the time we left, we took a picture. The photographer was quite funny. His amusing statements need to be heard, not read. I looked like a retard in the pictures. Sorry. :(

After that, we went to the cinemas. It had the longest line ever. The Orphan wasn't showing, and so we decided to watch UP. We were planning to watch GI Joe, but Eudes, being such a happy slaughterer already watched the movie. Besides, UP was the movie closest going to be previewed closest to the time.

UP is such a wonderful movie. I honestly cried. Anyway, after the movie my back was wet, and Eudes was beside me. Haha, WD? (:

After that, we separated for awhile because they wanted to play DOTA. Ara got me a gift, a headband and hair clips. I swear to God, that's all I really want because I don't put a lot of stuff up in my hair. After getting me headbands and such, we went back to XSite and did some mad arcade.

We went to Powerbooks and I almost cried when I saw this book. It was Php 632. But since I'm determined and such, and I got really nice friends, they paid for about Php 135 worth of it, and I gave in my Php 500. Aw, shiz. They're so nice, haha. We went to the food court, and waited for Eudes to return. Then we made plans to go to the rollercoaster, but for some reason I didn't feel like riding it. But in the end we went to XSite. We had this sort of scary encounter. As we took our picture, someone ran to us. It was Eudes. =OO

Eh, so the ride was fun. Except that Ara didn't want to go on again. Francis was apathetic all throughout the ride. Seriously, he was in the front and all that but all I can see was that he was fixing his hand because his bag was slipping. Francis is effed up. After the ride he had to go home, so it was just Ara, Jean, and I.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello, AA.

You successfully made my head stopped functioning for quite a while. Seriously.

The exam in Advanced Algebra was difficult, absolutely difficult. The first page questions were fairly easy though. I even got hopes that I'd get a score higher than forty. Ehh, the hopes were killed when I reached the 2nd or 3rd page. The questions seemed gibberish to me. It wasn't making any sense, at all.

The last page had zeroes of polynomials and synthetic division questions, so I didn't struggle that much. I actually panicked when I saw the clock at 10:45 and I was still on the twenty-first question.

So I won't be expecting to receive a line of 9 in AA on my card. I've come to expect an 86? That is, if my score is exactly 30.

Damn it, AA. Why the hell are you so ferocious? D:

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am now SheepGirl according to Kuhmil, or rather Kahlil. Stfu, Miss Sangel was the first one who kept calling you that.

Being called SheepGirl does not have anything to do with my passionate love for sheep, nor does it have to do with me being docile and vulnerable, in fact I am the mere opposite. SheepGirl still has something to do with the psychological exam in Chemistry. I took it quite seriously, unlike others, who chose horse just because of a certain homo sapien.

Just to clear up things Kahlil, I am not prioritizing my love life. Meh, you can call me SheepGirl till college and I really will not give a damn. Another thing I have to point out is that you need to stop pushing Francis in my life. :P

I told Francis the "handsome in any angle" thing because it was a pick-up line. :P
And geez, it's not Franciiiiiis, okay? It's someone else. x]

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am 100% sure

That the optimists are the ones who have a problem, and not the pessimists.
We're just being realistic.

It's kind of unfortunate how schoolbooks tell you what kind of person you should be. If you were to follow it, then you might as well live the perfect life because no one can be that mentally healthy. Let's face it, it's impossible.

Blaming the media isn't a good decision either.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Kahlil Carmona: yoo ah.
Kahlil Carmona: lovelife girl si hedda!
xxheddaa.mclovin: Shut up.
Kahlil Carmona: i just read your blog..
Kahlil Carmona: guilty.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Oo na.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Haha.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Guilty talaga.
Kahlil Carmona: and i can't believe you just said na gwapo si francis.
xxheddaa.mclovin: It's a pickup line.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Masyado niyang sineryoso. xD
Kahlil Carmona: or is it part of your guilty lovelife?
xxheddaa.mclovin: No, it's not. xD
Kahlil Carmona: ayeeee....
xxheddaa.mclovin: NYEH
Kahlil Carmona: guilt wraps hedda's red face.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Che.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I can't wait till this week is over.

Last week, we had the IP presentation, and despite the short time preparation given, we did well. I can see that the teachers did not like the diorama that much, and there was the "clay incident", but I still think it's good. The dance was perfect though.

After the IP, we were all happy because finally, one major project is over. The next thing we are to worry about is the August Core Values presentation which we'll be having on Friday morning. It's not as hard as the Integrated Project, but there is just no time. I am very much grateful for the teachers who allotted even just 20 minutes of their time for us to practice.

We also had the dance drama and aerobics routine in PE and Health, thus cutting more time for us to practice because the two aforementioned dances are our exam in MAPEH. Sadface.

Today is Wednesday. I've been staying over until 6:00 in school since Monday. I've been sleep deprived AND tired. It wouldn't be that much pain if we're not given assignments and next week is the first periodical tests. Spell time pressure?

Tomorrow, we're bound to be in school until 7:30 in the evening. I am very much aware at how tiring it will be, and I am really sorry for everyone who has to say. Needless to say, we have to be early on Friday. However, I required everyone to bring chocolates and we will all eat them together before the presentation for sugar rush. I just hope no upchucking will occur, that would be so unfortunate. Mira is also bringing Stresstabs tomorrow, and I will overdose myself with them. Not exaggerating. I need all the energy I can.

About the presentation, I cannot say that we are done - done. We are about done, or halfway done, depending on how you define it. We know what to do, but we just haven't tried putting it all together. A big problem is, we somehow lack cooperation. It was not the same as last year, wherein when one will say "group yourselves" we would automatically follow. It saddens me much that we have to shout all the time just to get everyone's attention. Sometimes one has to shout more than once, then when our attention is finally caught, once someone starts speaking, people would slowly start talking again.

Then there was the time wherein we were presenting our work. We told everyone to just watch, but what happens? They'd start butting in with suggestions. Suggestions aren't really bad, but the fact that you have not seen the whole thing yet, is just... annoying.


My Mom allowed me to not attend school on Friday if I get sick on Thursday. A part of me hopes I get sick, and another part hopes not. Eh, we'll know.

Cross your fingers that we'll be able to do it at least well.

I'm not hoping for perfect. It's impossible.

Monday, August 10, 2009


According to the psychological examination we took during Chemistry today, this is the order of things I prioritize the most:

Love, career, pride, money, family.

Eh, honestly? I was surprised when Miss Flores said that those who chose sheep (she asked us to order animals according to our priority), and there are only 3 of us, are those who are "in love".

Damn. I seriously thought the sheep was the most harmless of all, but no it meant love.

To cut it short, I obviously felt guilty.

