Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, I got my braces last Wednesday night at Alabang. They were supposed to pull out two of my molars but I said no. During Wednesday till Friday, I can feel the wires poking my cheeks because the molar bands weren't on my teeth yet. Contrary to what they say, it didn't really hurt much except when my bottom teeth accidentally touches/hits my upper teeth, and when I'm biting into something. Brushing was hard too, the dentist didn't tell me what kind of brush I have to use so I used my old, regular brush.

Anyway, I got my two 2nd molars pulled last Saturday so that the molar bands could be connected to my teeth. Pulling those molars didn't make me cry, but when the dentist was injecting the anesthesia, I couldn't help but cringe.

As of now, I can "eat" properly, which means that I don't use my tongue to chew anymore. It still hurts a bit sometimes but it's tolerable.

Yeah, and if you are one of those dicks who can't wait to have braces because you think they look pretty, you might want to have second thoughts. Your whole oral hygiene gets changed. (:


Anonymous said...

You used "dick" and "oral" in the same paragraph.
i'm one of those people who wants braces. Not because of the looks though. Because my teeth are majorly crooked.
i thought your molars were important.......=/ oh well haha..

samantha...hehe said...

oh my bad im anon haha

HeddaHardcore™ said...

Hey Anon/Samantha/Anonymous! Nice to meet yaaa. =D

Is there something wrong with using "dick" and "oral" in the same paragraph? I understand what you mean though, but I didn't realize it that time though. ;) You naughty kid.

Ugh then you should get one? Like, tell your parents or something. And yeah, molars are important, but these are my 2nd molars?