Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a day!

"Sir, won't I have any make-up? Because I was absent last week."
-Allen; Social Studies time.

How was Monday like? It was tiring and busy. I'm so happy that I'm not placed in group 1 except for English. We had reportings and presentations in almost all the subjects and we also had a quiz, I think. I forgot. Monday seemed like a decade ago. Anyway, what Allen said made me LOL'ed literally in front of Sir Rocky. Obviously, he means a make-up "quiz" because he failed the first one due to the fact that he was, like I've said, absent. However, that didn't stop my mind from thinking of something else, specifically cosmetics. Boo.

Today is Tuesday night and I'm studying for the Diagnostic Exams tomorrow. Everyone says you don't have to study because it will have no bearing in your grade, but I suppose scanning my books won't hurt a bit.

School was cool. Sort of. I arrived in the classroom practically breathless. Gee. Climbing those stairs takes the air out of me. You can see how physically unfit I am. Anyway, after that Arselyn and I went to locker and got our stuff and then Alyssa asked us to accompany her to Miss Cruzada's office to get her stuff so off we went. When we arrived in Miss C's office, her stuff wasn't there probably because Mira already got it. We went back up the stairs and this like, group of huge guys from our batch was walking by. I think one of them was a new student? I don't know, but whoever he was, he was TALL. He's probably around 5'10-6'0? Alyssa was like, "Why are they so tall?", and I was like, "I don't know!" As we were walking back, we saw Francis. He almost entered St. Boniface's classroom! Good Lord! When he got in the classroom, I said, "Francis almost entered Boniface!" And everyone who heard were like "BOOOOO" or something similar to that. So there, I went back to my chair and did some unimportant stuff when Careless Whisper started playing. When I looked over Syd's place he was starting to dance! Omg.

Recess was so much fun. Syd, Janjan, and Francis went to my place and started playing Careless Whisper. Syd was dancing a seductive dance which is very hilarious. Jolo and I were laughing. Allen was smiling because he was preoccupied with something else. When Miss Empremiado arrived, Janjan promised that they'll go back later during lunch time.

We had a game in CVE. I was so nervous. I'm pretty good with the prayers and all that, but I get a brain freeze when the line is taken from something in the middle of the prayer. Luckily though, our group was asked to write the Joyful and Luminous Mysteries. Oh, by the way, when the groups 1 to 3 were having the game, Frans wrote: Angle of God, as opposed to Angel of God. At first I can't decipher his handwriting. I thought he wrote Angle of 004.

During Advanced Algebra, we had a quiz. I got two numbers mixed up, so instead of 15, I got 13. Boo. It was purely an accidental mistake, so I was really annoyed. Then we had the Domain and Range thing and I can vaguely understand it. A few more examples and I'll probably get it.

We had a quiz in English. I got a 7 out of ten. It's okay considering that I didn't study at all. After that, we started on discussing the Anglo-Saxon Period. It was so interesting. You gotta love the English people!

Lunch. I was telling Allen about 2G1C and I suddenly lost my appetite. I stopped eating my sausages and just ate the rice. It was fun. Carla, Allen and I got into this conversation and then James, Jolo, Allen, and I got in this interesting conversation too. I love lunch time.

All in all, today is a bit tiring. It was the same as Monday but nothing can beat the busyness (yeah, it's really a word, haha) of Monday. ;)

Me: I lovums you. ♥
asdjfkl;: Aw. I love you too. :]
Me: I love you first.
asdjfkl;: Haha, no way. I love YOU first. :D
Me: I'm always first.
asdjfkl;: Not this time, darling. ♥