Bulls-eye, definitely. :/

PS: I am very disappointed to know that he's not really that amazing the way he was described. He was very overrated. Haha. =]

PPS: His accent still blows me away thoughhh. Haha, it's like Canadian and something else. =D

PPPS: I should record him the next time he talks. x]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just To Say I Can

A long time ago, I had a wonderful dream. I was walking up the sacred stage to receive my award. It was the red eagle, same as before, but what that dream special was that I had a special award in Mathematics. As the precious gold medal was about to be on my neck, I woke up. Dream's over.

Such thing is impossible. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but it's true. I'm not good in Math. Last year, I got this high score in our monthly test and I was so ecstatic that my ego must've gone taller than I am.

Today was the qualifying exam for the Mathematics Trainer's Guild. It's a national organization wherein all Math geeks reunite and role play numbers. Like, the time when seven ate nine (789), or the time when a kid got dyscalculia (number dyslexia) and mixed up all his 6 and 9s. Not really. They do NOT role play that, I think. Seriously, the MTG is, like what I have said, is a national organization wherein students who are gifted with numbers do extensive training and such to hone their already honed skills. To be fair, they have qualifying exams every year. During fourth grade, I joined and I was successful. Sadly, I lost my confirmation slip, so I was not able to join. Last year, sophomore year, I tried joining again. Unfortunately, I didn't pass. This year, I tried again. I'm not really expecting to pass seeing that I am not sure of any of my answers.

But the thing is, I tried. I tried, and I did it just to say I can take a freaking difficult Math exam. Others would chicken out because they know for a fact that they don't do well in Math. Hey, it's just an exam and sooner or later, the MTG people will forget your name if you made such an embarrassing score. I didn't mean for it to sound that bad, by the way.

The time I opened my booklet, I was appalled. The whole thing seemed like a bunch of jumbled letters mixed together. It was a mess. Literally. But I reread the questions and tried using the ever so famous Hula-hula Method.

I was done with the booklet early but I didn't want to pass it yet because the others might think that I'm overconfident. Thank God for Monares (I forgot his first name. I've been calling him by his last name since 5th grade)! He passed his booklet first and everyone else followed him. I waited for a few more moments before I finally passed mine.

When we went outside, we were the only ones finished with the exam. It seems to me that everyone was taking it a wee bit seriously. Well, I took the test about 75% seriously because I spent Php 35.00. That's already a lot of money, haha.

I won't be surprised if I didn't pass the exam. It would be an honor to pass, and I will surely not decline the confirmation slip they'd send.

Cross your fingers (and toes) that I make it. (:

Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's official. There's no classes on Wednesday in honor of former President Corazon Aquino's death. My Mom wanted to go to her wake, and she might tomorrow (or whenever it's open to the public again). I want to go with her but I have school.

I was very ecstatic when I read the news. I've been doing nothing this week but assignments, assignments, and assignments. It's starting to get old. Raymart is panicking though. We have our Integrated Project presentation and our August Core Values presentation, in addition to that, our dance drama.

I have something to share about our group's presentation. I am the "light". My role is to bring the light to those who were blinded by sin. It's such a holy role, don't you think? Allen sounded slightly apalled, and I don't blame him. It seems like a big joke.

Anyhow, Raymart said that we need to meet up on Wednesday. All I can say is damn. Damn it. It's so unfortunate that I live almost about 30 minutes away from school and whenever we're going to meet up, we have to meet somewhere near school, usually in Ministop. Then when we end up early, I can't go home unless Alyssa is there and I'll hitch a ride with them. Commuting = fails.

If ever we meet up on Wednesday, I'm one hundred percent sure that we will be able to make miniscule progress. As a group, we bring about chaos and since we have to work on TWO different things at the same time, it'll be hard to make impressive progress. I know we can do it though. After all, we ARE Clare.

I didn't mean to sound that arrogant, but heck, aren't we the best crammers? (:

Poor frog.

(828): There's a dead frog in my kitchen?
(402): Yeah, you found him outside and decided to give him a bath with your roommates electric toothbrush.
(402): The worst part is that you sang Air Supply songs to him as you did it. Poor guy died in the middle of "Making love out of nothing at all"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rest In Peace Corazon Aquino

Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh, Philippine Literature.

I remembered freshmen year. The Philippine literature we have to study is Ibong Adarna. It was written in poem, and even though my Philippine vocabulary is really poor, I was able to understand the whole thing. Thanks to Miss Castillo for having that partner report. I remember being partners with Wilbur, and we discussed all about the Serpent. I guess another thing that made me understand Ibong Adarna well is that I already have a background of the story, having read an excerpt from some Filipino book during Gradeschool.

Basically, Ibong Adarna is about this magical bird named Adarna. The King got sick and the only cure was the singing of the bird. His first son, went out and searched for it. He succeeded but he fell asleep when the bird started singing. Now, once the bird sings, it'll make you feel sleepy. Just like Jigglypuff, the Pokemon. The first son fell asleep and the bird pooped on him, this then caused him to be turned into stone. Same thing happened to the second brother. The third brother though, succeeded and was able to bring the bird to his Father.

That's just a short summary of the story. There's more to it than that. Don Juan is such a womanizer.

Second year we tackled Florante at Laura. Good Jesus, I hated Florante and Laura. Number one, Francisco Balagtas used really recondite words. I'm not sure if it's him or Consolacion Sauco (she was the author of the book we used). But whatever. It also confused me because the first part of the story, Florante was in the dark forest, and then there was a flashback, and then he was in the forest again. I guess it would have been easier to understand if my Filipino is good.

I still haven't understood the real essence of Florante and Laura. After all, it's a love story and I'm a bitter kid. All I can remember are the characters and that Flerida and Aladin converted into Christianity at the end. I fail, I know.

Now, we're studying Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal. It talks about a Filipino's crab mentality and how we were abused by the Spaniards. For once, it's not a poem. It's an actual novel with not so deep words. I'm a happy kid.

Anyway, for our ten day Home Study Program, we were asked to answer chapters 1-15 of our book. Spell cruel. No, I'm not blaming Miss Castillo at all. I understand the need to do such thing. But seriously, 15 chapters?

My pen is all out of ink, and I've already used up about 10 pages of paper? I'm not sure, I'm not counting it.

Crisostomo Ibarra is starting to slowly poison my mind. I mean, literally. He's in my mind all day long. I see his name before I go to bed, and the first thing I'll see is his name when I wake up. It's always Crisostomo Ibarra. Ibarra. Don Rafael. Captain Santiago. Father Damaso (whom I really despise). Father Sibyla. Maria Clara.

Argh. Crisostomo, did you give me a love potion?
Are you tired, Crisostomo? Because you've been running on my mind all day.

