Thursday, February 19, 2009

Science camp, anyone?

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Last year, we were invited to join the Science Camp in Aklan. The price reached almost 1OK. I pleaded so hard to my Mom because I don't want to spend the summer being so lazy and get fat. This year, I paid for my PSYSC membership which only costs 2OPesos. Just this morning, our adviser announced that once again, our school was invited to join the annual Science camp. This time, it's only going to be held in Bataan which isn't too far away from where our school is. The registration fee for those PSYSC members (meaning those who paid 2Opesos) are for P4,5OO only, while those who did not pay are supposed to pay P7,5OO. Good thing, I decided to pay for my 2OPesos. My Mom was aware of the Science camp, and she's also aware that I want to join the camp. Besides Science camp, we're still inquiring about the Debate Camp in UP.
There are different contests available for everyone to join. I was either hoping to join the Photojourn contest because I can do it, or the essay writing. My only problem is, is that the Science Camp is going on a Filipino version, meaning the essay written should be in Filipino. A sanaysay, as what our adviser told us. The other contests were music composition writing, dancing, and I'm not interested in those. I don't dance, and I have a bad voice. So, I'm left with the Quizbee, Essay writing and Photojourn.
I sound like I'm 1OO% sure that I'll be joining the camp. Of course, I still have to ask money from my parents, and I'm sure that my half brother would give some money too. Anyway, the camp isn't until April 3rd, so I still have a month of begging and saving to do.