Monday, March 16, 2009


So, that's my South Park version. In case you want to make one, you should check out:

Finally! The fourth periodical exams are over. School is over. No more tests. Somehow, I feel happy and relieved. I was able to survive my second year of high school! =)

The last day of the exams was on the 14th. A Saturday. Yep. Waking up early on a weekend doesn't bother me because I always wake up early on weekends no matter how late I stay up. The exam started at 7:30 and ended at 10:30. Goody.

After the exam, Arselyn, Alyssa and I waited for the rest because we were
going bowling. Thea and Roda's group were also going out and they invited us to go with them. They said that they'll treat us too. Although I want a treat, I gladly declined the offer because we're not really with them, nor are we that close to them. Yes, manners, please.

When we arrived in Pacita, we started talking about where to eat. I t
old them that Shakeys would be a good place to eat, and they were fine with it. Frans joined us in Shakeys.

We had a problem with ordering. But finally, we decided on this group meal which consisted of spaghetti, chicken wings and mojos, and a thin crust pepperoni pizza. Yumyum. Annnd, it only costs 999 pesos! So, we pooled in some money since we're 7 all in all.

This was the spaghetti. It tasted yummy!

Frans loved the spaghetti so much. In fact, we call it the Sensual Spaghetti because he's sweating!

The yummy pepperoni pizza.

Eudes texted me, saying that his Mom allowed him to go with us. I started to reply at his text but I got distracted and I never realized that I didn't reply to his message until he called me. Yes, he called. Apparently, Eudes is a rich kid. When he called, he was already on his way to Festival. We were just going to start our meal. Oh well, there's nothing we can do about it right?

In the middle of the meal, the waiter asked us what year we are. We said 2nd year.

Guy: Oh, I thought you were 4th years. I was going to ask you when is your graduation.
Frans: -after swallowing some spaghetti- Oh, I know! FEBRUARY 28, po!
Arselyn: February 28?

S'okay, it was stupid. But it got us laughing. Even the waiter laughed at us. Frans said that it should have been on video. How are we supposed to know he was going to say something like that?

We left Shakeys at almost a quarter to one. We suddenly remembered Eudes! So anyway, we paid, and then the guy said that it's not just 999, but instead it's 1,088.20 pesos! We forgot the tax. After paying, we left Shakeys and rode a van going to Festi. We were so noisy in the van. Plus, we occupied like 3/4ths of the vehicle.

We arrived in Festi at a bit past one. I texted Eudes to meet us at Gameworx. So there, when we
arrived, there wasn't anyone yet. I was a bit nervous since it's my first time to bowl. Anyway, here are the pictures:



Guess who we met? THE AXE CHOCOLATE MAN!