Sunday, July 19, 2009

Being Four-Eyed Sucks

I hate being four-eyed. I'm lost without my glasses or contacts. When I first got them, I only wear them when I have to meaning they're out of my pocket when I'm watching a show, copying something off the board, and crossing a street or reading a street sign. That thing worked well for two years. The third time I changed eye-glasses, my vision was so damned that I am obliged to wear my glasses 24/7.

Normally, I change glasses every year. The one I'm wearing now has been mine since December last year. This is my fourth pair. It's July and I am in need of new eye-glasses.

It seems like I'm supposed to change eye glasses every 6 months. No way. I used to think that was impossible, but unfortunately, it IS possible. I know someone who changes their eye-glasses every 6 months due to persistent increase of eye grade.

I love my glasses, but I hate having them.
The thought of eye surgery is good, but I'm scared. What if it'll be the cause of my blindness?
Oh gee.
It seems to me that I'm destined to have eye-glasses till I die.

PS: Do you get your 20/20 vision back when you're in heaven? Not that I'm assured that I'd go to heaven. But let's wait after I'm done with purgatory. Who knows how long I'll be there.