Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't waste your time, speed up your breathing.

I was thinking of writing about what we did in school today, but it's so late and I'm feeling nostalgic again. So, we had our booth set up today and we had a bit of a problem at first. We also watched this indie film in the Audigym entitled Ang Daan Patungong Kalimugtong (The Road to Kalimugtong). It was a nice film, very commendable. That's all I can say about what happened today.

I still have that headache I had since this morning. It just won't go away. I've been itching to write something since last Sunday but I just couldn't let myself get into it. Unlike now, my fingers are literally running all over the keyboard typing everything that pops into my mind trying to catch it up.

Tomorrow's the Battle of the Bands. I'm going there with Jolo again. Frans' band is going to be there. They're amazing, but the problem is the song they sang during Rico Blanco's concert was not so popular. I hope that they'd play something more known this time. I hope someone plays Silvertoes by Parokya ni Edgar. The lyrics are so funny even though they're a bit negative.

I'm still writing the news feature for the Herald. Oh why, oh why did I not join the Photojournalism? It would be easier. I'd get excuse sometimes and take pictures. Fun, fun. But still, being a writer is my forte. I'm actually thinking of pursuing this until college because I know I can. Meh.

I just read Mikmik's blogger again tonight even though he stopped updating his blog. I'm not sure why, but I'm liking the way it writes. It has a bit of a similarity with the way I do, except that I sound negative compared to him whose posts are full of felicity. He's a great kid. Awesome photographer, amazing in photoshop, and not a bad writer, and the polyglot thing. I can't get over it.

I just can't help but compare my writing with other people all the time. It's either I feel like my writing's too happy or too depressing, or too technical. I'm a grammar type of kid. I don't really care much in the depth of what I write as long as my grammar's fine. It's true. If I write something deep, it's either something that just entered my mind or I carefully thought of what I'm going to write.

I have this letter to write for an international contest. I've already started but after telling Miss Bandril about my idea, she suggested some great ways to make it better and expanded my idea which is fine with me. The problem it presented though was that I have to edit what I've already written which is 400+ words. I'm not really complaining, since after all, it's for the betterment of my work and Miss Bandril just wants the best for me, but I keep on editing it for almost two hours that I finally decided to start over and just pick up some ideas I wrote on the old letter. It's deadline's on Friday, so I still have time.

Another thing I have to do is the news feature about Spanish to be taught in selected public high schools in the Philippines. After reading the whole news article, I have to say that I'd like to give my opinion on this. Are yaa ready? It's going to be... debate-esque.

The program would initially offer Spanish in one school per region, and there would only be two classes of 35 students each per school. If you ask me, I think it would be better if we just instill Spanish to all students to all the regions. It would be hard, yes, and the budget would once again get in the way, but private schools are responsible for their own expenses, right? Private schools can buy those educational foreign language tapes and have an hour or two of viewing for the students. I have this My Spanish Coach game on my PSP and I have to say, it does work. I know the basics of Spanish. The difference in the pronouns, gender, and so on. In fact, it would be safe to say that I know the basics of Spanish and I can even curse in Spanish. My Mom curses in Spanish when she gets surprised. It would certainly be unfair to the students who would want to learn to speak Spanish but their school wasn't chosen, or that they are not part of the 35 quota.

Next, it was in the constitution that the Filipinos should have a basic knowledge on Arabian and Spanish because they are our 3rd and 4th language. Do you, dear Filipino know any Arabian word? Unless you were an OFW who worked in UAE or have a friend/family member who went there, you wouldn't know any. Not saying that you really won't, but the basics at least.

My cousin used to live with us when he was in college. He studied 3 languages during that time namely French, Arabian, and Spanish. I was so proud of him, because before that, he doesn't know how to speak any of those three languages. French and Spanish basics, yes, but Arabian, no. He said that it was hard to study those languages even though you are really interested because you had no fundamental education on it. There wasn't any basic or pedestal to hold that statue up high.

With the last few paragraphs of my blog entry, I do not tend to impose any negativity nor am I saying something offending to DepEd. Everything I have written is only my opinion and what I thought of the matter. You cannot exactly point this as libel because the paragraphs itself aren't slanderous in nature. If anyone did get offended, my deep apologies, and please do message me so that I can edit that part out and avoid offending more people. It does not exactly defame or disrespect the DepEd because from what I have understand and written, I was only expressing my point regarding the matter and the biased things I have said were to show how I feel about everything. It does not necessarily mean that I'm wrecking DepEd's reputation. (:

good night!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adios, Summer Camp!

