Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a month left.

School's about to be back. Just four more weeks. Funny thing is, if you say "month", it seems really long, and if you say four weeks, it seems short. So, I'm a junior this year. This is my second to the last year of highschool, and I'm going to have prom! Ew, to be honest. I do not like to dress up or make myself "prettier" by wearing make-up. I don't like to wear dresses, and I don't understand the need to wear high-heels, which I prefer to call "massacre shoes". But that's not until February or March. I've been coming to school every Friday because of my cousin's summer orientation program for Junior Kinder and I've been seeing some "development" on the whole school. They've started to repaint the roofs in red. Or at least the covered court's roof. Then this teeny weeny space between the gazebo and the audi-gym is being covered by a roof. That area doesn't get hot whenever we pass by it anyway. Then beside the Rada Hall, they made this well, I think. I'm not so sure, but it looks like one. They've took the airconditioning out and probably replacing it. Meh. I can't wait to go back the next Friday (she doesn't have classes tomorrow, I think).

I'm a junior. Wow. I sound so big and old. And I'm not excited. Not at all. Josef told me that we'll have Miss Bayotas again this third year, and I'm glad for that. At least I know one teacher. I don't know any teachers in the third year level. Sure, I've heard about them, but I don't really know them or their faces. Haa. I fail so epically. And I also heard the Sir De Luna would be shuffling himself to the third year level to teach World History. Goody. We'd have him again. That's pretty exciting. He's a great teacher, interesting too.

So, yeah. My junior life is about to start in a month a few days!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello world, hope you're listening.

Today has been booooring. Like, really, really boring. I feel like crying right now. I'm sick today and my ovaries are swelling like hell. I can't come to the swimming tomorrow after all. I'm too sick to come, and it's just going to be a bunch of grown ups anyway. As far as I know, there's only one kid going to be there. Oh well, good luck to her.

Ooh, just heard on the news, someone from Texas died because of the swine flu. I feel like I'm going to cry right now. It seems pathetic because I don't even know the kid, but it's just so sad. It's making my heart ache so much. Like everytime I hear someone dies, I feel absolutely sad. I keep thinking about their shattered dreams and hopes. RIP kid.

Blah, what I was going to say left my mind. I keep on thinking about the baby that died.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey Jude v.2

This is the better version I promised. I just realized that the sound isn't that loud comparing it from the first video, and that I was faster. But besides that, I think I did BETTER. Plus, the quality isn't that crappy anymore. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, I got my braces last Wednesday night at Alabang. They were supposed to pull out two of my molars but I said no. During Wednesday till Friday, I can feel the wires poking my cheeks because the molar bands weren't on my teeth yet. Contrary to what they say, it didn't really hurt much except when my bottom teeth accidentally touches/hits my upper teeth, and when I'm biting into something. Brushing was hard too, the dentist didn't tell me what kind of brush I have to use so I used my old, regular brush.

Anyway, I got my two 2nd molars pulled last Saturday so that the molar bands could be connected to my teeth. Pulling those molars didn't make me cry, but when the dentist was injecting the anesthesia, I couldn't help but cringe.

As of now, I can "eat" properly, which means that I don't use my tongue to chew anymore. It still hurts a bit sometimes but it's tolerable.

Yeah, and if you are one of those dicks who can't wait to have braces because you think they look pretty, you might want to have second thoughts. Your whole oral hygiene gets changed. (:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A video of Me.

I'm playing Hey Jude. Ignore the very crappy quality because I took this at almost 11:00 which is the most peaceful time in our house. Unnecessary background noise came from my Father, who was washing the dishes, our neighbor's annoying dog who barked at the arrival of my other neighbor, lmao. Anyway, the left hand part sucked, because the piano sheet I was using only had the right hand notes, and the left hand notes are chords and I'm not good with improvising. I'm still working on a better improvisation, and if I do, I might take a retake. Kriss watched this sexamus thing first. (: <3

I'm working on Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T's, and I might (note: MIGHT) record it if I get bored.

I know it's not one of the best out there, but I've always wanted to hear me play the piano on record. Don't tell me to go suck my dick because I don't have one. ;) Enjoy.

This kid gave me goosebumps and made me cry.

Yeah, he was that good. Check him out.