I am seconds away from burning Noli Me Tangere. I'm just sick and tired of Crisostomo Ibarra. Like, if we're going to discuss about him on Monday, I'll seriously give someone a wedgie.

And for the record, I hate Father Damaso because our names are so close. My last name is DamasCo, and everytime I have to write his name, I always have the urge to write it with a "c".

But I can't blame my Dad for having Spanish blood.
And I can't blame Jose Rizal for giving all his characters Spanish names. Heck, he lived through the Spanish era.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


its my birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Isn't that picture the cutest thing ever? (:

Ew, I'm growing up. I turned fifteen last Wednesday (7/29), that means I only have one year left of highschool (not counting this year) and I'm off to college. Ahh. College seems so far away.

Anyway, I woke up feeling a wee bit taller than I used to be. I got on the computer and I had a bunch of offline messages greeting me a Happy Birthday. I remembered leaving the computer around 12, and I was still able to chat with Arwin, who thought my birthday is on August 1st. I went on Friendster and Ara spammed my comments with a Happy Birthday. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Kyle got on, and I asked him to greet me on the greengiantFM (La Salle's ever so famous radio station. Listen to it!). So, he did. Then they played 21 Guns, and I got so ecstatic. Sarah got on and greeted me there too. So did Eudes. Ahhh.

Hex was fantastic, too.

Around four in the afternoon or so, a lot were online and they were tuning into the greengiantfm. It was the most overwhelming thing ever. They were all greeting me Happy Birthday. I forgot who the DJ was, but he was a boy, and he pronounced my name as "Heyduh". Talk about slang! The whole hour or so was filled with greetings for me. Aw.

At night, I was still tuning in to the radio. Sarah iMed me and told me to listen carefully. The DJ said something about requests and shoutouts coming in. Sarah told me that she made a "special" request.

I thought Sarah suggested for the song Papparazzi or just gave a long greeting. But guess what she requested for? She requested for them to sing me a happy birthday!

So there. The DJ's (which I still can't remember the name, but I'll post them when I remember) sung a Happy Birthday. It was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, I failed to record it. Then when Ericka greeted Arselyn, they rememebered that it was my birthday too! This was before the "special" request.

I've officially made up my mind about going to DLSU. I don't think I'll be considering UP now, unless they'll have a cool radio station too. Lmfao.

PS;; I learned from DJ Kris (was it?) that you say legume quite the same why you'd pronounce resume. Like, le-joo-may? :P

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We dominated the greengiantfm this morning. Kyle, Eudes, and Sarah were greeting me, and the DJ said something about me being a popular kid. Bwaha. They also said that they're going to change the show's name to the Hedda Show.

It was pretty amazing.

I love those DJs.

15 Chapters

15 Chapters of Noli Me Tangere ate my brain. x_x

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Want a new shirt? (:

Want those cool University/Little Miss/Statement shirts? (:

Order some shirts from Rose Anne Gopez!

Especially to the Augustinians (Southwoods). You won't have to pay for any shipping fees, so go buy!

View her site for the shirt designs and dimensions.

Female shirts are for PHP 300 and Male shirts are for PHP 350 only.
Go buy now! =)

Happ Birthday Miss Nenen and David. :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pasensya na Eloi,

I got carried away with the comment. Kaya ayown, ganon kahaba. xD

Disrespect, much?

Today was the president's State Of the Nation Address (in short, SONA). I'm very aware of how much a lot of us are disliking the president. I won't say anything about that, your opinion is your opinion.

When the actual SONA started, around four o'clock was it? I was sitting in my room, facing the computer, with a sweating can of Sprite by its side, and a pack of cookies sitting on the printer. I was chatting with a few people and the television was on. I understood how big this SONA is since this is the final SONA of our president. I was just there, trying to listen what she was telling when suddenly, I got this group message sent by someone, a schoolmate actually. It was a political joke. I brushed it off and clicked the x button. Once again, he sent another one, and like what I've done, I didn't mind it. I went to the loo and check my phone. I got two or three messages. It was another political joke about our president. When I went back to the computer, the same kid has group messaged about 3 or 4 more. At that point in time, I got annoyed. There's nothing wrong with giving out political jokes, whether they may be offensive. But of course, there is always a limit, right? He has gone beyond the limit.

I understand that he doesn't have any good feelings towards the president but as the president, and as a human being, she deserves every right to be respected no matter how much she fails at being a citizen. Heck, you are even asked to respect bloody criminals right?

Being annoyed, I sent a group message saying something along these lines:

OH MY GOD. Aren't you all going to stop with these Arroyo Jokes? Enough guys, please. 1.) It's annoying. 2.) It's disrespectful, and 3.) It's not really humorous. I hope y'all are satisfied.

I mean, c'mon, can't you keep the nasty comments to yourself? And don't you even try the freedom of expression crap with me.

So yeah. If you ask me, I loved the President's speech. I may not like everything she has done, but I'm glad to know that she exerted an effort in making the country better. Hey, she's human, and she's fallible.

To that kid, all I have to say is that you ought to watch your words. Your hatred to the President is understandable, but your comments are not. It was really rude. Calling her a liar, insulting her height (you're not tall yourself, either so stfu), her mole (Jesus, what does that have to do with her speech?), and everything else.

Let me ask you a question. If ever you were the one in her position and you get to read all those awful comments, how exactly will you feel? Horrible, I know. Add to that a whole bunch of effing strangers who have nothing to do but put you down. Most of which are illiterate and have no idea of what they're saying. How would you feel?

I'm positively, 100% sure that you wouldn't enjoy it either.

Hey Eloisa,

Sunday, July 26, 2009


August 1st plans are cancelled. Jan told me earlier that he can't go because he won't have any money to spent on due to a week of no allowance. I told him to ask his parents for some money, if it will be okay. He said he'll try. I've been asking Frans and Arwin and they're telling me to do it. Especially since it will serve as the "break" from that month's worth of load we're doing. I agree with that, and so does my Mom. But I don't want to not have Janjan with us. Arselyn won't come too. My birthday mate. :(

And today, I just learned from Syd that he can't come because his Mom is in Baguio. Boohoo. The last time we went out, Syd had to cancel because his sister was sick.

Haa, we're going to have it on August 8th, that is if we don't have Saturday classes. :/

I wanna go out on the 29th, honestly. But I don't think anyone will go with me. Booo.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fan Kidz

We've been on a mad HP obsession these days in school. In fact, I'm feeling terribly sorry for those non-HP fans. I'm sure you're tired with our endless babbling about the matter, and our voicing out regarding the 6th movie. But you have to admit, it does bring out fun in everything.

Just recently, there has been some duellings in class. Have you ever watched Harry Potter (I made a typo the first time in which it resulted to Happy Rotter, ha. Share.) and the Chamber of Secrets? They had this duelling time by the middle of the movie, and that's the exact scene that Syd and his gang are emulating. They'd use Francis' arnis sticks. Frankly, their "wands" seem like an innuendo to me. But yeah, it's the funniest thing I've seen in years.

Syd: Expelliarmus (or some other spell)
Frans: Deflectttt!

Syd: Avada Kedavra (or, once again, another spell)
Jan: -ducks- Ay, kapos!

Bwahaha. So that's that. Another thing is that all we seem to talk about is Harry Potter.

While watching Excalibur

-Merlin walks in-
Alyssa: Merlin looks like a death eater/Voldemort.

Another scene with Merlin
Me: His cane looks like Lucius'.

Me: I thought Merlin was a good wizard and that he's the brother of Dumbledore.


I'm pretty sure that Le Morte D' Arthur is the knightly version of Harry Potter, ha.


Here are the Homeworks given to us. (:
You can also check on this if you're not from St. Clare of Montefalco as long as you have the same teacher with us.

Science - Ms. Flores
Filipino - Ms. Castillo
CVE - Sir Mansalay
AA - Ms. Bruno
English - Sir Licky
MAPEH - Ms. Dee
Geometry - Ms. Garcia
SS - Sir Rocky
TLE - Sir Vitug
Comp - Ms. Adviento


*Do the student activity on p. 13
*Read chapter 2 of your book and answer the 4 review questions on p. 32 (write it on 1 whole sheet of paper)
*compose again a prayer using the format taught in class with concluding paper (short bond paper w/ design or background)

*read and answer all activities in the english journal
*read the excerpt from Le Morte D Arthur
answer the ff:
a. understanding the text (p.29)
b. activity under value infusion (p.30)
c. post-test (p. 31)
-study the rule on subj-verb agreement
answer the ff:
a. pretest (p. 58)
b. act. and post test (pp.60-61)
-optional: watch any arthurian movies.

-sagutan ang kabanata 1-15 ng Noli.
-pagsasanay o gawain I, II a and b, IV at V
-isulat sa isang buong papel

*SW #2 p/55 A 1-15
#3 p.65 D 1-10
#4 p. 66 IV 1-20
#5 p. 66 V 1-15
#6 p. 87 A 1-10
#7 p. 221 E 1-5 F 1-5
#8 p. 222 G 1-3
-your notebook

illuminated manuscript
*i/8 illustration board (black for base)
use recycled materials for decorations
gold or silver inked pens for lettering

perform the ff. activities, record observations and accomplish the act.
a. act no.8-floating food pp.35-38
b. no.9 - the wave bottle pp.39-42
(finish product will be submitted on aug 4, 2009)
-in a short bond paper, illustrate at least 5 diff. techniques for separating the components of mixture. label the apparatus, equipments and chemicals used.
-in a whole pad paper, answer chapter test no.2 on pp.33-34
-in your ntbk, draw the diff. models of the atoms and briefly describe each.
-memorize the chemical symbols and chemical name of the elements in the periodic table.
-make a replica of periodic table of elements in a 1/16 size of ill. board whcich will only show chemical symbol atomic num. and atomic mass.

Social Studies:
Day 1:
-Make a map of ancient Egypt @ the Minoan (&A) Civilization.
-Enumerate events and contributions under Minoan and Myceanean Civilization.
Day 2, 3, and 4
-Answer letters A, B, and D on page 69.
Day 5:
-enumerate prominent people of the Greek civilization and give their contributions and describe their known description/image.
Day 6, 7, and 8:
-pp. 82-83 (ABCD)
Day 9
-make a timeline of events under the Roman civilization.
Day 10
-Enumerate preminent people during the Roman Civilization.

-Apply the text tool in creating text art.
-Faithfully follow the instructions.
-Illustrate a frame by frame text art based on a given requirement such as:
a. interval of frames
b. special letter

Materials: Use one short bond paper. See page 28 of your book.

No special assignment given. Just practice soldering.

I'm not sure if you're suppose to buy your own soldering tool and sucking tool, but as far as I know, you're supposed to bring soldering tool and extension cord on Aug. 3rd. (:


10 Days

Today is Day 1. I just woke up and I'm already starting with the home study program they gave yesterday. I'm planning to have it all done before my birthday. I know it's going to be freaking impossible with how much work they gave.

*Do the student activity on p. 13
*Read chapter 2 of your book and answer the 4 review questions on p. 32 (write it on 1 whole sheet of paper)
*compose again a prayer using the format taught in class with concluding paper (short bond paper w/ design or background)

*read and answer all activities in the english journal
*read the excerpt from Le Morte D Arthur
answer the ff:
a. understanding the text (p.29)
b. activity under value infusion (p.30)
c. post-test (p. 31)
-study the rule on subj-verb agreement
answer the ff:
a. pretest (p. 58)
b. act. and post test (pp.60-61)
-optional: watch any arthurian movies.

-sagutan ang labanata 1-15 ng Noli.
-pagsasanay o gawain I, II a and b, IV at V
-isulat sa isang buong papel

*SW #2 p/55 A 1-15
#3 p.65 D 1-10
#4 p. 66 IV 1-20
#5 p. 66 V 1-15
#6 p. 87 A 1-10
#7 p. 221
#8 --------

illuminated manuscript
*i/8 illustration board (black for base)
use recycled materials for decorations
gold or silver inked pens for lettering

perform the ff. activities, record observations and accomplish the act.
a. act no.8-floating food pp.35-38
b. no.9 - the wave bottle pp.39-42
(finish product will be submitted on aug 4, 2009)
-in a short bond paper, illustrate at least 5 diff. techniques for separating the components of mixture. label the apparatus, equipments and chemicals used.
-in a whole pad paper, answer chapter test no.2 on pp.33-34
-in your ntbk, draw the diff. models of the atoms and briefly describe each.
-memorize the chemical symbols and chemical name of the elements in the periodic table.
-make a replica of periodic table of elements in a 1/16 size of ill. board whcich will only show chemical symbol atomic num. and atomic mass.

Social Studies:
Day 1:
-Make a map of ancient Egypt @ the Minoan (&A) Civilization.
-Enumerate events and contributions under Minoan and Myceanean Civilization.
Day 2, 3, and 4
-Answer letters A, B, and D on page 69.
Day 5:
-enumerate prominent people of the Greek civilization and give their contributions and describe their known description/image.
Day 6, 7, and 8:
-pp. 82-83 (ABCD)
Day 9
-make a timeline of events under the Roman civilization.
Day 10
-Enumerate preminent people during the Roman Civilization.

