Saturday, May 2, 2009

School Shopping.

We went to the mall today to buy some stuff for school, such as notebooks, rulers, scissors, stuff like that. I'm not sure what happened to my scissors and rulers, but I can't find them in my room or my school bag. Which reminds me, I have yet to wash it. Instead of buying 10 notebooks, I just bought five, like what I did last year. I'd buy more notebooks later. Good thing though, that the price of notebooks didn't go up. It was still Php 40.00 per one spiral notebook. There are cheaper ones, but the paper is really ugly and it looks like it's going to crumble when the smallest drop of water drops on it. Guess what's the notebook cover? Filipino actors and actresses! Omg. It's not that they're ugly or anything, but I'm seriously going to be laughed at when I have that kind of notebook. I mean, come on. I'm a junior, for pete's sake!

We bought all my stuff in Office Warehouse rather than National Bookstore. Office Warehouse is practically empty. I don't get it. All people rush to National Bookstore to buy their school stuff because they say it's cheaper, but it's practically the same in Office Warehouse. Silly people.

After buying 5 notebooks, black scissors (in which my Mom and I fought over the color. She wanted red. I wanted green or black.), rulers, and pens we bought at this 3 for Php 100.00 native store. We bought oatmeal cookies, banana bread, and shing-a-ling. I got this weird craving for noodles but my Mom said that we should eat spaghetti in Jollibee instead. I can't even remember the last time I ate inside Jollibee. I usually have it on Drive-Thru, or to go because it's always full of people. Kids usually. Kids adore Jollibee.

Then, we went to Ace Hardware and my Mom started looking for stuff to put in our garden. I remembered this random FML, and I told it to her. She didn't get it so I had to reiterate it. She laughed. It was a funny FML.

Have I ever said that I don't like going to Hardwares? No? Well, I don't. The place scares me. Seriously. Plus, they always have this weird smell. Something like dog food and fertilizer mixed. It's noxious. I don't know if everybody else can smell it, or maybe it's just my imagination for my unexplainable fear and hatred of hardware stores.

Then, we went to Shopwise to buy some dinner. Their cucumber wasn't so good, and we can't find spring onions. We ended up buying these thin bread (I forgot what they were called) and some H2o for me. I refuse to drink soda or colored drinks from now on. Unless there's a special event. My Mom decided that we should check out Savemore (another grocery store in the same mall) instead. Even though Savemore is on the other end of the mall, I said yes because we'd be passing by a bookstore and then I'd have a chance to buy another Baby Sitters' Club book. I bought a Super Special today. It's the 4th super special.

My Mom asked me to deposit all our extra baggage because we're not allowed to bring it inside the grocery. The line was sooo long. I was in front of this fat lady who keeps on trying to butt in front of me. Hey, I might be SMALL, but that doesn't mean you can butt in front of me. I am not invisible. Heck, you're not even that tall anyway. You're just BIG.

My Mom can't find the perfect carrots in Savemore. I told her Shopwise is better because it's full of drama. She didn't get it. Hmm, I forgot to tell my Mom to buy me some milk though. I just remembered when we left the grocery.

Then, we went to my cousin's house because my Grandma was there. I played with my cousins for a while. They were so cute. I never get tired of them even though I see them almost everyday.

We walked going home. My Grandma was telling me about her trip to Cebu during the 1950's or something. She's turning 80 this year, but she's still strong for someone her age. It was so dark in our street. Someone didn't bother on turning the lights since our light post is busted. So yeah. I got scared a bit. I could've sworn someone entered our neighbor's gate. Like entered through it.

Dinner was tortillas. Very Mexican? Haha.