Remember my Science camp blog entry? Well, I'm saying Adios to it now. The ironic thing is, I'm the one who told my Mom that I'm not going to join the Science summer camp anymore. She was surprised. When I told her that I was going to join the Science camp, she was alright with it even though we had to pay almost 5K for it. She must have heard the sincerity in my voice. Anyway, Raymart's announcement regarding the Science camp made me change my mind.

Raymart said that we were suppose to bring beddings because the place might not be that great. My OCD kicked in, and right then and there, I said that I'm not coming anymore. Plus, he also mentioned something about Miss Chua choosing the person to enter the contest. Obviously, I won't get picked for the essay writing. If I did join, I might end up in the dance contest or something else I'm not good at. If there's one thing I don't like it's being pressured. And anyway, Alyssa said that she's not going to come anymore, so I'm not coming anymore!

I already crossed off one possible thing to do for the summer. That leaves me with debate camp, Playshop, NEH, Photography, or sports. Yes, I took in consideration photography and sports.

*Debate Camp

  • I'm looking for one because I am hoping to hone my debate skills. My Mom said something about UP giving out seminars but when I checked the website, particularly that of UP Diliman's debate society, they give trainings but it's going to be per school. I was hoping for something personal like I get to debate with different people from different schools in one team. That would be better, eh? And for once, I wouldn't be in "CSA team" or something. Not that I hate our debate team, but you know what I mean. I'm talking to a debater I met during the SLIDE UP about it. I think he's interested to join the camp too. Regina's going to debate camp with me. IF we do find one.
  • This was another debate thing my Mom found out. She said that this one is nearer since it's just in Ayala Alabang. In Alabang Town Center, to be specific. She must've misunderstood, because when I checked the website, they have public speaking, and not debate. But it's worth considering too. Another good thing here is that they have photography! Goody. I want to have the "eye" for it. Last year, the workshop for public speaking cost 55OO. It's amazing how much I want to spend money. But still, if I would learn something, it be worth it, right?
  • I wanna improve my English and vocab. 'Nuff said.
  • I've been looking at Deviantart and Photobucket these days and I'm very, very amazed at their photography skills. In fact, it's safe to admit that I am even jealous. All I know is how to enhance pictures on Photoshop. I don't really have the eye for photography although I'm trying. Going to a workshop might seem ridiculous. My Mom might not even pay money for it. She'd think I'm delusional. So, I just might practice in our house and take pictures of random things.
  • I wanna lose some weight this summer. I'm short, and I at least want to get the illusion of being tall. I'm going to ask Gabo about badminton since he lives in Southwoods and Southwoods has this amazing badminton court. If not that, probably table tennis or basketball with Ara.
Whew! I sound like I'm going to have a busy summer, eh? Just thinking about it made me really excited for summer. I just hope that I really would be able to do something VERY productive this summer. Going out of town is not exactly in the list since my parents are busy all the time. They're a bunch of workaholics. Working from Monday to Sunday. No breaks!

Just please. I really hope my Mom says yes to any of my suggestions or that she gives better suggestions. I am really hoping for this summer to be a better one than last year's. I don't want a sleepless summer in front of the computer doing the same crap everyday. I want change, and change is calling me now.

How do you document real life, when real life's getting more like fiction each day?


I watched Rent today. I haven't seen that musical since last year. I knew Rent from the movie Cutting Edge2. We bought a VCD of it, and before the movie started, it showed some trailers, and that's where I saw Rent. It was the song Seasons of Love which made me curious about the movie/musical. I hinted to my Mom that it's probably a good movie. The next week came, and we went to Odyssey. Sadly, they didn't have the movie, although I doubt it. The saleslady whom I asked doesn't even know about the movie. We went to Astrovision instead and this time, there was no need for me to ask for help. The precious CD was there, standing waiting for my hands to get them. They were screaming "oh Hedda! We're here! We're here! What took you so long?"

The very first time I watched Rent, I was only a measly 6th grader. I wasn't able to understand the whole point of the movie. All I know is, is that they're all connected, the blond man is the photographer, and then someone dies, as a plus, the songs were great. Even though the movie didn't hit me that hard, I still loved it and told my friends about it.

Last year, I watched the movie again. Being a freshman, I am already "aware" of some of the scenes. There were still some confusions though, like
why did the guitarist got mad at Mimi for injecting herself?

Today, I watched Rent again. This time,
the movie finally hit the softest spot in my heart. I finally realized why the guitar guy looked disappointed at Mimi when she was about to inject something for herself. She was injecting heroin.

The movie made me cry twice. The first was when Mimi was shivering sick, and the other one was wherein Angel died. Among them all,
Angel is the most "alive" character, for me. That's why she's my favorite character.

