Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adios, Summer Camp!

Remember my Science camp blog entry? Well, I'm saying Adios to it now. The ironic thing is, I'm the one who told my Mom that I'm not going to join the Science summer camp anymore. She was surprised. When I told her that I was going to join the Science camp, she was alright with it even though we had to pay almost 5K for it. She must have heard the sincerity in my voice. Anyway, Raymart's announcement regarding the Science camp made me change my mind.

Raymart said that we were suppose to bring beddings because the place might not be that great. My OCD kicked in, and right then and there, I said that I'm not coming anymore. Plus, he also mentioned something about Miss Chua choosing the person to enter the contest. Obviously, I won't get picked for the essay writing. If I did join, I might end up in the dance contest or something else I'm not good at. If there's one thing I don't like it's being pressured. And anyway, Alyssa said that she's not going to come anymore, so I'm not coming anymore!

I already crossed off one possible thing to do for the summer. That leaves me with debate camp, Playshop, NEH, Photography, or sports. Yes, I took in consideration photography and sports.

*Debate Camp

  • I'm looking for one because I am hoping to hone my debate skills. My Mom said something about UP giving out seminars but when I checked the website, particularly that of UP Diliman's debate society, they give trainings but it's going to be per school. I was hoping for something personal like I get to debate with different people from different schools in one team. That would be better, eh? And for once, I wouldn't be in "CSA team" or something. Not that I hate our debate team, but you know what I mean. I'm talking to a debater I met during the SLIDE UP about it. I think he's interested to join the camp too. Regina's going to debate camp with me. IF we do find one.
  • This was another debate thing my Mom found out. She said that this one is nearer since it's just in Ayala Alabang. In Alabang Town Center, to be specific. She must've misunderstood, because when I checked the website, they have public speaking, and not debate. But it's worth considering too. Another good thing here is that they have photography! Goody. I want to have the "eye" for it. Last year, the workshop for public speaking cost 55OO. It's amazing how much I want to spend money. But still, if I would learn something, it be worth it, right?
  • I wanna improve my English and vocab. 'Nuff said.
  • I've been looking at Deviantart and Photobucket these days and I'm very, very amazed at their photography skills. In fact, it's safe to admit that I am even jealous. All I know is how to enhance pictures on Photoshop. I don't really have the eye for photography although I'm trying. Going to a workshop might seem ridiculous. My Mom might not even pay money for it. She'd think I'm delusional. So, I just might practice in our house and take pictures of random things.
  • I wanna lose some weight this summer. I'm short, and I at least want to get the illusion of being tall. I'm going to ask Gabo about badminton since he lives in Southwoods and Southwoods has this amazing badminton court. If not that, probably table tennis or basketball with Ara.
Whew! I sound like I'm going to have a busy summer, eh? Just thinking about it made me really excited for summer. I just hope that I really would be able to do something VERY productive this summer. Going out of town is not exactly in the list since my parents are busy all the time. They're a bunch of workaholics. Working from Monday to Sunday. No breaks!

Just please. I really hope my Mom says yes to any of my suggestions or that she gives better suggestions. I am really hoping for this summer to be a better one than last year's. I don't want a sleepless summer in front of the computer doing the same crap everyday. I want change, and change is calling me now.