Saturday, May 30, 2009


Frisson guy made my night complete. (:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Weddings and Insomnia.

"Can we make this right? Turn one into two, that's me and you. Baby, baby, tell me what's it gonna be. Baby, baby, show me what's it gonna be."
-Josh Golden; Baby, Baby.

I feel apathetic. Is this what happens when nothing exciting ever happens to your life? It's been too long. When people ask me what I feel, I usually say Okay, or fine which translates into meh. I'm not bored, I'm not sick, I'm feeling fine but not enough to actually say it. Apathetic may be the most accurate term to ever use.

Just a few things. Number one, I'm getting married on this Harry Potter forum I joined. Don't worry, it's nothing close to pedophelia. The site itself is PG, so don't exaggerate your thoughts. So, I'm getting married to Nessa (yes, she's a girl, and no we're not gay). She calls me Harold out of an inside joke which you probably wouldn't get, so I won't even bother telling it. Right now, it's the most exciting event in my ever so boring life. Oh wait, I remember. I don't have a life. I have existence and divine intervention. If I have a life, I wouldn't be on the computer for more than 12 hours. It's good not have one anyway, I'm free from stress!

Going back to the "wedding", some of my Hex friends are going to be there. I asked Nessa for a Christian wedding. Don't mind that. Make-believe wedding or not, I want it Christian. Then, we're going to have a wedding scrapbook, and stuff. It's tiring, looking at it. I'm otiose, and no one can do anything about it, even if you hit me.

I've been going to the computer extra early these days. Especially if I want to talk to Izzy, Nessa and a few others. I'm definitely sure that I'm an insomniac. I can't seem to get sleep earlier than 3AM no matter how I try. This is not good. Not good at all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, god.

I want one of these. For real. Buy me one and make me happy?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some stuff.

These are some "quotable quotes" I remember from sophomore year. I know this is a long time ago, but I just remembered a few when I opened this random notebook which I had no idea of its existence, until now. Most of them were enunciated in our native tongue which I translated into English.


Me: Oh god, look at your ugly *fake* girl friend.
Eudes: Not ugly, REALLY UGLY!
Maurice (Mary's Brother): This is Maurice. If you're going to show my sister another nude picture again, I'm going to log out Y!M.
Me: O_O
Me: Agent Rockstar (some guy we don't know) is mentally challenged.
Kyna: What do you mean?
Me: Retarded.
Kyna: Haha, yeah! He says hello but he doesn't reply back.
Kyna: Hey is R---- (random guy we don't know) your friend on Plurk?
Me: What is his username?
Kyna: R----
Me: No, why?
Kyna: He plurked this: R---- is picking his nose.
Me: Omg, wtf?
Kyna: And then the replies are: wipe it on something; wipe it on me.
Me: My tummy hurts from laughing right now.
Wilbur: Will you please let the girl sit down? (Girl means Ara, he was referring to Arwin)
Arwin: They're already sitting!

Okay, so, I'ma explain. We always tease Arwin for having a feminine side.
Syd (wearing Alyssa's glasses over his glasses): X-ray vision! -points to Arwin-
Syd: PINK! -like his underwear-
Arwin: Naaah. The color just faded.
Miss Estrañero: What comes into your mind when we say tissue? (like Biology, tissue)
Arwin: Joy bathroom tissue.
Syd: I drink Lactacyd!
Francis: What are you, a vagina?
Syd: I drink Lactacyd to neutralize my esophagus and speed up my peristalsis!
Me: Is the esophagus even acidic?
Alyssa: I don't know! I just started laughing at Francis.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


"We'll write a song that turns out the lights when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside. Don't waste your time, speed up your breathing, just close your eyes. We'll hope it's not for nothing at all."
- We the Kings; Secret Valentine.

I feel very wonderful right now. Extraordinarily great. Terrific. Fantastic. Grand. Whatever else is synonymous to wonderful. I bet you already know why since the quoted line in this entry is an obvious hint. I hate name-dropping so I'm not going to give out his name, although I'm sure Veronica and Kriss knows who he is, and I trust them with all my heart.

Honestly, I have no idea what I am suppose to write in here. I can't type up some sort of cliche romance going on between us because that's being dishonest. I, of course, have set my mind on some sort of fancy cliche fantasy. But that is something I'd rather share between my sould and I.

I have one thing to say: He's an extremely great person. I will not say that I have never felt this feeling before, because I had. Two years ago, with the captain of the - team in school. Come think about it. The two of them have stuff in common. They're both funny, nice, and they have great people skills. Which means they know how to get along with people.

In all honesty, I feel a certain frisson when I see his name online. S'okay, maybe I haven't seen his face yet but that doesn't matter. I don't give a damn about looks. Heck, if he was handsome, then I might have to be careful with a lot of other ladies. What matters is that he's an exceptionally amazing boy. Looks are for losers. ;D

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just something I want to point out.

I just heard on the TV tonight that a lot of Filipinos were suing Alec Baldwin for the offensive comment he gave regarding Filipino women on The Late Show with David Letterman. What he said is offensive and insulting, but let's face it; it's true. He blatantly meant it as a joke, so I don't really see the point of overreacting. It was an honest remark. The TV reporter even said that the Filipinos were the leading body advertisers (that's the nicest way I can put it) in the world. Doesn't it make us more guilty for being so exaggerated? That's my point of view in the matter. They're trying to force him to do a public apology, but what if he doesn't? What would everyone do? Stop supporting him? How immature.

This isn't the first time this thing happened. The first one was last year, with Teri Hatcher with this small scene on Desperate Housewives. There were one or two more which I can't remember.

My question is, how come we are so easily affected with everything? Didn't we also offended other places by mocking them? How come they don't even bother to ask for an apology? A lot of our TV gag shows mock them to the extent that it's not funny anymore, but do you see any of them asking us to televise a big apology? No! So, how come when we see something even just a joke, we have to strike as fast as lightning in asking for a "sorry"? I'm not saying that we should allow them to like, say somewhat offending stuff all the time, but instead, wait until they pushed the limit.

I would not think of it as a big deal if we do not do the same to them, but we do. I find it ridiculously unfair that we always insist on an apology even sometimes, it's not really necessary. We should put into mind Confucius' golden rule: "Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you."

This is just my two cents in regarding the matter. I'm not exactly pointing out how Filipinos are kill joys. I do not want to get attacked by some lowly life form who overreacts to a simple blow. ;D

Tell me something darling

"This is the most important case ever to come before this court. Because what it in fact concerns is the very nature of man."
- John Quincy Adams; Amistad.

We watched the movie Amistad in English class after reading a poem about an African being thankful for everything. It's entitled "I Thank You God" (I forgot who the author is. I have to read my English book again). The movie was set back in the times wherein apartheid was at its highest peak. I have to say, Steven Speilberg had gotten his point very clearly. You can see blood and struggle for freedom. No matter how brutal you say the movie is, whatever those Africans really experience are unimaginable. Did those actors really get hurt? Probably not. They might had a few scrapes and bruises from shooting but it's not the same as the real thing. Yet, with their heartfelt acting, you can almost feel as if it's the real thing. I can understand why some of my classmates got teary-eyed while watching the movie. It's hard not to. I have to admit, there was a certain part that got me teary-eyed, too. I feel like a coward for not pouring out my emotions. I just wanted to be strong. But even the strong people know how to cry. I was being a chicken. That's why I didn't cry.

Those Africans are my heroes. They truly deserved to be praise for the courageousness they've shown. They just wanted to dwell in the peace they deserve. I salute them for defying the pain they received just so their future brothers and sisters and those left in Africa will not undergo the same suffering they did. They are more than a man than we will ever be. They define the word "strong" accurately. Cinque is indeed, a great man. A plethora of praises for this great man will never be enough for everything he did.

Moving on to today, I won't say that the discrimination is gone. It may not be as barbarous as it used to be. Tell me, have you never been biased towards a certain race at one point in time? Was not there a time that you think lowly of somebody for what they physically look like? I'm not claiming myself to be perfect because I'd be damned when I say I am. I have had my fair share of being biased towards a certain ethnicity. No matter how much you say that you do not judge somebody, you still end up doing so. It works in a very elusive way. No matter how much we try to see everything in balance, there's always a miniscular stone making the weight move smaller than a milligram. We can't help it. We always have a partial side to something. Isn't that a thing worth thinking about?

Two more weeks.

