Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you

Just a few more days and my sophomore life is over. Oh wait. It IS over. Although I still count the recognition practices as part of being a sophomore. After all, it counts. 2 more days, and I'm to bid farewell to my second year life.

Oh, I sound so melodramatic.

When I was still a freshmen, I was not ecstatic to be a second year student, mostly because I have no idea what to expect. Our teachers were great, I loved my section, subjects aren't bad at all. What was I going to expect next year? It's a big blank. If only I could ask all my first year teachers to teach in second year. I wasn't ready.

Second year life started (I feel a sense of deja vu, since I already posted about something like this), then it ended.

Before, I used to think that the 10 months would be treacherous, and agonizing. I imagined hell.

But once again, I was wrong.

Instead, that ten months seemed so short for the everyday things we experienced. The endless jokes, teasings, singings, laughings, eatings, dancings. Every -ing's.

It's like, today, this is the best day of my life thanks to Magdalene. Tomorrow, it's the better than best day of my life because of Magdalene. Everyday beats the other day and each time we reminisce what happened the day before, we can't help but laugh at ourselves.

Magdalene, indeed taught me something. My second year life taught me something.

So, I would like to thank EVERYONE who made my second year life happy namely:

SYD you sexy thing you, Alyssa, Allen, Eudes, Ara, Arwin, Frans, Francis, Janjan, Kyle, Wilbur, Kyna, Eloisa, Criselle, Arselyn, Robelle, Trisha, Roda, Michelle, Sarah, Raymart, Albert, Riched, Mark, Regina, MeAnne, Maan, Nilleth, Thea, Ria, Josef, Gabo, Jeylo, Mark, Raymart, ate Pat, ate Pat (another one. xD), Reymarc, Paulo, Rick, Denzel, Penpen, JC, gay, gay, gay (3 different people), Krista, Cae, Nads, Augustinian Herald, Fr. Willie, Sir Rocky, Miss Nenen, Miss Bayotas, Miss Bueno, Sir Caberte, Miss Gallano, Miss Bries, Miss Lebanan, Sir Raymond, Miss Adviento, Miss Bermudez, Miss Bandril, Miss Roe-Anne, Miss Miralles, Miss Reyes, God.