Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poker face.

Lady Gaga is so pretty. If there's one celebrity I'm really jealous of, it's Lady Gaga. Good Lord, I've never seen anyone that stunning and talented. I'm pretty sure Lady Gaga haters are gagging while reading this, I don't care. Seriously. We all have different preferences. I was listening and singing "Pokerface" before I started this blog, thus the title and the blog. I wish I can dance and sing well. If I can, I would absolutely make a vlog and post it here, for fun. But I'm not going to make one because I don't dance and sing. I don't want to be pulled down by people.

I adore Lady Gaga's hair. It's sooo straight and pretty. I wish my hair was like that. I'm not looking for blonde though. I like my hair color the way it is. I'm thinking of photoshopping my face into Lady Gaga's picture, but I'm pretty sure the effect would be hilarious!


Vaguely Veronica said...

I never thought she was that pretty because her actual face shape reminds me too much of my own and I can place similar flaws. xD

I also don't like blonde/straight hair. >.>

But I do think she has a great voice, though I haven't heard much of her music yet.

HeddaHardcore™ said...

I only know pokerface.

You don't know how much I love straight hair. Have you seen me when I was a kid? xD

arowbelle :)) said...

she reminds me of christina, but she's a whole other person.
And her fashion sense is hilarious. Have you seen her outfits? the bomb!
nice pic. hair into ribbon. original.
you should hear her other songs. Their hilarious.

HeddaHardcore™ said...

I read her history. She came from a rich family. :D She moved out though.

Everybody says she's like Christina. I don't think so.