I can already feel the so-called "junior blood" rushing through my veins. Just this week and the other week left to enjoy my vacation. It felt so fast. Faster than last year had been. I feel sad about wasting almost every day of the remaining days left. God, I sound like I'm going to die. Well, someone is dying. Summer is dying. Just like what PAG-ASA said, it's the start of the rainy season. I'm loving the rain but I'm hating what it brings back - school.

I feel like nobody is ready to start school this year. A lot of my friends have just enrolled this week, and they haven't even bought their books yet. Boy, does the economic crisis do weird things to people. I haven't covered my books and notebooks, and I haven't washed my school bag. I'm not yet finished shopping for school stuff. Even though I want new black shoes and sneakers for this year, I told my Mom that I'd rather use my old ones even though my black shoes doesn't look so great anymore. I want to save money. Everything is just so darned expensive that I feel like I'm wasting money everytime I buy something I need.

Let's see how much money I've spent so far for school:

My parents pay for my tuition fee in a monthly basis. For this year, they raised the downpayment from 7,000 Pesos to 8,000 Pesos. For once in my life, I am very ecstatic to be an only child. Calculating everything up, my tuition fee ranges somewhat from 60K Pesos to 61K Pesos the most. But that doesn't include other stuff, like my books and uniform.

I have 12 books for this year and all-in-all, including the journals, they cost 4,902 Pesos. Only 98Pesos away from being 5K. I'm not complaining, it's just that the surprisingly high increase of my books are a pain in the pocket. My only hope is that we'll use the books so much that by the end of the year they're almost torn to pieces. Bad thing to do with books, but I'm just showing hyperbole. That's how badly I want them to get used.

Next, my uniform. I didn't buy a new collared shirt, PE shirt, and jogging pants because I really feel bad about everything we have to pay for. I bought two new blouses and one skirt. Guess how much those three things cost? Almost 700 Pesos. Maybe it's time for me to lose some weight.

Most likely, my parents spent 66K just for my education. It makes me guilty that I tend to slack. I get good grades and all, but I do them effortlessly (deff. not bragging). Maybe if I put in some more effort, I could at least get my name in the top ten. That might at least make my parents think that the 66K didn't go to waste.

Sometimes, I wish I was one of those rich kids who don't care. It's a bad thing, but just thinking about how much my Mom have to work her butt off just to make me study makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. Well maybe, I am NOT doing enough.

I shall start and end my junior year being a better student. I won't slack. I'd do all the homework I can at home. I will save money. I will be better.

Having said all that, I think I've made my point. My point is clearer than glass. I will be a better student. I'm going to enjoy my last two weeks of break, and when school comes. I'm going to be ready.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Frans

So today was Frans' "best friend!" birthday. I was so glad that I got to see him again. It's like almost every single time he's online we just have to talk about his birthday. I was so excited. So, my Dad dropped me off at school at around 12:45 and they weren't there yet. I saw Mrs. Cruzada and I was scared to leave our car because she might ask me some stuff. She was at the ATM machine so I had to wait for her to leave and then I got out. Then my Dad almost forgot to give me money. So yeah, I sat down and texted Frans when Albert showed up. Weeeee. I seriously thought I was late.

Uhm yeah. Then Frans' brother drove us to their house then we had lunch. I think I had caldereta or menudo. It was really yummy. Then we hung out at their hut while the boys played basketball. Frans introduced us to her lovely cousins and then we went to their small fountain or whatever you call it and watched the turtles swim. Then Frans picked the big turtle up and placed it on the ground and it walked so fast. Bah. We were so scared. Regine touched the turtle's shell, and so did I. It was so cool. After that, he got the really big turtle and showed us what it looks like when he's lying down on it's back. It looked like a big frog with a shield.

So yeah. That's basically what we did. I left past 4:30. I rode a tricycle on the way to Pavilion to my Dad.

It was funnn.

"wanna cum with me, 2?" =D

j00lia :D

here ya go, boo. <3 (:
my accent free english!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hiding. I'm trying my best to hide from everyone. So far, I've succeeded. I always appear online on my Y!M, but I don't talk to any of my contacts at least it's necessary. In fact, I don't bother looking at who's online or not. I don't bother anyone, and no one bothers me. I'm good. It makes me glad, though, when one of them would message me once in a while and talk about stuff. It annoys me when one would message me just because they don't have anyone to talk to. Am I really just the rebound? I probably am known as Hedda, the Rebound Girl.

