Sunday, July 26, 2009


August 1st plans are cancelled. Jan told me earlier that he can't go because he won't have any money to spent on due to a week of no allowance. I told him to ask his parents for some money, if it will be okay. He said he'll try. I've been asking Frans and Arwin and they're telling me to do it. Especially since it will serve as the "break" from that month's worth of load we're doing. I agree with that, and so does my Mom. But I don't want to not have Janjan with us. Arselyn won't come too. My birthday mate. :(

And today, I just learned from Syd that he can't come because his Mom is in Baguio. Boohoo. The last time we went out, Syd had to cancel because his sister was sick.

Haa, we're going to have it on August 8th, that is if we don't have Saturday classes. :/

I wanna go out on the 29th, honestly. But I don't think anyone will go with me. Booo.