Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I was just watching this TV show and the kid falls down the stairs. How many times I've seen this kind of scene? I think all Filipino movies/TV shows have that scene. It makes me laugh. It's so cliche.

Anyway, I just realized how I missed Arwin. Like, his jokes and silly sayings. One thing I can't forget is how he says "okay". He says it as: "oh-KEI!" with a big stress on "oh". I can't wait for August 1st. We get to see him again!

Oh yeah, speaking of Arwin, I was looking at his Friendster profile and the caption in one of his photos made my night. It was his default picture, actually. He was lying down on a bed eating Pringles. The caption said: Ang sarap ng Pringles, noh? Inggit na sila... (Pringles are yummy, no? Jealous?)

Heh, yes, we all know how yummy Pringles are, Arwin. And yes, we are jealous.

Haha, I can just imagine him saying that. :P