Monday, July 27, 2009

Disrespect, much?

Today was the president's State Of the Nation Address (in short, SONA). I'm very aware of how much a lot of us are disliking the president. I won't say anything about that, your opinion is your opinion.

When the actual SONA started, around four o'clock was it? I was sitting in my room, facing the computer, with a sweating can of Sprite by its side, and a pack of cookies sitting on the printer. I was chatting with a few people and the television was on. I understood how big this SONA is since this is the final SONA of our president. I was just there, trying to listen what she was telling when suddenly, I got this group message sent by someone, a schoolmate actually. It was a political joke. I brushed it off and clicked the x button. Once again, he sent another one, and like what I've done, I didn't mind it. I went to the loo and check my phone. I got two or three messages. It was another political joke about our president. When I went back to the computer, the same kid has group messaged about 3 or 4 more. At that point in time, I got annoyed. There's nothing wrong with giving out political jokes, whether they may be offensive. But of course, there is always a limit, right? He has gone beyond the limit.

I understand that he doesn't have any good feelings towards the president but as the president, and as a human being, she deserves every right to be respected no matter how much she fails at being a citizen. Heck, you are even asked to respect bloody criminals right?

Being annoyed, I sent a group message saying something along these lines:

OH MY GOD. Aren't you all going to stop with these Arroyo Jokes? Enough guys, please. 1.) It's annoying. 2.) It's disrespectful, and 3.) It's not really humorous. I hope y'all are satisfied.

I mean, c'mon, can't you keep the nasty comments to yourself? And don't you even try the freedom of expression crap with me.

So yeah. If you ask me, I loved the President's speech. I may not like everything she has done, but I'm glad to know that she exerted an effort in making the country better. Hey, she's human, and she's fallible.

To that kid, all I have to say is that you ought to watch your words. Your hatred to the President is understandable, but your comments are not. It was really rude. Calling her a liar, insulting her height (you're not tall yourself, either so stfu), her mole (Jesus, what does that have to do with her speech?), and everything else.

Let me ask you a question. If ever you were the one in her position and you get to read all those awful comments, how exactly will you feel? Horrible, I know. Add to that a whole bunch of effing strangers who have nothing to do but put you down. Most of which are illiterate and have no idea of what they're saying. How would you feel?

I'm positively, 100% sure that you wouldn't enjoy it either.


••Eloi•• said...

hay naku.. oo nga.. nakakairita na..

Hedda™ said...

Haha, as if naman kasi dapat perpekto si Pangulo diba? :D