Monday, April 20, 2009


The graphic was made by me, for a personal touch. Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to answer all the questions which people asked me a long time ago. If you want to ask a question, just leave a comment, and once I've accumulated a lot more questions, then that's the time I'd blog a version two of this. If not, I'd just edit this one. So keep asking!

Q: What are you planning to take in college?
A: As of now, I have no idea what I want to take in college. But I'm thinking of journalism, communication arts, or digital arts.

Q: Are you a virgin?
A: Yes, I am! Would you like to pop me cherry?

Q: How tall are you?
A: I think the proper question for that is "how short are you?". I'm only 5 feet 1 and a half inch.

Q: Why do boys have nipples?
A: So that they can put a lovely nipple ring on it! ;)

Q: How much time do you spend on the computer?
A: I can spend as much as 20 hours in it.

Q: Are you the one who writes your own blogs?
A: Yes, it's me.

Q: Do you have someone to edit your pictures for you?
A: No, I don't. I Photoshop all my pictures by myself.

Q: Purple?
A: Wtf?

Q: Who's better: Me or Susan Boyle?
A: Susan Boyle! Haha.

Q: Do you believe that destiny makes the person?
A: I don't believe in destiny. ;)

Q: Who's your crush?
A: You! ;*

Q: How come you have a lot of cyber accounts?
A: You're not my mom. No, kidding. I have a lot of cyber accounts because each site is pretty special in a way, and it's nice to keep my options open. Like, if I meet someone online, we'd still be able to keep in touch in another place.

Q: Why do you say perverted stuff a lot?
A: It's
fun. Try saying balls! :)

Q: What can you say about long distance relationships?
A: I've never been in one, but I wouldn't mind being in one. All I can say about them is that it usually tests the loyalty and faithfulness of each other. Seeing as they don't get to see each other every single day, and temptations are always around the corner.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why Harry Potter will always be better than Twilight.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Preschool Teachers.

My cousin had her first day of summer school today. It's an orientation program for all the students who are in Junior Kinder (JK). My Mom asked me to come with them because I go to the same school so that they wouldn't have a hard time to figure out where to go and all that stuff. So, with nothing to do at home I decided to go.

After being in a classroom full of four year olds with only 1 teacher and two teacher aids, I definitely decided that I cannot be a preschool teacher. Miss Maui (teacher) probably the most patient person I've ever known. See, I started pre school in CSA which was in 1998. Miss Maui was already a teacher there, and now that it's 2009, she's still a teacher and her patience level is still stable. Plus, she's still not deranged. I'm not saying that the kids are monsters, but let's face it. They're children. It's hard to control them. I should know, I was a child once.

Preschool teachers should be given high salaries because of the never ending patience they have in their bodies. How can they keep on saying, "sit down -insert name here" over and over again?

Preschool teachers are my idols.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



I wish I was kidding when I typed that question. Unfortunately, I'm not. I was talking to this guy at my Mom's office this afternoon. He was a childhood friend of mine. I can remember how stinky he was and he even bit my arm once. Yeah, he's a cannibal. He's two years older than I am, meaning that he's 16. He's going to be a junior this year (yeah, he like goes to this school which has 7th grade). Ha, he got hot. And he got gay. I couldn't believe it! He said he's been gay since sophomore year, and that he feels so much better when people learned about it. Then we started having an intellectual conversation on stuff.

Believe me, I don't have anything with gay people. Like, I don't really care at all if they're gay or not because they're still people whatever their sexual orientation is. But idk why all the hot men have to be gay now. D=

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey Jude!

Isn't Jim Sturgess just hot stuff? I just watched Across the Universe tonight (which would have it's own blog review, later) and I fell in love with him. His accent is the smex and he was soooo cute in the movie! Plus he's a good singer. OMG. Marry me? (:
If you haven't watched Across the Universe yet, then I really suggest that you do. It's such an amazing movie. Plus, if you're a Beatles fan then you would probably jump up and down because the movie (or rather musical/rock opera) is full of the Beatles' songs. :D

And yes, I'm Lucy! (:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Should I go or not?

I just had a chat with Alyssa this afternoon. She asked me if I was going to the farewell/reunion party. Instead of answering her question, I asked her the same question back. She said YES because she already got permission to go. I am aware that I've told some people that I would come only if Alyssa would come. Not because she's my only friend, but I feel most comfortable if she's around? Ha. I'm not Alyssa dependent, but if she won't come to the reunion and I would go, I'd probably be hanging around with Regina and MeAnne, or Eudes and Allen, or with Syd.

