Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Miss This Face

I absolutely miss Arwin / Mr. Independent's face. The last time I saw him was this Monday, when he went to school. It was freaking amazing. Ha.

I don't know why we all tend to over react when Arwin comes. After all, he's not really a celebrity, isn't he? But he's just so... Arwin that it's unnatural to find him not with Clare and SMYM. When I found out that he's not going to be our classmate this year (along with Gabo), I felt so sad and disappointed for two reasons. One, the SMYM is broken up, and two, things are not the same with Arwin. He has this Arwiny essence with him that makes everything fun.

I've read Arselyn's blog about the farewell to Arwin. It was quite a sad entry. Brent feels like a million miles away from CSA and everything. Of course, chances are our vacations would mix up because international schools usually follow the US or UK school system.

Arwin's last day in school was last June 22nd, the Monday wherein I was absent with flu. When classes were over, I was texting Wilbur, Syd, and Ara. They were telling me that Arwin came to school and had the "picture-taking". When I got on Y!M, a lot of people iMed me about it. It's obvious how much we all think how important and big Arwin is. Later the same night, he texted me. He asked me why was I not around and I had to explain that I was sick. He told me that it's a shame because it was his last day. I asked him if he would still go back to CSA. He replied that he might not, but we should not forget to inform him of any events that will happen so he can go and visit.

I'm just reminiscing about Arwin. It's not as if he died, but he moved to Brent. He is certainly farther now than he used to be.


I met Arwin way back in 6th grade. I can remember that he was the new student in our class, and by some weird coincidence we got seated together for the first day of classes. He was a really nice guy, and I happened to realize how good he was in Math. I remembered when during Math class Sir Apistar will tell us to start exchanging our papers for checking and Arwin will subtly show me his answers and encourage me to go on, despite being told to stop writing. He was a good Math teacher too.

Freshmen year, we were classmates again. I was shocked at how he suddenly got taller. During 6th grade, we were almost of the same height, or I was a tad taller. Two months just passed by, and whoa! I have to literally look up when talking to him. Anyway, he didn't really change that much except that he got to be best friends with Syd. He and I didn't had that much enjoyment and bonding during our Freshmen year.

Sophomore year. Ah, this has got to be the most eventful year. He and his friends, the SMYM are pretty good friends with Ara, