Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh my, Oh my.

Today during lunch, while Alyssa, Syd, Janjan and I were talking, we started talking about plans after the finals... which is in March, but we like to plan early. So, we've decided to go to this epic place when Syd suddenly told us to stop talking about it. Instead, we talked about my birthday plans which is not until the end of July, but like I've said, we like to plan early. Janjan then told us to talk about it on another day because Syd might get so excited again.

Apparently, they made plans to go to SM Sta. Rosa (this was last, last week or so). Janjan texted Syd asking him where he was. Syd replied saying that he can't come because he got a fever... out of excitement! It was the funniest thing ever. Alyssa, Janjan and I were laughing so was Syd. Then Janjan continued the story. Mrs. Ty (my former Science teacher) saw them and asked them why are they only four. Janjan said that Syd got a fever out of excitement.

Oh my. I didn't know that going out with friends can be that exciting, considering that they just saw each other's faces the day before. Syd must be pretty hyped up.