So, I still don't know if I'm going. There's something itching on the back of my head telling me not to go. It's not just about Gay Glare, it's literally about everyone. I know that the femaledogmeister will be there, along with her clique of Fugly "queens". They don't bother me, anyway. I'm just not feeling the mood to go. Once the farewell's over, they'd probably ask me questions such as: WHY DID YOU NOT FREAKING GO, HEDDA? ARE YOU STUPID? THIS IS LIKE, THE LAST ONE. Yeah, I know that and as much as I want to, I'm feeling that I should not go instead. I don't have ESP; but I really feel like I should not go. I'm not feeling that I'm not wanted, but I just can't put myself to have the proper emotion for the upcoming thing.

Ever since I got the text from Wilbur that the party will really happen, I started having doubts on whether I should come or not. I told my Mom that I feel like not going, and I was expecting her to be happy about it because I won't ask money or anything. But guess what? She was like, it's up to you. WHAT THE FOTCH? Don't you find it ironic that when you need your parents' opinion on something, they would just tell you that whatever decision you make, it would be fine for them while on the other hand, when you don't exactly need their opinion, they make up their own decision for you. They say it's all about the right and wrong crap, but whatever.

If I didn't attend the farewell party (which I'm about 95% sure), it's not because I hate my classmates. I'm not the type of person to force myself on doing something just so I would not miss out on all the fun. I don't need anyone to tell me: oh please go. In fact, that would make me not want to go. If you're going to tell me that I should go, then kindly explain why, but don't try make me sound like a kill joy because I already know that I am. Making me guilty would work too; just don't go overboard.

Maybe that's what I need? Some sort of encouragement or an uplifter to make me feel excited about this. (:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

All good things eventually end and get washed down the drain.


I have all the time to blog now, but somehow this is the only time that you would be able to make some sense out of my ramblings. Everyone who joined the PSYSC Youth Summer Camp are back, meaning everyone else on my iM list are online once again. I regret the fact that I didn't join even though my parents are good with it. I didn't join because I didn't feel like going. If I'm not wrong, majority of my Zaicantara family were there. So, I'm like feeling contented because I didn't join, and somehow there's a teeny weeny bit of regret flowing through my veins for not joining. Next year? Well, no.

After so much planning and looking for a private resort to rent, our farewell party is definitely sure. We'll be having the so-called party in Villa Silvana in San Antonio, BiƱan. Transportation is still a problem but we're probably going to rent a jeep rather than commute because it would be more expensive to commute. I'm still not sure if I'm going to go. I have a great feeling that Gay Glare would be there, and his existence is enough to annoy my whole vacation. Not that I would be hanging out with him if I did go, but he always finds a way to get to me and annoy the fuck out of me (oops!). He doesn't really bother me that much the way I describe him, but his words are so poignant and toxic to someone. You want the truth? I don't really want to go swimming with Magdalene. Sure, I miss them and all that, but somehow I am just not feeling it? I hope you get what I mean. It's like, I'd rather spend the day at home and talk to them through iM/Plurk or wherever else. I'm not sure why.

The Archuleta-Cook concert in Mall of Asia is coming on May 16th. I'm not that much of a fan of David Cook (I dislike Archuleta, sorry) but it would be nice to watch a concert. I get to miss out on all the concerts here even the free ones Ayala malls are giving. My Mom is a fan of Archuleta although she doesn't like the song Crush. Anyway, the concert tickets for up front costs about Php 6K, so two tickets would cost Php 12K+. The cheapest tickets are for Php 350, but it's going to be a standing room, and seeing how short I am and how far we are, I bet all I can see is heads but at least hear them. The cheapest tickets if I want a seat is around Php 3.5K. Not so expensive, but my Mom is still hesitant about it.

Holy week is almost over thank god.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I hate the fact that I live so far away from my friends. I get to missed out on all the fun stuff. We've been living in the same place for 16 years (yes, this crapy unit is older than I am). I used to have this great neighborhood friends but they all migrated to Australia. The last one moved to Scotland. I've never felt so alone.

Aren't they amazing?