Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hiding. I'm trying my best to hide from everyone. So far, I've succeeded. I always appear online on my Y!M, but I don't talk to any of my contacts at least it's necessary. In fact, I don't bother looking at who's online or not. I don't bother anyone, and no one bothers me. I'm good. It makes me glad, though, when one of them would message me once in a while and talk about stuff. It annoys me when one would message me just because they don't have anyone to talk to. Am I really just the rebound? I probably am known as Hedda, the Rebound Girl.

Last night, I just received the most annoying message in my life. To be really honest, that person sends me useless messages and then buzzing me when I don't reply. I'm really close from putting it in my ignore list, wherein it's the first ever person to dwell in (I have to use it rather than he/she) my lovely ignore list. The reason why I really can't is because I know it in real life, and it would probably start babbling to it's friends that I'm blocking it, and then a whole new drama would start. I went to bed quite early, if you think 1:30 is early, and I wasn't in a good mood because of it. It came to the point that I replied something mean. I have to admit, I was being feisty, for a reason. It kept on insisting that I was a -insert the giveaway word here- and it's not really funny anymore. I have a really good sense of humor, but it pushed it to its extremity.

It is the only person who I can't seem to hide from, or maybe I'm just being chicken. I don't want to start my junior year with a drama, started by a misunderstanding. It's safe to say that this year, I'm not going to mind people who'd just fill my life with bull.

Enough about It. All in all, I'm tired of bull. I've had enough of bull. I don't care if I'm just going to hang out with, like, 10 people the most this year, but yeah, I'm pretty fed up with everything. I'm going to stop trying to please people because it just makes my life a big mess. Sure, you're happy, but you never even try to help me out when I need it the most.

I'm just tired. Sick and tired. I'm sick and tired of always hanging by your side whenever you need me the most, even if it means that I have to do some sacrifices and even get in small trouble. You know how much I don't want to get in trouble, and yet somehow, I always do, just so you can be happy and comforted. I'm sick and tired of you making me tell you where I am going to go everyday, and what I have to do. I have my own life, and it pretty much doesn't concern you when I'm going to the mall. You don't trust me. When I say I'm out with my Mom, you stop talking to me. I am really out with my Mom. If I were going somewhere out with friends, you'd be the first person I'd ask to go with me because I enjoy your company. I'm sick and tired. It's wrong to say this but I'm sick and tired of you. I'm sorry.

I need a break. A frigging break.