Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't waste your time, speed up your breathing.

I was thinking of writing about what we did in school today, but it's so late and I'm feeling nostalgic again. So, we had our booth set up today and we had a bit of a problem at first. We also watched this indie film in the Audigym entitled Ang Daan Patungong Kalimugtong (The Road to Kalimugtong). It was a nice film, very commendable. That's all I can say about what happened today.

I still have that headache I had since this morning. It just won't go away. I've been itching to write something since last Sunday but I just couldn't let myself get into it. Unlike now, my fingers are literally running all over the keyboard typing everything that pops into my mind trying to catch it up.

Tomorrow's the Battle of the Bands. I'm going there with Jolo again. Frans' band is going to be there. They're amazing, but the problem is the song they sang during Rico Blanco's concert was not so popular. I hope that they'd play something more known this time. I hope someone plays Silvertoes by Parokya ni Edgar. The lyrics are so funny even though they're a bit negative.

I'm still writing the news feature for the Herald. Oh why, oh why did I not join the Photojournalism? It would be easier. I'd get excuse sometimes and take pictures. Fun, fun. But still, being a writer is my forte. I'm actually thinking of pursuing this until college because I know I can. Meh.

I just read Mikmik's blogger again tonight even though he stopped updating his blog. I'm not sure why, but I'm liking the way it writes. It has a bit of a similarity with the way I do, except that I sound negative compared to him whose posts are full of felicity. He's a great kid. Awesome photographer, amazing in photoshop, and not a bad writer, and the polyglot thing. I can't get over it.

I just can't help but compare my writing with other people all the time. It's either I feel like my writing's too happy or too depressing, or too technical. I'm a grammar type of kid. I don't really care much in the depth of what I write as long as my grammar's fine. It's true. If I write something deep, it's either something that just entered my mind or I carefully thought of what I'm going to write.

I have this letter to write for an international contest. I've already started but after telling Miss Bandril about my idea, she suggested some great ways to make it better and expanded my idea which is fine with me. The problem it presented though was that I have to edit what I've already written which is 400+ words. I'm not really complaining, since after all, it's for the betterment of my work and Miss Bandril just wants the best for me, but I keep on editing it for almost two hours that I finally decided to start over and just pick up some ideas I wrote on the old letter. It's deadline's on Friday, so I still have time.

Another thing I have to do is the news feature about Spanish to be taught in selected public high schools in the Philippines. After reading the whole news article, I have to say that I'd like to give my opinion on this. Are yaa ready? It's going to be... debate-esque.

The program would initially offer Spanish in one school per region, and there would only be two classes of 35 students each per school. If you ask me, I think it would be better if we just instill Spanish to all students to all the regions. It would be hard, yes, and the budget would once again get in the way, but private schools are responsible for their own expenses, right? Private schools can buy those educational foreign language tapes and have an hour or two of viewing for the students. I have this My Spanish Coach game on my PSP and I have to say, it does work. I know the basics of Spanish. The difference in the pronouns, gender, and so on. In fact, it would be safe to say that I know the basics of Spanish and I can even curse in Spanish. My Mom curses in Spanish when she gets surprised. It would certainly be unfair to the students who would want to learn to speak Spanish but their school wasn't chosen, or that they are not part of the 35 quota.

Next, it was in the constitution that the Filipinos should have a basic knowledge on Arabian and Spanish because they are our 3rd and 4th language. Do you, dear Filipino know any Arabian word? Unless you were an OFW who worked in UAE or have a friend/family member who went there, you wouldn't know any. Not saying that you really won't, but the basics at least.

My cousin used to live with us when he was in college. He studied 3 languages during that time namely French, Arabian, and Spanish. I was so proud of him, because before that, he doesn't know how to speak any of those three languages. French and Spanish basics, yes, but Arabian, no. He said that it was hard to study those languages even though you are really interested because you had no fundamental education on it. There wasn't any basic or pedestal to hold that statue up high.

With the last few paragraphs of my blog entry, I do not tend to impose any negativity nor am I saying something offending to DepEd. Everything I have written is only my opinion and what I thought of the matter. You cannot exactly point this as libel because the paragraphs itself aren't slanderous in nature. If anyone did get offended, my deep apologies, and please do message me so that I can edit that part out and avoid offending more people. It does not exactly defame or disrespect the DepEd because from what I have understand and written, I was only expressing my point regarding the matter and the biased things I have said were to show how I feel about everything. It does not necessarily mean that I'm wrecking DepEd's reputation. (:

good night!