-Apply the text tool in creating text art.
-Faithfully follow the instructions.
-Illustrate a frame by frame text art based on a given requirement such as:
a. interval of frames
b. special letter

Materials: Use one short bond paper. See page 28 of your book.

*I got the list from Criselle. :p

So yeah.

I might as well go finish everything now. kthnxbai. D:<

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Just Spent Half an Hour

Looking at this pretty face;;

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mail, HP, and Wicked

Ayeee, today is a happy day.

First off, it's the last day of exams. I only studied in Social Studies. I forgot to study in Advanced Algebra. To be honest, I don't love to study in Math for exams. How am I suppose to know what problems I should work on right? They're given... randomly. Luckily, my notes were good enough and I just read them over and over again. They're bound to get in my brain somehow. Eudes was nice enough to show me the Egyptian timeline. Sir Joner gave a copy to his students, and Eudes have a lot of connections.

Second, I watched Harry Potter today. I won't be a spoiler if you haven't watched the movie yet. It was so damn good. I cannot see the disappointment they are talking about. I'm not the one to compare the book from the movie anyway, unless the movie absolutely sucked. The effects, as usual, were breathtaking. David Yates is a good director. I have to admit that I didn't read the book before the movie was shown, and I don't have plans on reading the book now. I agree with what Ate Patrisha (our debate "coach") said in her blog. It was the same thing that my Mom said. Even my Mom wasn't disappointed with the movie. When it ended though, I felt like it happened so fast, haha. Draco was still mmm hot damn. He looks really, really gorgeous with what he was wearing almost all throughout the movie. For some reason, Bellatrix annoyed the hell out of me in this movie. I know that's the way her character is supposed to be, but meh.

Third, I bought Wicked. Yes. After debating with my mind while we were going to the bookstore, I told my Mom that I'm going to buy Wicked as a birthday present... for myself. I haven't started reading yet because I'm in the middle of reading Prince Caspian and The Magic Nephew's Tree, or something similar to that by C.S Lewis. All I know is that it's part of the Chronicles or Narnia. I borrowed it from the library today. But if I can't help it, I would really start reading Wicked.

Last epic thing that happened was Jen received her letter. I'm so ecstatic. You see, I haven't mailed a letter to anyone out of the Philippines except for my Dad. But that was when sending letters were still a popular thing. I can remember walking to this post office with my Mom. We're going to pass by this filthy store, and the post office itself is so dark and smelly, you'd puke. But yeah, Jen said that my handwriting was tiny. Haha, well... that's true enough. I really do have tiny writing. ;D

Mmkay, today is a good day. :]
And now I'm going to be off to start making the e-invite project in Filipino, my READ program news revision, and the typing thing for Sir Vitug.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Throwing Something In

The first thing I hate is impressing someone. The mere fact that someone tries to impress me is annoying.

Oh wait. Let me clear something up.

When someone impresses me because of their knowledge, I am either impressed or not impressed. I don't get annoyed though. Things like that, in my opinion, are stuff you should brag about. After all, it's not everyday that you see someone with 100%s right? :)

But to brag about money, and other material things? That's just wrong. For one, it degrades a person. There's nothing wrong about being rich, but bragging about it is something else. There are times when I feel like I want to shank someone when they start talking about their material wealth. Like, how many millions can they spend in one mall, what company their parents own? Jesus, please. Let me remind you, it's not YOU who made that sort of money and success right? It's your parents'. Not yours.

Second, don't try to fool us.

There's nothing wrong about bringing or owning something secondhand. You don't have to go tell us that you had it especially made that way (in which it looks like a thousand cats had fun scratching it). We're not blind. We won't say anything bad against you if you tell us the truth. In fact, the more you lie, the more we hate you.

Third, I'll be frank. I am sick and tired of you trying to control us.

We're human beings, okay? We're fallible. You're not perfect. Therefore, you can't expect us to fit in with you, right?

I'm sorry that we can't act and be like you. We have fun with our lives, and you don't. I am terribly sorry that you don't get to do anything that fun much because you'll be called a hypocrite (sarcasm intended).

You love to criticize us and talk about us as if we don't have any idea of it. You're not really that subtle, are you?

You love to pick on us, and I have to admit, you can offend us. Are we really the only ones you have set your eyes on? It seems to me that one of your hobbies is criticizing us, telling us how much badly we suck. We know that we can never please you, and you know that you will never see the good in us. Why don't you just take a break and stop saying that we're the pests of your life? We're not exactly ecstatic about being with you, you know.

PS: This is not meant for anyone.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Being Four-Eyed Sucks

I hate being four-eyed. I'm lost without my glasses or contacts. When I first got them, I only wear them when I have to meaning they're out of my pocket when I'm watching a show, copying something off the board, and crossing a street or reading a street sign. That thing worked well for two years. The third time I changed eye-glasses, my vision was so damned that I am obliged to wear my glasses 24/7.

Normally, I change glasses every year. The one I'm wearing now has been mine since December last year. This is my fourth pair. It's July and I am in need of new eye-glasses.

It seems like I'm supposed to change eye glasses every 6 months. No way. I used to think that was impossible, but unfortunately, it IS possible. I know someone who changes their eye-glasses every 6 months due to persistent increase of eye grade.

I love my glasses, but I hate having them.
The thought of eye surgery is good, but I'm scared. What if it'll be the cause of my blindness?
Oh gee.
It seems to me that I'm destined to have eye-glasses till I die.

PS: Do you get your 20/20 vision back when you're in heaven? Not that I'm assured that I'd go to heaven. But let's wait after I'm done with purgatory. Who knows how long I'll be there.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I really admit that I am extremely jealous of the Computer project of the sophomores under Miss Co. They're tasked to make a blog and write something in it. I'm not sure if they have to jazz up their blog, but I've seen some ask how to add photos and change their layouts just like that.

I want to do a project like that too. Last year, we had Dreamweaver and we our knowledge about HTML deepened. Unfortunately, we weren't able to host our own websites unlike the previous years.

Maybe I'd do my version of their project for fun and self satisfaction. I've read quite a few blogs and they were all good.

A New Face

I changed my layout. It's pretty simple, and the font is tiny but still readable. What do you think?

I just realized that I can't add my Follower Widget now, that means if someone has to follow my blog, they have to do it manually. Ha.

Not Today

I thought we're going to Bulacan today because it's the birthday of my half brother's daughters. Although it's fine even if we don't have to go. My Dad then told me to get ready because my Mom said we're going to watch Harry Potter today. Okay, what the hell? We can't watch today. First off, it's a Saturday meaning a lot of families will be going to the cinema and watch it. I doubt that Festival will have all their 9 cinemas open exclusively showing Harry Potter. Besides I have to study. I also have plans of seeing Syd on Sunday to watch Harry Potter.

