Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foundation Week

Finally! I had the time to blog about Foundation week. This week had been so crazy, it's amazing that I still have time to blog. But I'm procrastinating, and that's not new.

*February 23, Monday
We had no classes.

*February 24, Tuesday
We were supposed to have a mass for the opening of the Foundation Week, but they cancelled it which was fine for me. We passed our Pedigree Charts which I did during the morning. It was also the opening of the club booths and our club had a problem! So there, cramming, cramming. There was no jalibooth yet because the CAT were in some competition. Then we had lunch at 12:00, although some of us ate earlier. Had a short meeting with Miss Bandril regarding the international writing contest. I'm so excited for it, even though I know that I don't have a good chance of making it.

At 1:00, the whole high school watched an independent film entitle "Ang Daan Patungong Kalimugtong" or the Road to Kalimugtong. It was a great movie. It's my first time to watch an indie film, so I was shocked for the lack of effects and other stuff. Although, it was raw, that's why I enjoyed it. I don't know what kind of movie I should call it. There were some funny scenes, but most of the time, it revolves around the life of two Ifugaoan kids.

When it ended we went back to our booths. Uh-oh! The Jailbooth was being set up!

*Feb. 25, Wednesday
We had a mass because it was the Ash Wednesday. After that, it was time for the room to room candidacy of those running for the AYC. We had Math, and when I got my testpaper, I got a 39/40! Bingo! One mistake. I'm not good in Math that's why I am so happy. But it turns out that I had another correction, so my score is only 38. Oh well. I did well, and that's what counts.

During lunch time, to avoid the jail booth, we passed by the Rada hall. We even ran. Alyssa and I didn't get caught so we were fine. Ate lunch inside the classroom. We don't really want to leave because we might get caught. We're 'fraidy cats.

Anyway, we were setting up our booths, when Miss Sanghel decided that we just spend the day on rides. It's time we had fun. Oh well. Miks was there. Oh god. He's so gorgeous. Yuuum. So there, I stayed inside the classroom with a bunch of people.

There was a moment between Miks and I. It was one of the best days of my life. He's a bit of a crazy person, and maybe what he did was joke. But it did made me shiver, and well, tingly all inside. He didn't kiss me. He pinched my cheeks up to the point that it was ticklish and telling that I was cute. Okay. Enough shallowness.

Another highlight of the day was the BATTLE OF THE BANDS! Hell yeah! Here are some pictures:

That's Nilleth and I, few hours during the performance of Skittles.

Maan and I! We're hXc, yo.

This shirt I wore. I bought it from the Katribo. My uniform blouse was in my bag.

Kevin's express. Blurred. Sorry.

Away from the Silence. Blurred again. Sorry.

Random photo.

Best friend Frans and I. He's a rockstarr.

It was so much fun! Only that my servicemate's band didn't win although among the bands, they were my favorite! It's not a biased opinion, they were good! Their band was called Hue Turn. There were 3 bands coming from the 2nd year, and they were good too. The fourth year bands were awesome. Frans' brother is a great drummer. He's so cool!

*Feb. 26, Thursday
We had the Meeting de Avance for the elections. We gave our best in cheering for Arwin. It turns out, he's the one and only independent candidate running. Some of his answers were funny, but that was typical Arwin. My favorite one was when he was asked about the problem being encountered by the department and he tackled on bullying. He even told Miss Velasco "keep up the good work"! Then there was this part when he said that some of the younger levels are scared of the older levels because they were taller and more... macho. We were like, "omg, that's so gay". I guess Arwin just can't find the accurate term to use. After the meeting de avance, we had our recess then we had to go back to the Audigym for the DocUniversity.

The DocUniversity was something we didn't expect. Bernadette Sembrano and Abner Mercado from the Correspondents visited the school. It's a shame that we were seated at the back. The seminar was not that long and it didn't really feel like a seminar, which is a good thing. The only disappointment I have is that I'm a Kapuso and they are under the Kapamilya network. But hey, I DO know them so that's what matters!

*Feb. 27, Friday
Classes were until 10:00 AM only. The only reason we had to go to school was to vote and do the integrated project. After voting, we started filming for our music video and commercial. The filming was so much fun! Only that there was this annoying guy who kept on butting in during our shooting and ruining one scene. He was so annoying!

So far, this Foundation week had been a short one, or rather, it felt like a short one. The booths were only set up for 2 days and then we had other stuff to do. I guess this year is really a busy year for everyone of us. But this was the funnest Foundation week I've ever had. I know, I know, I keep on saying that almost every year. But seriously, this year is probably the MOST memorable one. (:

Thank you for everyone who made my foundation week a great one. Whether you ruined it, or not.