I give great kudos to the playwright of Rent, and to those who made it a movie. It was very amazing. Everything was well thought of. If you haven't watched Rent yet, you should watch it. You're bound to like it. (:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Science camp, anyone?

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Last year, we were invited to join the Science Camp in Aklan. The price reached almost 1OK. I pleaded so hard to my Mom because I don't want to spend the summer being so lazy and get fat. This year, I paid for my PSYSC membership which only costs 2OPesos. Just this morning, our adviser announced that once again, our school was invited to join the annual Science camp. This time, it's only going to be held in Bataan which isn't too far away from where our school is. The registration fee for those PSYSC members (meaning those who paid 2Opesos) are for P4,5OO only, while those who did not pay are supposed to pay P7,5OO. Good thing, I decided to pay for my 2OPesos. My Mom was aware of the Science camp, and she's also aware that I want to join the camp. Besides Science camp, we're still inquiring about the Debate Camp in UP.
There are different contests available for everyone to join. I was either hoping to join the Photojourn contest because I can do it, or the essay writing. My only problem is, is that the Science Camp is going on a Filipino version, meaning the essay written should be in Filipino. A sanaysay, as what our adviser told us. The other contests were music composition writing, dancing, and I'm not interested in those. I don't dance, and I have a bad voice. So, I'm left with the Quizbee, Essay writing and Photojourn.
I sound like I'm 1OO% sure that I'll be joining the camp. Of course, I still have to ask money from my parents, and I'm sure that my half brother would give some money too. Anyway, the camp isn't until April 3rd, so I still have a month of begging and saving to do.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm walking on a tight rope

I can't help it but think about him all day long. We're worlds apart, but yet I feel a strong connection between the two of us. I get jealous of every girl who talks to him. I want to tell everyone to f*ck off and leave him alone. I want to be the only one he sets his eyes on. I'm jealous.

Isn't it funny? I'm an only child, and I never get jealous of my friends' toys or anything. If my parents don't notice things I do, I don't feel a tad jealous. Apparently, infatuation affects me differently. I can be possessive of things I own or want. If possible, I want to be the only one who has that one. But seemingly enough, there's this one thing that I can't have, and the more that I realize how I can't have them, the more I pine for them and think about getting them.

He captivated me the first time we met. He may not be the most attractive person in the world, but still he captured my eyes. He's not the type of guy whom you'd give a second look. He's pretty ugly, to be blunt, but still, he captured me. He captured me because of the attitude he possesses. I never look into a person's face, yet what they can give.

I just hope that someday, when we meet again, he'd still remember.

I wish you well my love.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello, Blogger

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It seems perfectly good to do a short introduction of myself for my first post rather than posting something random.

Hey. My name is Hedda. I am fourteen years old. I'm a Filipino, and I can't say that I'm proud of being one as to the current status quo of our country. But I am proud to be Asian, and to be Filipino. It sounds a bit ironic, but you get the point. I'm a Christian, and no, I don't follow the Christian stereotype. I don't shove my opinions on people's throats. I like talking to people because of what they share, especially those who have other religions, beliefs. I enjoy learning about other cultures because I believe that theirs are really colorful.

I'm single but I'm not looking. When the time comes, then that's where it would come. I am infatuated with someone, and I hope that they like me back because he's the only guy in the world who can make me smile just by existing.

I'm easy to get along with, and I easily get attached. You probably wouldn't like me if you're very sensitive. I can be tactless and sarcastic at times, and sometimes I tend not to notice when I've offended others. I rarely admit that I'm wrong, but I do know how to apologize when I realize that I've hurt others' feelings. Apologies are the hardest things to do, and I'm a very sincere person. It hurts me to lose someone in my life, but someone better always come along.

I'm okay with "green" jokes, and everything else. I'm not easily provoked, but I can get agressive. I either go with the flow, or just stay behind. I laugh at lots of things. It's easy to make me fall into giggles and cry tears of happiness.

Just because I can sound stupid and superficial doesn't mean I am. I'm intelligent. I give my best in everything I do. I'm lazy and a procrastinator, but I'm not STUPID or unintelligent. Don't ever call me stupid, because I'm not. on't try to correct me when I'm wrong because you'll just fail.

Know it alls and prim and proper people annoy me especially when they don't know how to loosen up. Geez. It's life. You only get through that thing once.

I'm not good in Math or Science, but I'm trying.

I'm afraid of rejection and failure, and I can be a perfectionist at times but still feel that I have not met everyones expections. I know that I'm perfect and that I can't please anybody, but seeing the disappointment in their faces makes me feel sad.

I'm nice, I don't bite. Let's be friends!