Sunday, February 22, 2009

How do you document real life, when real life's getting more like fiction each day?


I watched Rent today. I haven't seen that musical since last year. I knew Rent from the movie Cutting Edge2. We bought a VCD of it, and before the movie started, it showed some trailers, and that's where I saw Rent. It was the song Seasons of Love which made me curious about the movie/musical. I hinted to my Mom that it's probably a good movie. The next week came, and we went to Odyssey. Sadly, they didn't have the movie, although I doubt it. The saleslady whom I asked doesn't even know about the movie. We went to Astrovision instead and this time, there was no need for me to ask for help. The precious CD was there, standing waiting for my hands to get them. They were screaming "oh Hedda! We're here! We're here! What took you so long?"

The very first time I watched Rent, I was only a measly 6th grader. I wasn't able to understand the whole point of the movie. All I know is, is that they're all connected, the blond man is the photographer, and then someone dies, as a plus, the songs were great. Even though the movie didn't hit me that hard, I still loved it and told my friends about it.

Last year, I watched the movie again. Being a freshman, I am already "aware" of some of the scenes. There were still some confusions though, like
why did the guitarist got mad at Mimi for injecting herself?

Today, I watched Rent again. This time,
the movie finally hit the softest spot in my heart. I finally realized why the guitar guy looked disappointed at Mimi when she was about to inject something for herself. She was injecting heroin.

The movie made me cry twice. The first was when Mimi was shivering sick, and the other one was wherein Angel died. Among them all,
Angel is the most "alive" character, for me. That's why she's my favorite character.

I give great kudos to the playwright of Rent, and to those who made it a movie. It was very amazing. Everything was well thought of. If you haven't watched Rent yet, you should watch it. You're bound to like it. (: