Friday, July 24, 2009

10 Days

Today is Day 1. I just woke up and I'm already starting with the home study program they gave yesterday. I'm planning to have it all done before my birthday. I know it's going to be freaking impossible with how much work they gave.

*Do the student activity on p. 13
*Read chapter 2 of your book and answer the 4 review questions on p. 32 (write it on 1 whole sheet of paper)
*compose again a prayer using the format taught in class with concluding paper (short bond paper w/ design or background)

*read and answer all activities in the english journal
*read the excerpt from Le Morte D Arthur
answer the ff:
a. understanding the text (p.29)
b. activity under value infusion (p.30)
c. post-test (p. 31)
-study the rule on subj-verb agreement
answer the ff:
a. pretest (p. 58)
b. act. and post test (pp.60-61)
-optional: watch any arthurian movies.

-sagutan ang labanata 1-15 ng Noli.
-pagsasanay o gawain I, II a and b, IV at V
-isulat sa isang buong papel

*SW #2 p/55 A 1-15
#3 p.65 D 1-10
#4 p. 66 IV 1-20
#5 p. 66 V 1-15
#6 p. 87 A 1-10
#7 p. 221
#8 --------

illuminated manuscript
*i/8 illustration board (black for base)
use recycled materials for decorations
gold or silver inked pens for lettering

perform the ff. activities, record observations and accomplish the act.
a. act no.8-floating food pp.35-38
b. no.9 - the wave bottle pp.39-42
(finish product will be submitted on aug 4, 2009)
-in a short bond paper, illustrate at least 5 diff. techniques for separating the components of mixture. label the apparatus, equipments and chemicals used.
-in a whole pad paper, answer chapter test no.2 on pp.33-34
-in your ntbk, draw the diff. models of the atoms and briefly describe each.
-memorize the chemical symbols and chemical name of the elements in the periodic table.
-make a replica of periodic table of elements in a 1/16 size of ill. board whcich will only show chemical symbol atomic num. and atomic mass.

Social Studies:
Day 1:
-Make a map of ancient Egypt @ the Minoan (&A) Civilization.
-Enumerate events and contributions under Minoan and Myceanean Civilization.
Day 2, 3, and 4
-Answer letters A, B, and D on page 69.
Day 5:
-enumerate prominent people of the Greek civilization and give their contributions and describe their known description/image.
Day 6, 7, and 8:
-pp. 82-83 (ABCD)
Day 9
-make a timeline of events under the Roman civilization.
Day 10
-Enumerate preminent people during the Roman Civilization.

-Apply the text tool in creating text art.
-Faithfully follow the instructions.
-Illustrate a frame by frame text art based on a given requirement such as:
a. interval of frames
b. special letter

Materials: Use one short bond paper. See page 28 of your book.

*I got the list from Criselle. :p

So yeah.

I might as well go finish everything now. kthnxbai. D:<