Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I haz a story.

Once upon a time, Hedda and Sophiepoopy were talking on MSN. Then Sophie started showing Hedda some hot people she knows and Hedda will say if she thinks they're hot or not. Then she showed a picture of Ezra Koenig and Hedda was like, "OMGEEZ WHO DAT GUY? -drools-" And then Sophie explained that it was Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. Then after that, Sophie showed a picture of Sam Duckworth and said that he came from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Hedda thought Sam looked like someone she knows from school. Then, Sophie said that Hedda should listen to both of the bands + The Subways (or whatever it was). So, Hedda went to the most amazing website to listen to music, and said, "Holy cow! GCWCF is amazingggg!" And so there, Hedda downloaded their songs because they were orgasmic.

Then, one day, Sophie asked Hedda if she has heard their old songs. Hedda doesn't know because she uses illegal stuff like LimeWire to download music for the reason that she's a such a cheap whore. Then Sophie decided that she should make Hedda listen to Call Me Ishmael. So, Sophie, being a nice rich kid, she sent the song to Hedda. Then, Hedda listened to the song and loved it.

A few weeks passed, Hedda was still listening to GCWCF which is a good thing. Then, Sophie continues to send her GCWCF songs for Hedda to listen to.

Then, two days ago or so, Hedda looked for covers on the internet to ask Sophie which of them sounds like her. According to Sophie, it was the blond indie kid. Apparently, listening to the covers made Hedda have a GCWCF obsession, so she kept on listening to the covers and to the songs over and over and over again, that even she admits had gone to the point of absurdity. But being obsessive and compulsive, Hedda still continued to listen to GCWCF.

Today is the 2nd day that Hedda has been repeatedly playing GCWCF. She drove her Mom crazy listening to it, and even her neighbors are already tired of listening to the same song over and over and over again. SO, Hedda was asked to put her earphones on whenever she is to listen to GCWCF.

Hedda thought that it has gone to far because right now all she can talk about is GCWCF, and frankly she wants it to stop. "OH NOE! WHAT WILL I DO? WHAT WILL I DO?" cried Hedda. She cried and she cried. She was looking for the best way to stop listening to GCWCF, when suddenly, a fairy came and played Jeffree Star's Lollipop Luxury. But it was no use! Her ears feel like dying. SHE MUST LISTEN TO GCWCF.

Right now, wile typing this, Hedda is listening to GCWCF and waiting for Sophie to get on MSN so she can bitch at her and then get a clear mind and secretly listen to GCWCF again. :D