Thursday, May 7, 2009

So close to reaching that famous happy end.

I cried when he got to the "So close was waiting, waiting here with you" part. He is so good. If someone sung to me like that, I would really melt into puddle. Plus, he's Italian! Need I say more? Ti amo, fo shizzle. <33333 I love his accent. (:


Vaguely Veronica said...

oh. my. freaking. god.

My eyes almost got a tad damp listening to that. I BLAME PMS. >>

Anyway. Just WOW. I adore that song (though I haven't heard it in ages) but the way he sang it just blew me away.

HeddaHardcore™ said...

I know! =O I was listening to it last night and I cried again.