Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Frans

So today was Frans' "best friend!" birthday. I was so glad that I got to see him again. It's like almost every single time he's online we just have to talk about his birthday. I was so excited. So, my Dad dropped me off at school at around 12:45 and they weren't there yet. I saw Mrs. Cruzada and I was scared to leave our car because she might ask me some stuff. She was at the ATM machine so I had to wait for her to leave and then I got out. Then my Dad almost forgot to give me money. So yeah, I sat down and texted Frans when Albert showed up. Weeeee. I seriously thought I was late.

Uhm yeah. Then Frans' brother drove us to their house then we had lunch. I think I had caldereta or menudo. It was really yummy. Then we hung out at their hut while the boys played basketball. Frans introduced us to her lovely cousins and then we went to their small fountain or whatever you call it and watched the turtles swim. Then Frans picked the big turtle up and placed it on the ground and it walked so fast. Bah. We were so scared. Regine touched the turtle's shell, and so did I. It was so cool. After that, he got the really big turtle and showed us what it looks like when he's lying down on it's back. It looked like a big frog with a shield.

So yeah. That's basically what we did. I left past 4:30. I rode a tricycle on the way to Pavilion to my Dad.

It was funnn.

"wanna cum with me, 2?" =D