Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fate ordains that dearest friends must part. -Edward Young

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes। A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends. ~Richard Bach

I can clearly remember the first day of classes as if it just happened yesterday. June 10, Monday morning. I wasn't like the other kids who were excited for the start of classes. I wasn't dreading it either. It was just... that. I've seen the class list two weeks before classes started so I already knew who my classmates are. It was almost the same people. Only about 10 or so were from different sections last year. I remembered feeling relieved that I am still with the same people. The people who got in were familiar to me. I'm even good friends with some of them.

Upon entering the classroom, a vast change came before my eyes. First, the classrooms have changed. I was told that we had whiteboards now but I never got the chance to peek in the new classrooms. The windows were different too. The room was a bit noisy, considering that everyone was talking all at once, sharing some summer stories. The usual thing.

Around 7AM, our adviser, Miss Ana Estrañero, went inside the classroom. Everybody quieted down, of course. Although I'm not familiar with a lot of second year teachers, I knew Miss Estrañero because she became a proctor during our exams in freshmen year. She started writing the class schedule. I was glad because most of the teachers' names were familiar. I sighed with relief. It was also the same day that we got to meet our subject teachers.

That was the beginning of my adventure as a second year student.

Class elections. We were all set to nominate and vote Criselle as our president but sadly, being a level representative, she can't be our class president. Someone voted Wilbur as a joke. I'm not the "go with the flow" type, but I voted Wilbur. He won, and I wasn't sure he was happy with that. After all, who would be happy when you get nominated as a joke?

The first contest our class ever had was the PE intersection. Rhythmic gymnastics competition, to be specific. We were so determined that we didn't hesitate to practice outside Eloisa's house, on the street. We even gave our Saturday just to practice in the covered court of Rosario Complex. Our hardwork definitely paid off, because we won as champion. The taste of success was definitely sweet!

That was just the beginning.

A lot of things happened inside the four walls of MH 110, where Bl. Magdalene of Albrici resides. As a class, we've had our share of laughter, tears, and cramming moments. I'm really glad that I am a member of Mamma Mia Magdalenos. I have enjoyed every minute I am with Magdalene. The ten months of togetherness seemed like just a month. I will certainly miss all the jokes and fun we had especially my "sessions" with Syd and the gang. I will also miss the jokes or banats of Arwin.

Definitely, next year, some of us won't be classmates anymore, but I hope that we won't forget we were once a Mamma Mia Magdalenos. ;D