Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tell me something darling

"This is the most important case ever to come before this court. Because what it in fact concerns is the very nature of man."
- John Quincy Adams; Amistad.

We watched the movie Amistad in English class after reading a poem about an African being thankful for everything. It's entitled "I Thank You God" (I forgot who the author is. I have to read my English book again). The movie was set back in the times wherein apartheid was at its highest peak. I have to say, Steven Speilberg had gotten his point very clearly. You can see blood and struggle for freedom. No matter how brutal you say the movie is, whatever those Africans really experience are unimaginable. Did those actors really get hurt? Probably not. They might had a few scrapes and bruises from shooting but it's not the same as the real thing. Yet, with their heartfelt acting, you can almost feel as if it's the real thing. I can understand why some of my classmates got teary-eyed while watching the movie. It's hard not to. I have to admit, there was a certain part that got me teary-eyed, too. I feel like a coward for not pouring out my emotions. I just wanted to be strong. But even the strong people know how to cry. I was being a chicken. That's why I didn't cry.

Those Africans are my heroes. They truly deserved to be praise for the courageousness they've shown. They just wanted to dwell in the peace they deserve. I salute them for defying the pain they received just so their future brothers and sisters and those left in Africa will not undergo the same suffering they did. They are more than a man than we will ever be. They define the word "strong" accurately. Cinque is indeed, a great man. A plethora of praises for this great man will never be enough for everything he did.

Moving on to today, I won't say that the discrimination is gone. It may not be as barbarous as it used to be. Tell me, have you never been biased towards a certain race at one point in time? Was not there a time that you think lowly of somebody for what they physically look like? I'm not claiming myself to be perfect because I'd be damned when I say I am. I have had my fair share of being biased towards a certain ethnicity. No matter how much you say that you do not judge somebody, you still end up doing so. It works in a very elusive way. No matter how much we try to see everything in balance, there's always a miniscular stone making the weight move smaller than a milligram. We can't help it. We always have a partial side to something. Isn't that a thing worth thinking about?


Anonymous said...

you sound so stiff and writtin' an essay/ no really. but the material is GOODE/ i can tell. I ddnt bother to log in since mom is watching/ but really. STEEEFFF


Hedda™ said...

Why thank you. That's quite flattering, tbh. I was looking for stiff. (: