Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day Numero Uno

"You said we were an accident. With accidents you’ll never know what could have been. So we were an accident. You’ll always be my favorite one."
-Motion City Soundtrack; My Favorite Accident

There was traffic entering the school. I saw Arwin getting out of their car and then walking by the church. I was texting Ara because she was going to wait for me. When we finally got in front of the school, only a few people were going inside. Majority were in the lobby outside it waiting for their friends and stuff. It was the typical first day scene.

I saw Ara, and we started waiting for Tzeska. Then a few minutes later, we saw Regine! Ara was texting Tzeska because it was almost 7:45. Then we saw Tzeska's school service, the big bus, and it was stuck in traffic way at the back of the school. When I was stuck there, it took us 15 minutes. Then Miss Grace went out and asked us to get in because it was already 7:45. Sometime near 7:50, Tzeska arrived. So yeah, we went straight to our classroom which was in the third floor.

So yeah. It was pretty much the same as last years. We're under the supervision of Mr. Rowell Vitug. :) And a lot of my teachers during the 1st year or 2nd year were the same teachers I had, so adjustments wasn't really that hard.