My Dad told me that we're going to Bulacan tomorrow and visit the twins. I was like, "What about Harry Potter?" and once again, he told me his ever favorite reason: "Harry Potter will still be there next week. When you watch it the next weekend, it won't be different." Well, what if I say that Bulacan will still be there next week, huh? I really hope that he understands that Harry Potter is my only happiness in life. I sound deprived, but I'm not, really.

And yes, I told my Mom that we have to watch HP on Sunday. That would be a treat for myself for studying this Saturday, and it's a sort of break from exam pressure.

If we go to Bulacan tomorrow, I won't go. Bulacan is too far, somewhere in the north. We might take a few stop overs in Quezon City or Manila. The only thing I'm excited for that is I might get my birthday presents (I sound so materialistic) and we can finally go to Trinoma. -win-

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have the habit of waving to my "friends" everytime Alyssa, Regina, and I will pass by the third graders when we're going upstairs. I wave to any kid who's looking out the window whether I know them or not. It's become such a habit for me to look at kids who're looking out the window, and then I'll wave at them. Some glare at me, some just keep on staring as if they're lost in space.

Today, while the three of us were talking, this random third grader said "hello" to me. At first, I have to admit, I was dumb founded with the kid. But since I got distracted from our talk, I mumbled "hi".

After that incident, the three of us just started laughing. I now have a new best friend. :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Miss This Face

I absolutely miss Arwin / Mr. Independent's face. The last time I saw him was this Monday, when he went to school. It was freaking amazing. Ha.

I don't know why we all tend to over react when Arwin comes. After all, he's not really a celebrity, isn't he? But he's just so... Arwin that it's unnatural to find him not with Clare and SMYM. When I found out that he's not going to be our classmate this year (along with Gabo), I felt so sad and disappointed for two reasons. One, the SMYM is broken up, and two, things are not the same with Arwin. He has this Arwiny essence with him that makes everything fun.

I've read Arselyn's blog about the farewell to Arwin. It was quite a sad entry. Brent feels like a million miles away from CSA and everything. Of course, chances are our vacations would mix up because international schools usually follow the US or UK school system.

Arwin's last day in school was last June 22nd, the Monday wherein I was absent with flu. When classes were over, I was texting Wilbur, Syd, and Ara. They were telling me that Arwin came to school and had the "picture-taking". When I got on Y!M, a lot of people iMed me about it. It's obvious how much we all think how important and big Arwin is. Later the same night, he texted me. He asked me why was I not around and I had to explain that I was sick. He told me that it's a shame because it was his last day. I asked him if he would still go back to CSA. He replied that he might not, but we should not forget to inform him of any events that will happen so he can go and visit.

I'm just reminiscing about Arwin. It's not as if he died, but he moved to Brent. He is certainly farther now than he used to be.


I met Arwin way back in 6th grade. I can remember that he was the new student in our class, and by some weird coincidence we got seated together for the first day of classes. He was a really nice guy, and I happened to realize how good he was in Math. I remembered when during Math class Sir Apistar will tell us to start exchanging our papers for checking and Arwin will subtly show me his answers and encourage me to go on, despite being told to stop writing. He was a good Math teacher too.

Freshmen year, we were classmates again. I was shocked at how he suddenly got taller. During 6th grade, we were almost of the same height, or I was a tad taller. Two months just passed by, and whoa! I have to literally look up when talking to him. Anyway, he didn't really change that much except that he got to be best friends with Syd. He and I didn't had that much enjoyment and bonding during our Freshmen year.

Sophomore year. Ah, this has got to be the most eventful year. He and his friends, the SMYM are pretty good friends with Ara, Alyssa, and I so everytime we go to the mall, you can bet that they're always with us. This is probably the year that I was closest to Arwin, despite the fact that he suddenly developed a snobby attitude. Haha, he's actually braver that year. He can start telling my classmate something rude in which he doesn't really intentionally to. Another thing was that he was so bonded with Syd, I assumed that they have a clandestine (kidding!).

One thing I can never forget was during the AYC elections. Miss Cruzada asked us who are the interested students to run for the student council. Arwin kept on muttering something about literally running and how he can do it. And so, out of randomness, we encouraged him to run. He and Miss Cruzada even had a funny exchange of words. When Arwin raised his hand, we all started applauding for him. Then Miss Cruzada asked him in what position will he run. Arwin was like, "what's the available position?" In which Miss Cruzada replied that Arwin's response is enough to make her do cartwheels in front of our class.

During dismissal, we thought Arwin will not do it. But true to his word, he signed up for treasurer. If that's not shocking enough, he was an independent candidate.

I told all my servicemates to vote for him, since he wasn't so popular. One of my servicemates even commented on how brave he was to run alone.

He was a good candidate even if he didn't win.

Then there was also the time they had an exposure trip. I wasn't with them but Mrs. Siasat told us stories. They went to the senate and get to meet the senators. Arwin told Sen. Jinggoy Estrada (from what I can remember): It is a privilege to meet you, Senator. Then he also told Sen. Bong Revilla to look at his camera for the picture taking. Haha!

I also remembered the time that we were practicing for the IP. Kyle and I were looking for the SMYM and we saw them fooling around with the audio player. I asked Kyle to dance the Happy Hotdog Dance while the song Funkytown was on. As Kyle was dancing, Arwin went to the other side with a pokerface, and started dancing this weird robot dance. It was shocking. He danced randomly!

Then there was also the singing sessions they have during Math class. Since they adore Michael Jackson sooo much, they sung Heal the World. Once again, I can remember Arwin starting the song and having the loudest voice. :P

So yeah, that's my Arwin timeline. :]
I definitely can't wait for August 1st. I get to see him again!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everything Is Alright

I'm glad that everything is fine now. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I feel so fucked up. :/

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Favorite Commercial

Just One Picture

I just got up from bed. I've been up since 8, thanks to my Mom (and my aching back) telling me that we can't watch Ice Age 3 today. I am so pissed. It's for the reason that my Dad isn't around and he can't drop me off my Mom's office later. It's good that she knows how I feel about her office. I hate that place. She has a computer but it has no Internet. There's no wiFi either so I can't use a laptop or PSP. I'd do my homework, but that would mean I need a computer to do it. Ha. Basically, I spent the whole half of the day re-reading So Totally Emily Ebbers by Lisa Yee. Around 2 PM, my Dad comes in and tells me that it's 2 in the afternoon. I did the usual eyebrow raising I always do. He left me alone upon seeing that I'm absorbed in whatever I am reading. 30 minutes later, he came in again and said we're going to leave now. Okay? I was like, wtf. I haven't taken a bath, my hair is a mess, and my back was still aching. I asked him where we are going and he said that we're going to my cousin's place way in the north. Eh, go there instead of seeing Ice Age? I told him no.

