Friday, April 17, 2009

Preschool Teachers.

My cousin had her first day of summer school today. It's an orientation program for all the students who are in Junior Kinder (JK). My Mom asked me to come with them because I go to the same school so that they wouldn't have a hard time to figure out where to go and all that stuff. So, with nothing to do at home I decided to go.

After being in a classroom full of four year olds with only 1 teacher and two teacher aids, I definitely decided that I cannot be a preschool teacher. Miss Maui (teacher) probably the most patient person I've ever known. See, I started pre school in CSA which was in 1998. Miss Maui was already a teacher there, and now that it's 2009, she's still a teacher and her patience level is still stable. Plus, she's still not deranged. I'm not saying that the kids are monsters, but let's face it. They're children. It's hard to control them. I should know, I was a child once.

Preschool teachers should be given high salaries because of the never ending patience they have in their bodies. How can they keep on saying, "sit down -insert name here" over and over again?

Preschool teachers are my idols.