Monday, June 1, 2009


How are you doing, pal?

I've been trying to add another chapter into my story but I'm having a serious case of writer's block - the word just won't come. There's one word stuck on my mind though, and that's school aka torture chamber. Oh my God, after saying that I just remembered the movie Saw. My mind is filled with different torture procedures now. Way to go, Hedda. Way to go.

I was reading a few of my entries and I thought that I've been such a whiny kid. I have a new hobby now, it's called whining, haha. I wouldn't really whine that much if I have a life outside the house. I don't get to go out much because I have to accompany my grandmother, and my Mom doesn't want me to go, anyway. She thinks that all that I would be doing is spend money. She's partly correct about that. The mall is the root of all temptations.

Sections are going to be handed out on the 6th. I am not so excited because I have an idea of whom would I still be with during this year. I just hope that a few of my friends will still be my classmates. Like, I don't care if they cramp 50 of us in one classroom. I also hope that our school will have Spanish class, I'm definitely signing up for it if we have one. I'm learning Spanish right now. My PSP teaches me Spanish. Not the translator type Spanish, but real Spanish. Not dictionary Spanish either. Hurray for awesome PSP programs.

I've finally decided what I want to be when I grow up.

I want to have a golden tongue and golden fingers. Someone on Hex asked us for this info thingy to make a Hexville for the new Sims 3 game. Here's what I wrote on mine:

Name: Hedda Dawson
gender: Female
Age: Teen
body type: Average/short
hair colour: Black
hair length: 3 inches below the shoulder or so. >>
clothing type: Shirt and Jeans.
eye colour: Dark brown / black

5 Character Traits:
1.) Computer whiz.
2.) Good Sense of Humor.
3.) Inappropriate. xD
4.) Lazy.
5.) Light Sleeper.

Lifetime goal: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

But on the serious side, I've just decided that I want to be a Graphics Designer. It's easy to make money when you're one, honestly and I don't actually have to be in some kind of fancy company to get known or make a lot of money. That's the kind of job I want.