I've been receiving texts last night from almost everyone. They've been saying hello, and one thought it was my birthday. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be buying load this weekend. I usually buy one when we're going out because Globe has a weak signal where I live. I'd transfer to Smart but everyone in CSA uses Globe.

How has this week been?

It was interesting, yet, once again, tiring.

We finally had the presentation in Social Studies. I was supposed to play Amenhotep, and due to the lovely 3 seconds make-up Mira did, I had to remove my glasses. The whole world was a blur. Jouella and Allen were telling me something but I can't exactly understand them. I know that I have to use my ears, but when someone is talking to me, it makes me understand them more when I have my glasses on and the world is clear place. I can't really explain why, but I felt like a retarded person, talking to them and then not being able to see them clearly. Anyway, despite of Jolo's absence, we were able to perform well getting a perfect score.

Speaking of Jolo, he's been absent for a week, and I don't have the load to text him. I was so glad when replied to my comment on Friendster even though that comment was given last week. For whatever happened last week, I'm glad that he's okay now.

I finally have a copy of Macromedia Flash 8, the same Flash program our school uses. Eudes and I have a wonderful plan with it. -insert demonic laugh here-

We've had quizzes the whole week. My brain cells died sometime during Wednesday. Some of the quizzes were fairly easy, some weren't. The quiz in Advanced Algebra was not so easy. I know the answers, but I ended up writing something else on my paper. I got a ten out of fifteen. It's good enough, same as my seatwork score. I remembered one number wherein I had four different unions and the answer was the set of real numbers. Fail, fail, fail.

Yesterday, we watched the Core Value Presentation of fourth year St. Augustine, the cream section. We're assigned for August, in which the Core Value is Devotion to Study. I won't be a hypocrite. I'm not devoted to my studies. Haha. I just do the best that I can with my lack of studying. My Mom believes I can be better if I study. Yeah, right. I don't want to mess up the top ten (that's a big joke)! We started planning for our presentation and Raymart got the idea of showing a Harry Potter themed presentation. Of course, I got so excited. But later on during the day, Sir Vitug said that our original idea was good enough and that we should not just do an HP themed thingy. I was so heartbroken. So was Alyssa. According to Francis, Sir was probably not thinking of a funny HP. But whatever, I'm still going to do an HP themed script (same with Alyssa) for self satisfaction.

Last night, I had the best conversation with my "buddy". I find him interesting rather than impressing. He doesn'tget impressed with what I have to say, and I don't get too impressed with what he's saying either. Feelings are mutual between us. I like conversations like that. Although I have to say, I was impressed with what he told me when we were talking about school. That one line made me go "Whoa!"

I can't wait for my birthday. 18 days! :D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Motion City Soundtrack's Last Night. I'm finally done with my Josh Golden obsession, at least for now. I still get the urge to replay him over and over again once I hear his lovely voice. Anyway, I love the new MCS, they sound so relaxing. The old one is good too, punk, but still perfect to the ears. Haha, that's actually a biased opinion. But I'm glad I got at least two of my friends hooked on MCS. Well, not exactly hooked, but they seem to like it very much.

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I am in a band. It's a band started by Frans and Jolo. I'm the keyboard-ist. The word itself gives me chills.

I'm itching badly right now. For some reason I start to itch everywhere when there's no electric fan or airconditioning. My body just can't take it. I'll itch so much that it looks like I'm having allergies. It's such a pain -scratches itch-.

I'm going to get a drink of water. Adieu.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I was just watching this TV show and the kid falls down the stairs. How many times I've seen this kind of scene? I think all Filipino movies/TV shows have that scene. It makes me laugh. It's so cliche.

Anyway, I just realized how I missed Arwin. Like, his jokes and silly sayings. One thing I can't forget is how he says "okay". He says it as: "oh-KEI!" with a big stress on "oh". I can't wait for August 1st. We get to see him again!

Oh yeah, speaking of Arwin, I was looking at his Friendster profile and the caption in one of his photos made my night. It was his default picture, actually. He was lying down on a bed eating Pringles. The caption said: Ang sarap ng Pringles, noh? Inggit na sila... (Pringles are yummy, no? Jealous?)

Heh, yes, we all know how yummy Pringles are, Arwin. And yes, we are jealous.

Haha, I can just imagine him saying that. :P

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is the first time that I'm confused about doing an assignment. Really. :/

Saturday, July 4, 2009

17 Again.

05/05/09 Pictures, Images and Photos
Sterling Knight. ♥

What a week!

"I may be frumpy, but I'm super smart.
Check out my grades, they're "A's" for a start.
What I lack in looks well I make up in heart, and well guys, yeah, that's totally awesome."
-Hermione Granger; Harry Potter the Musical

This week has been so exhausting, confusing, and whatnot. First off, we had the exams during Monday and Tuesday. You already know how I feel about exams. Yes, I do understand its importance, but let's face it. I'm a student. It's perfectly normal for me to detest exams.

Wednesday and Thursday were two heavy days. I can barely remember anything we did, except that we changed the seating arrangement. I wasn't so excited about it. Allen and Jolo were fun seatmates. Especially Allen. Oh well, at least we'll still be seatmates during English class. At least until Sir Licyayo can walk properly again. Anyway, we changed it in a "V" way. V for Vitug, my adviser's last name. If you look at the left side, I marked my seat by a black dot. I'm right behind Janjan and Frans and I get a perfect view of the whiteboard. My problem with the original seating arrangement was when the teacher starts writing at the right hand side of the board, I won't be able to read it thanks to the glare. Although I'm still having problems with reading the writing on the board, it's better than the last seating arrangement. I think the problem is my glasses now. Boohoo. I hate being four-eyed.

Friday, was well, interesting. First we had a mass, and being a July celebrator, I'm supposed to carry our class offering. Nilleth carried the bayong basket, while I held the money. Luckily, I met Lorenzo again and he was, like last year, in front of me during the whole thing. Once again, Lorenzo showed me how proud he was of his height, by talking to me and asking me I was staring at his chest. Well that's because it feels awkward to look up at him while we're having a conversation. I cannot help it that I am very short. Then, he kept on laughing at the gradeschoolers because they were so tiny. They were just up to Lorenzo's waist or crotch. He enjoyed the feeling of being a giant. Aha. I probably would too if I were that tall. So yeah, thanks to Lorenzo, I stopped being nervous upon walking down the aisle (it sounded like I was getting married, but no, I'm not).

After the mass, Allen, Mira and I went to the Digital Printing Office to get our ID pictures taken. Unfortunately, the photographer was scheduled for the gradeschool department so we can just have our picture taken on Monday. It's going to be tough. We might be late for CVE. I'm not sure if Miss E. will be really bothered, but I'd rather not be late in CVE.

By the way, the trip going back and forth to the DPO was tiring. First off, we came from our classroom, in the third floor of the 2nd to last building in school. We walked all the way to the Administration Building which is across the Pre-school building right by the lobby. Then we climbed the stairs. I told Allen how it feels like Hogwarts, and he commented on my geekiness again. The DPO building was on the 2nd floor. Stairs again. And it was hot too.

We also planned about our August presentation. It's going to be a musical!

Then, we had a serious "thingy" during TLE. I'm sure that it's a matter that's suppose to stay within the 4 walls of our classroom, therefore I'm not going to blab about it. Besides, it's a personal matter regarding someone and it's not me. I'd share it if what happened was about me but it wasn't.

We had a Herald meeting. Ate Jhem asked us to do slogans for our club. Mine was: We Write To Enlight. Ha, isn't that such a cool slogan? Then we also did an opinion paper about the Charter Change and the Constituent Assembly. It was hard, but as what Syd said, we had our "Activist Mode" activated. I was able to finish mine. Well almost. I was able to voice out my opinion. Once again, I did it as a debate speech. Definition, then arguments.

I missed debating. :|
I can't wait till I can debate again.

Anyway, the iSpeak2 sounds exciting. ♥ Right, dahhhling? ;D

I'm going to watch 17 again and de-stress myself.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh God

Why are you so poetic? Your words are so intricate. You have your way of fixing the words making the simple phrases sound so ingenious and beautiful.

Guess what? You fill the spaces between mine. <3

Monday, June 29, 2009

In Exactly A Month,

I'll be 15. I'm so fricken excited. <3333

Woo. I'm planning to go out and treat a few people too. This birthday is going to be epic.

Procrastination, Herald Work, Eating Problem

I haven't procrastinated since school started and I miss procrastinating. I do have to admit though, it's so much better to listen in class while a discussion is going on rather than doing homework for the next subject which I used to do a lot. Today though, I'm going to procrastinate the whole afternoon and cram for the tests tomorrow. Comparing tomorrow's tests to today's, I think tomorrow will be easier except for Chemistry. Oh God. I absolutely despise Science no matter how good the teacher is. It's just the bane of my existence. When I'm President, I'm going to make Science subjects mandatorily for half an hour, and exclude them from tests, haha.

But anyway, today was a good day. The only thing that bothered me was the heat. It's 33C/91.4F today and it's not even summer. Good thing the school had airconditioning. I thoroughly enjoyed the coldness of our room. I didn't know how hot it was outside when I went out of the lobby. I started sweating. It's disgusting, I know. I wanted to burn my school uniform. The skirt is made of some thick unknown material and my blouse isn't exactly the perfect shirt to wear if you're going to sweat. It was sick. I took off my uniform upon arriving home.

I got on the computer in hopes of finding Ty online, but he's not. So, I decided to continue watching Harry Potter the Musical but the videos were deleted. Hopefully, they'll put it back up. I'm not yet done watching the whole thing and so far it's been interesting.

I just opened my Multiply today and surprise, surprise! I got an invitation from the Augustinian Herald, the school's official publication club. I immediately checked the site because it's bound to have some updates, and I was right. Our Editor in Chief already posted the assignments which are due on July 2nd. Darn. Good thing I only have two assignments to do.

See? My only problem is how to start the Opening of Classes news report. As far as I can remember, the only thing that happened out of the ordinary was the seminar regarding the Influenza A H1n1 scare. But I'm not sure that I'm supposed to focus my report on the short seminar right? Oh well. I'd do this later or tomorrow. Believe it or not, I don't procrastinate when it comes to my Herald work. I take this seriously. I actually want to be Editor-in-Chief or Copyreader by next year. It's been a dream.

I got my braces adjusted last Saturday and compared to my last month's adjustment, my teeth hurts badly right now. It was like the first time I got my braces. I can't eat again and I hate it passionately. Biting with my incisors is excruciating. Ugh. I should be used by this, but I suppose the fact that she added something to my left front teeth and changed the wire should be the reason why it hurts. Anyway, I chose clear as the rubber's color again. It might have been placed too tight. Oh well. At least I'm off to losing a few pounds again.

But seriously though, I'm very hungry right now and all we have at home are those biscuits which are a pain to bite. Chewing is easy, but biting really hurts.

Meh, I'm going to sleep this hungriness away. Ciao.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


(spoken) Elphie - now that we're friends, I've decided to
make you my new project.

(spoken) You really don't have to do that

(spoken) I know. That's what makes me so nice!
(sung) Whenever I see someone
Less fortunate than I
(And let's face it - who isn't
Less fortunate than I?)
My tender heart
Tends to start to bleed
And when someone needs a makeover
I simply have to take over
I know I know exactly what they need
And even in your case
Tho' it's the toughest case I've yet to face
Don't worry - I'm determined to succeed
Follow my lead
And yes, indeed
You will be:

You're gonna be popular!
I'll teach you the proper ploys
When you talk to boys
Little ways to flirt and flounce
I'll show you what shoes to wear
How to fix your hair
Everything that really counts

To be popular
I'll help you be popular!
You'll hang with the right cohorts
You'll be good at sports
Know the slang you've got to know
So let's start
'Cause you've got an awfully long way to go:

Don't be offended by my frank analysis
Think of it as personality dialysis
Now that I've chosen to be come a pal, a
Sister and adviser
There's nobody wiser
Not when it comes to popular -
I know about popular
And with an assist from me
To be who you'll bee
Instead of dreary who-you-were: are:
There's nothing that can stop you
From becoming popu-
Ler: lar:

La la la la
We're gonna make
You popular

When I see depressing creatures
With unprepossessing features
I remind them on their own behalf
To think of
Celebrated heads of state or
Specially great communicators
Did they have brains or knowledge?
Don't make me laugh!

They were popular! Please -
It's all about popular!
It's not about aptitude
It's the way you're viewed
So it's very shrewd to be
Very very popular
Like me!

(spoken) Why, Miss Elphaba, look at you. You're beautiful.

ELPHABA(spoken) I - I have to go:

(spoken) You're welcome!
(sung) And though you protest
Your disinterest
I know clandestinely
You're gonna grin and bear it
Your new found popularity
La la la la
You'll be popular -
Just not as quite as popular
As me!


Wicked is wonderful. I really wish I can see it on Broadway. ♥