Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two more weeks.

I can already feel the so-called "junior blood" rushing through my veins. Just this week and the other week left to enjoy my vacation. It felt so fast. Faster than last year had been. I feel sad about wasting almost every day of the remaining days left. God, I sound like I'm going to die. Well, someone is dying. Summer is dying. Just like what PAG-ASA said, it's the start of the rainy season. I'm loving the rain but I'm hating what it brings back - school.

I feel like nobody is ready to start school this year. A lot of my friends have just enrolled this week, and they haven't even bought their books yet. Boy, does the economic crisis do weird things to people. I haven't covered my books and notebooks, and I haven't washed my school bag. I'm not yet finished shopping for school stuff. Even though I want new black shoes and sneakers for this year, I told my Mom that I'd rather use my old ones even though my black shoes doesn't look so great anymore. I want to save money. Everything is just so darned expensive that I feel like I'm wasting money everytime I buy something I need.

Let's see how much money I've spent so far for school:

My parents pay for my tuition fee in a monthly basis. For this year, they raised the downpayment from 7,000 Pesos to 8,000 Pesos. For once in my life, I am very ecstatic to be an only child. Calculating everything up, my tuition fee ranges somewhat from 60K Pesos to 61K Pesos the most. But that doesn't include other stuff, like my books and uniform.

I have 12 books for this year and all-in-all, including the journals, they cost 4,902 Pesos. Only 98Pesos away from being 5K. I'm not complaining, it's just that the surprisingly high increase of my books are a pain in the pocket. My only hope is that we'll use the books so much that by the end of the year they're almost torn to pieces. Bad thing to do with books, but I'm just showing hyperbole. That's how badly I want them to get used.

Next, my uniform. I didn't buy a new collared shirt, PE shirt, and jogging pants because I really feel bad about everything we have to pay for. I bought two new blouses and one skirt. Guess how much those three things cost? Almost 700 Pesos. Maybe it's time for me to lose some weight.

Most likely, my parents spent 66K just for my education. It makes me guilty that I tend to slack. I get good grades and all, but I do them effortlessly (deff. not bragging). Maybe if I put in some more effort, I could at least get my name in the top ten. That might at least make my parents think that the 66K didn't go to waste.

Sometimes, I wish I was one of those rich kids who don't care. It's a bad thing, but just thinking about how much my Mom have to work her butt off just to make me study makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. Well maybe, I am NOT doing enough.

I shall start and end my junior year being a better student. I won't slack. I'd do all the homework I can at home. I will save money. I will be better.

Having said all that, I think I've made my point. My point is clearer than glass. I will be a better student. I'm going to enjoy my last two weeks of break, and when school comes. I'm going to be ready.