Last night, I just received the most annoying message in my life. To be really honest, that person sends me useless messages and then buzzing me when I don't reply. I'm really close from putting it in my ignore list, wherein it's the first ever person to dwell in (I have to use it rather than he/she) my lovely ignore list. The reason why I really can't is because I know it in real life, and it would probably start babbling to it's friends that I'm blocking it, and then a whole new drama would start. I went to bed quite early, if you think 1:30 is early, and I wasn't in a good mood because of it. It came to the point that I replied something mean. I have to admit, I was being feisty, for a reason. It kept on insisting that I was a -insert the giveaway word here- and it's not really funny anymore. I have a really good sense of humor, but it pushed it to its extremity.

It is the only person who I can't seem to hide from, or maybe I'm just being chicken. I don't want to start my junior year with a drama, started by a misunderstanding. It's safe to say that this year, I'm not going to mind people who'd just fill my life with bull.

Enough about It. All in all, I'm tired of bull. I've had enough of bull. I don't care if I'm just going to hang out with, like, 10 people the most this year, but yeah, I'm pretty fed up with everything. I'm going to stop trying to please people because it just makes my life a big mess. Sure, you're happy, but you never even try to help me out when I need it the most.

I'm just tired. Sick and tired. I'm sick and tired of always hanging by your side whenever you need me the most, even if it means that I have to do some sacrifices and even get in small trouble. You know how much I don't want to get in trouble, and yet somehow, I always do, just so you can be happy and comforted. I'm sick and tired of you making me tell you where I am going to go everyday, and what I have to do. I have my own life, and it pretty much doesn't concern you when I'm going to the mall. You don't trust me. When I say I'm out with my Mom, you stop talking to me. I am really out with my Mom. If I were going somewhere out with friends, you'd be the first person I'd ask to go with me because I enjoy your company. I'm sick and tired. It's wrong to say this but I'm sick and tired of you. I'm sorry.

I need a break. A frigging break.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looks real, no?

But it's fake. Just did it 'cause of boredom and to scare the pants off people. I don't want piercings, just to be clear. Sorry about the face. I'm trying to be scene. xD

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mosquito bites.

My legs are itching like crap. I just got bitten by a mosquito. I have seven mosquito bites on my left leg, two in my right leg and one by my rigt wrist. I can't take the itching anymore. I'm going to get ugly scratch marks again because of the itch. I already applied lotion but it's still really itchy. Damn you, mosquito. I will seek revenge. ):<

Saturday, May 9, 2009

International Folk Dance Festival

May 8th was the Fiesta Folkloriada, a cultural exchange held at our school. The Bailagos Dance Company was the host for this event. I was invited to come by Ate Rose to cover the whole thing for the Augustinian Herald (school newspaper). I was supposed to be in school by 7:00 on the dot. I arrived at 6:30. It was raining hard on the way there and then the other side of my school was already flooded so we passed by the other way. When I entered the guard house, everyone stared at me as if I'm an alien. I texted Me-Anne (whom I shall call Mary from now on) and then waited for her when Angel saw me and then we hung out. Mary arrived 5 minutes later soaking wet because she had to walk in the rain. We hung out in the guardhouse for a few minutes, then we got in. If you haven't seen the school right now, you're going to be in for a real shocker when you go back. They changed almost the whole school.

We went straight to the canteen and Fray Ricky saw us and asked us what group we belong to. Then, he told us to register now. We're not exactly sure what we're going to do so we looked for ate Rose in the canteen and asked her stuff.Then we went back to the guardhouse and used the wifi there. After like, 10 minutes or so we went back in and registered. Then, we realized that our name tags were of different colors. Uh-oh. We're on different groups! I feel so sorry for Mary. She looked like she was going to faint.

It was somewhere around 7:45 when they arrived, we were getting ready to take pictures, and then they had the ribbon cutting ceremony. Then they went around the exhibit. After that we went to the audi-gym for the group dynamics. I was so happy when I knew that Arwin was in Green team with me. At least I know someone from my group! Mary was with Criselle.

To make a long story really short, we did some stuff. First, we taught them the song Magtanim ay di biro (Planting Rice is not easy), and then we played kadang-kadang (coconut husk race), and then poster making!

After that, we had a 40 minute break so we went to the canteen and bought some food. Then we saw Sir Rocky and we invited him to watch the show with us. So there, we had a time to chat with sir and all that. Then we went up the audi-gym again to watch the show. We sat near the front.

They were all good. Bulgaria, Indonesia, and of course the Philippines. But among the three dances, I enjoyed Bulgaria's. It was soooo, European? I'm not intending this to sound racist or anything. It was so good. (:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So close to reaching that famous happy end.

I cried when he got to the "So close was waiting, waiting here with you" part. He is so good. If someone sung to me like that, I would really melt into puddle. Plus, he's Italian! Need I say more? Ti amo, fo shizzle. <33333 I love his accent. (:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Squeeze your boobs.

My cousin played with my boobs tonight. It wasn't fun at all. Not fun at all. Before you get dirty thoughts about it, my cousin is A.) A girl, B.) Is only one and a half year old, and C.) doesn't really know what she was touching. It gave me the shivers though. 'Cause she kept on clutching and squeezing my boobs. I swear, I got goosebumps. But I really wouldn't mind it if it was HTML who's going to touch and squeeze my boobies. Ha. Okay, that was something you DON'T really need to know, but I felt like putting in there.

Something I made.


Imogen Heap.

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth, mid-sweet talk newspaper cut-outs.
Speak no feeling no I don't believe you.
You don't care a bit,
You don't care a bit.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Cinco de Mayo morning.

Good morning Baltimore!

I refuse to say "Good morning Philippines!" because that's not the song, and it doesn't sound right. I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning. I can't fathom how it happened. I slept at somewhere between 12:00-1:00 AM, so technically, I should be awake by 9:00 or 10:00 tops. I really tried my best going back to sleep, but I can't. I was the first one awake in our house. I wanted to get on the computer but my Grandma might check and tell me to go bed. She refuses to believe that we can wake up earlier than her. I just played Brooktown High on my PSP. I heard her check on me, but I was so hidden in my bed she didn't see me at all. By 5:00, I realized that I was going nowhere with the game and everyone was starting to hate my character. I closed the game and listened to Nevershoutnever! I brought my PSP in the bathroom and took a shower. Hmm. Listening to Nevershoutnever! is good. By the time I got out, it was already 5:30. I tried calling my Mom because she might be late for work. She left for work at a little past six, and my Dad drove her outside or village to the jeepneys. I got on the computer.

I've been on the computer since six. It's 9:20 AM now. I'm talking to Kriss on MSN <3>

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm so bored.

Do you really want to know what I'm doing besides blogging? I'm listening to Pokerface and refreshing HEx and MySpace on my browser. Yeah, that and thinking of something interesting to write up in here. But I'm not thinking straight, my thoughts are wandering, so I think I'd rely on my fingers for the words to type up this time.

Thadinne just came here. She's so adorable. She's one year and four months, turning five on the 23rd, and she's just "awww!". She didn't stay for long though, they just hung out and then went home. Right now, I'm regretting that I didn't come with my parents to Salitran, to my aunt. Apparently, my aunt had sent some packages over, I'm not so sure. My Mom texted me, saying that there were a lot of clothes there, and I'm lucky because it's green, my favorite color. I didn't get her message so I didn't bother to reply. I just hope that they brought some of those home. I haven't bought new clothes in forever. I'm just not interested. I dress because it's illegal to be outside, naked. I don't get the point of buying those so-called "in" clothes, and then once they're out of style, they're stuck in your closet to rot because you can't wear them anymore. Me? I just wear polo's or shirts, and jeans. Then every now and then, capris. But yeah, that's basically it. The footwear I always wear are Chucks, for the reason that they are the most comfortable and dependable footwear. If I wear high-heels, I'd have a feeling that my feet will break from walking too much. If I wear flip-flops, and then I have to cross the road, I can't imagine the germs entering my feet, plus, what if it rained and there was flood? Oh yuck. Can you just imagine? So, yeah. Chucks or sneakers or rubber shoes are the best shoes to wear. Trust me.

Plurk has a problem right now, and it's annoying me. It takes forever to load, and sometimes it just gets stuck. And then when I click on a link, it would say that Plurk had an error, I'd refresh it again and it would freeze. What the hell? It seems like I'm the only one experiencing this problem. If you don't know what Plurk is, it's like Twitter but with more drama, especially on the karma thing.

My parents aren't home yet, and there's no food. I'm hungry.


Manny Pacquiao won over Ricky Hatton. KO during the 2nd round.

Thank god. I'm sure that it brought a lot of tension to the Filipino boxing fans out there. Although I feel really sorry for those who don't have cable on their TV's. They had to wait for a long time. I found out about Pacquiao from a Plurk and everyone in my neighborhood shouted screaming. If I don't know how important or big this thing is, I'd would really believe that it's scripted and they timed it. I'm the only one not rejoicing. I don't see anything big about it, honestly. I can't appreciate it. I appreciate Pacquiao's goodness to the country and everything he has done to help us, but I just can't appreciate the sport itself. That's probably why I'm not rejoicing. In fact, I'm annoyed. I wouldn't be surprised if someone fainted from too much rejoicing.

I remembered this debate we had in the Univ. of the Philippines, Los Baños. The motion was: This House Laments the Overglorification of Manny Pacquiao. We got the negative side. I can remember clearly that this was the last debate for the day, and we were practically all out of hope that we'd win. So we just thought on why we DON'T lament the overglorification of Manny Pacquiao.

Just keep in mind that there's always a big difference between overglorification and overreacting. ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

School Shopping.

We went to the mall today to buy some stuff for school, such as notebooks, rulers, scissors, stuff like that. I'm not sure what happened to my scissors and rulers, but I can't find them in my room or my school bag. Which reminds me, I have yet to wash it. Instead of buying 10 notebooks, I just bought five, like what I did last year. I'd buy more notebooks later. Good thing though, that the price of notebooks didn't go up. It was still Php 40.00 per one spiral notebook. There are cheaper ones, but the paper is really ugly and it looks like it's going to crumble when the smallest drop of water drops on it. Guess what's the notebook cover? Filipino actors and actresses! Omg. It's not that they're ugly or anything, but I'm seriously going to be laughed at when I have that kind of notebook. I mean, come on. I'm a junior, for pete's sake!

We bought all my stuff in Office Warehouse rather than National Bookstore. Office Warehouse is practically empty. I don't get it. All people rush to National Bookstore to buy their school stuff because they say it's cheaper, but it's practically the same in Office Warehouse. Silly people.

After buying 5 notebooks, black scissors (in which my Mom and I fought over the color. She wanted red. I wanted green or black.), rulers, and pens we bought at this 3 for Php 100.00 native store. We bought oatmeal cookies, banana bread, and shing-a-ling. I got this weird craving for noodles but my Mom said that we should eat spaghetti in Jollibee instead. I can't even remember the last time I ate inside Jollibee. I usually have it on Drive-Thru, or to go because it's always full of people. Kids usually. Kids adore Jollibee.

Then, we went to Ace Hardware and my Mom started looking for stuff to put in our garden. I remembered this random FML, and I told it to her. She didn't get it so I had to reiterate it. She laughed. It was a funny FML.

Have I ever said that I don't like going to Hardwares? No? Well, I don't. The place scares me. Seriously. Plus, they always have this weird smell. Something like dog food and fertilizer mixed. It's noxious. I don't know if everybody else can smell it, or maybe it's just my imagination for my unexplainable fear and hatred of hardware stores.

Then, we went to Shopwise to buy some dinner. Their cucumber wasn't so good, and we can't find spring onions. We ended up buying these thin bread (I forgot what they were called) and some H2o for me. I refuse to drink soda or colored drinks from now on. Unless there's a special event. My Mom decided that we should check out Savemore (another grocery store in the same mall) instead. Even though Savemore is on the other end of the mall, I said yes because we'd be passing by a bookstore and then I'd have a chance to buy another Baby Sitters' Club book. I bought a Super Special today. It's the 4th super special.

My Mom asked me to deposit all our extra baggage because we're not allowed to bring it inside the grocery. The line was sooo long. I was in front of this fat lady who keeps on trying to butt in front of me. Hey, I might be SMALL, but that doesn't mean you can butt in front of me. I am not invisible. Heck, you're not even that tall anyway. You're just BIG.

