Friday, March 27, 2009


Today is the happiest day of my life, for three main reasons:

1.) School is OFFICIALLY over. It's the recognition day!
2.) I wouldn't have to go to school, practice for the awarding and waste a uniform.
3.) I can finally enjoy and feel the summer.

On the other hand, I'm sad for lots of stuff:

1.) It would be 2 months before I see my friends again.
2.) I'm not joining the PSYSC Youth Summer camp, meaning NO summer activity at all.
3.) My Mom didn't allow me to have piano lessons/guitar lessons with Kuya Maurice. She changed her mind last night.
4.) I might be getting my braces soon.
5.) He's graduating tomorrow.

See how the negatives can overpower the positives?

Some stuff I'm looking forward to:

1.) Card giving on Monday. Curiosity is killing me as to what happened to my grades. Plus, I get to go to school and see some of my friends!
2.) Frans' birthday on May 15th. It's still a month and two weeks before that happens, but I can't wait for me. Oh please. I just hope my Mom will not say no! :(
3.) The official start of my soy milk diet. I learned from Jolo that soy milk makes a person grow taller! It's worth a try. Meh. My Mom is a non-believer. :/
4.) Tinig Agustino's out on Monday! :D

Some things I'm happy for this summer:

1.) I won't get to see their ugly faces for two whole months.
2.) I'd have time to fix my cyber accounts.
3.) I'd take the two months as time to change myself, for the better.
4.) I'll get a big break from school stuff.
5.) I won't be pressured and hassled for all the school work I have to do.

Some things I'm NOT glad about this summer:

1.) It's too hot. I feel like I'm going to get dehydrated if I don't drink water every half hour.
3.) I won't be able to get out of the house since our maid is not yet home, and my Grandma doesn't have anyone to accompany her.
4.) The only way we'll get to talk is through YM, but he's seldom online. And if he is, he's always busy doing who knows what.
5.) I have no major activity = gaining weight because of endless computer and sleeping.

Making lists are fun. I'll do another one of these soon.


Paper Tilapia said...

I have this feeling that your mom is not a Cool Mom.

She's hindering you from growing.


Sometimes we wish they are smarter than how they think they are.


Hedda said...

She used the reason that they live far away from I do and that I've been taking lessons my whole life. :D