Friday, June 19, 2009

A Good Book

I don't normally watch Korean telenovelas on TV because I never get to finish it. But when GMA 7 had a commercial ad for it's new teledrama, One Liter Of Tears, I got curious. The teledrama ended today, with the protagonist dying because of her disease. Then I found out that it was a non-fiction story so, I googled it.

Upon googling, I found out about her diary and Wikipedia was able to find me a site with her diary translated from Chinese to English. You can see it here. Right now, I'm reading Decision (Part One). I suggest that you read it. It's very good. She's a great writer despite having started the diary when she was already sick.

You know what I admire in her the most? Her bravery.


Anonymous said...

Its not chinese,.
Its japanese :D

Hedda™ said...

Aha. Thanks. :P