My Mom can't find the perfect carrots in Savemore. I told her Shopwise is better because it's full of drama. She didn't get it. Hmm, I forgot to tell my Mom to buy me some milk though. I just remembered when we left the grocery.

Then, we went to my cousin's house because my Grandma was there. I played with my cousins for a while. They were so cute. I never get tired of them even though I see them almost everyday.

We walked going home. My Grandma was telling me about her trip to Cebu during the 1950's or something. She's turning 80 this year, but she's still strong for someone her age. It was so dark in our street. Someone didn't bother on turning the lights since our light post is busted. So yeah. I got scared a bit. I could've sworn someone entered our neighbor's gate. Like entered through it.

Dinner was tortillas. Very Mexican? Haha.

Poker face.

Lady Gaga is so pretty. If there's one celebrity I'm really jealous of, it's Lady Gaga. Good Lord, I've never seen anyone that stunning and talented. I'm pretty sure Lady Gaga haters are gagging while reading this, I don't care. Seriously. We all have different preferences. I was listening and singing "Pokerface" before I started this blog, thus the title and the blog. I wish I can dance and sing well. If I can, I would absolutely make a vlog and post it here, for fun. But I'm not going to make one because I don't dance and sing. I don't want to be pulled down by people.

I adore Lady Gaga's hair. It's sooo straight and pretty. I wish my hair was like that. I'm not looking for blonde though. I like my hair color the way it is. I'm thinking of photoshopping my face into Lady Gaga's picture, but I'm pretty sure the effect would be hilarious!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, I see your face and I can't breathe.

I'm writing this while eating a pack of Tiger Energy biscuits and a glassful of ice cold water. Meet my dinner. Just kidding. I'm going to eat some rice and vegetables tonight, and that's my real dinner.

I saw Allen's Plurk this afternoon and he was in the Taipei airport. I just remembered that they're going to the US for this summer. I didn't exactly know when they'd leave the Philippines though. So yeah, I'm not sure what state they're going to be, but I think Allen mentioned something about Texas. I asked Allen to buy me a Motion City Soundtrack shirt since I saw one online and it's only about $15.00. So yeah, I can definitely pay him back once school returns. That is, IF he really did buy the shirt, or the pins which are cheaper. Yeah, I just hope that they have a nice trip and that they'd be safe.

Sarah and Frans' birthday is coming up. Sarah first, before Frans. Frans invited me to his birthday a long time ago, and I already got permission (a long time ago too). I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to go to Sarah's birthday though. The party's going to start at 10 AM and end at 3. If I do go, I can just meet my Dad in Pavilion since Sarah lives near there. I'll try getting permission from my Mom, but she doesn't know who Sarah is, so I'm not 100% sure that she'll say yes.

By the way, the list of books arrive today. There are 12 books all-in-all, and they cost Php 4,902.00, which is almost 5K. It's so darn expensive. Why are schoolbooks that expensive nowadays?

I'm into this soap opera starring Marian Rivera and DingDong Dantes. It's called And Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang (The Girl Pulled From My Torso, or something like that). So yeah, others might call it cheap, but I kinda liked the story. Surprising, I know. But it's really different. Anyway, it ended tonight and it's a happy ending (as always). Marian and Ding Dong are such sweet on-screen couple. I think they're officially together now, but I'm not so sure.

I slept at 5 AM yesterday (or rather this morning). I never felt so good. I hate going to bed at times when I'm not really sleepy yet. It makes me twist and turn in my bed and think of different stuff. I end up sleeping later than I'm suppose to, and I wake up all cranky and tired.

So wow, I'm getting pretty random. I'm planning to start a vlog and post it here instead of writing stuff. It wouldn't be so hard because my vlog isn't going to be fancy or anything. It would just basically be me, talking. It wouldn't be all the time. Just when an issue is starting to rise, and I'm voicing my opinion out. I'm thinking of doing one about the swine flu, my thoughts about it, yadda yadda. I'm trying to make my blog really interesting. Even though I'm sure no a lot of people read my blogs on a daily basis. Some might even just stumbled upon it because of the tags.

I uninstalled LimeWire today and decided to use YouTube to download songs. YouTube has wider horizons anyway. Not all songs I listen to can be found in LimeWire. But I reinstalled LimeWire again. Converting the videos are tiring! LimeWire totally has a new face. It confuses me a bit, but I'm learning my way around it.