Friday, July 24, 2009

Fan Kidz

We've been on a mad HP obsession these days in school. In fact, I'm feeling terribly sorry for those non-HP fans. I'm sure you're tired with our endless babbling about the matter, and our voicing out regarding the 6th movie. But you have to admit, it does bring out fun in everything.

Just recently, there has been some duellings in class. Have you ever watched Harry Potter (I made a typo the first time in which it resulted to Happy Rotter, ha. Share.) and the Chamber of Secrets? They had this duelling time by the middle of the movie, and that's the exact scene that Syd and his gang are emulating. They'd use Francis' arnis sticks. Frankly, their "wands" seem like an innuendo to me. But yeah, it's the funniest thing I've seen in years.

Syd: Expelliarmus (or some other spell)
Frans: Deflectttt!

Syd: Avada Kedavra (or, once again, another spell)
Jan: -ducks- Ay, kapos!

Bwahaha. So that's that. Another thing is that all we seem to talk about is Harry Potter.

While watching Excalibur

-Merlin walks in-
Alyssa: Merlin looks like a death eater/Voldemort.

Another scene with Merlin
Me: His cane looks like Lucius'.

Me: I thought Merlin was a good wizard and that he's the brother of Dumbledore.


I'm pretty sure that Le Morte D' Arthur is the knightly version of Harry Potter, ha.