Saturday, June 13, 2009

Metro Station Concert

When I was watching Myx during the summer, they said that Metro Station was going to have concert at three Ayala Malls. When I saw their playing dates, they're going to be in Ayala Alabang Town Center on the 12th. Independence Day, and a Friday. Since Independence Day is always a holiday, I asked my Mom if I can watch it with friends, and she says it's fine. The first person I asked was Allen since we share the same type of music, but he said he doesn't like Metro Station. I asked Jolo and he's not sure if he can come. Same with Arselyn. In the end, I asked my Mom to go with me. I wouldn't have to worry about tickets since it's going to be free, anyway.

We stood for four hours the most? The conert started at 6:30 but they did an early performance around 5 PM to attract people. We waited for like and hour and half. The kids in front of us were short, so I was happy. But they were noisy as hell and keep on saying Paramore. I seriously think they don't know any song by Metro Station except for Shake It. Anyway, while waiting for it to start I looked at people. One girl looked like Hayley from Paramore except that she was blonde, and she was with the most buff guy ever. Tall, tan, buff, and blonde. He looks like the British Indie Kid Sophie and I watched on YouTube.

At precisely 6:39 the concert started. It was the most energetic thing I've seen in years. When Trace removed his shirt, the crowd went crazy. When they sung Seventeen Forever I sung my heart out. I made a new friend. She's a Mom who was beside me all throughout the concert.

This was Trace's epic jump. That was an accidental shot.

Trace! :D

Mason! :D

Blake. I swear to God, he's my next favorite keyboard-ist after Jesse Johnson. ♥

Anthony! (: ♥

Before it started.

Taking off his shirt.

His shirt is off!

Just after the concert ended, Anthony asked who were from Pampanga or Ilo-ilo. If I'm not wrong, he has his Kapampangan and Ilonggo roots. Apparently, I don't have any of those. My Dad's Ilocano and my Mom's pure Tagalog. Oh well. Then he asked who lives in BF Homes in ParaƱaque, because that's where he grew up. I was like, "OH MY GOD! THAT'S WHERE MY COUSIN LIVES!!11!!"

Some other cool stuff that happened was when Anthony threw one of his drumsticks. I saw the guy who caught it. I wanted to steal it from him, haha. Then Trace threw his shirt and towel too plus his water bottle, I believe. Then Trace took off his shirt. Everyone was like GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

The concert ended early. My knees were shaking when it was done. :D And so, maybe I don't like Metro Station that much, but they were great.