Thursday, July 30, 2009


its my birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Isn't that picture the cutest thing ever? (:

Ew, I'm growing up. I turned fifteen last Wednesday (7/29), that means I only have one year left of highschool (not counting this year) and I'm off to college. Ahh. College seems so far away.

Anyway, I woke up feeling a wee bit taller than I used to be. I got on the computer and I had a bunch of offline messages greeting me a Happy Birthday. I remembered leaving the computer around 12, and I was still able to chat with Arwin, who thought my birthday is on August 1st. I went on Friendster and Ara spammed my comments with a Happy Birthday. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Kyle got on, and I asked him to greet me on the greengiantFM (La Salle's ever so famous radio station. Listen to it!). So, he did. Then they played 21 Guns, and I got so ecstatic. Sarah got on and greeted me there too. So did Eudes. Ahhh.

Hex was fantastic, too.

Around four in the afternoon or so, a lot were online and they were tuning into the greengiantfm. It was the most overwhelming thing ever. They were all greeting me Happy Birthday. I forgot who the DJ was, but he was a boy, and he pronounced my name as "Heyduh". Talk about slang! The whole hour or so was filled with greetings for me. Aw.

At night, I was still tuning in to the radio. Sarah iMed me and told me to listen carefully. The DJ said something about requests and shoutouts coming in. Sarah told me that she made a "special" request.

I thought Sarah suggested for the song Papparazzi or just gave a long greeting. But guess what she requested for? She requested for them to sing me a happy birthday!

So there. The DJ's (which I still can't remember the name, but I'll post them when I remember) sung a Happy Birthday. It was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, I failed to record it. Then when Ericka greeted Arselyn, they rememebered that it was my birthday too! This was before the "special" request.

I've officially made up my mind about going to DLSU. I don't think I'll be considering UP now, unless they'll have a cool radio station too. Lmfao.

PS;; I learned from DJ Kris (was it?) that you say legume quite the same why you'd pronounce resume. Like, le-joo-may? :P


Anonymous said...

No, Hedder.

I got intrigued with the le-joo-may so I checked.

And the result? ....It's leh-gyoom.

Hedda™ said...

I know, Kahlil. I checked too.

But I'm using lejoomay. It sounds much better and it's easier to pronounce. >>