Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just something I want to point out.

I just heard on the TV tonight that a lot of Filipinos were suing Alec Baldwin for the offensive comment he gave regarding Filipino women on The Late Show with David Letterman. What he said is offensive and insulting, but let's face it; it's true. He blatantly meant it as a joke, so I don't really see the point of overreacting. It was an honest remark. The TV reporter even said that the Filipinos were the leading body advertisers (that's the nicest way I can put it) in the world. Doesn't it make us more guilty for being so exaggerated? That's my point of view in the matter. They're trying to force him to do a public apology, but what if he doesn't? What would everyone do? Stop supporting him? How immature.

This isn't the first time this thing happened. The first one was last year, with Teri Hatcher with this small scene on Desperate Housewives. There were one or two more which I can't remember.

My question is, how come we are so easily affected with everything? Didn't we also offended other places by mocking them? How come they don't even bother to ask for an apology? A lot of our TV gag shows mock them to the extent that it's not funny anymore, but do you see any of them asking us to televise a big apology? No! So, how come when we see something even just a joke, we have to strike as fast as lightning in asking for a "sorry"? I'm not saying that we should allow them to like, say somewhat offending stuff all the time, but instead, wait until they pushed the limit.

I would not think of it as a big deal if we do not do the same to them, but we do. I find it ridiculously unfair that we always insist on an apology even sometimes, it's not really necessary. We should put into mind Confucius' golden rule: "Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you."

This is just my two cents in regarding the matter. I'm not exactly pointing out how Filipinos are kill joys. I do not want to get attacked by some lowly life form who overreacts to a simple blow. ;D


chryzz said...

this is the first time i've heard of that. what did alec baldwin say? :>

Hedda™ said...

He made a joke about Filipina mail-order bride.


Marco said...

Claire Daines(?) said something bad against Filipinos too, she made a public apology. She only said Manila smells disgusting and full of roaches and people doesnt clean the streets. Filipinos took it offensively, and didnt do a thing to change Manila.

Hedda™ said...

But isn't it true? Everytime I go to Manila and see the dirty stuff; I just have to COMMENT.

It's sad; we whine all we want without even considering that their observations should be a hint.

J. Nathan O. said...

got your point. big deal talaga sa atin. pero fact naman yun, nakita ko sa news kanina. Ph and Russia.

Hedda™ said...

Hindi lang big deal. COLOSSAL deal. Kasi kung hindi naman totoo yun; hindi naman nila sasabihin yun right? They should take the hint.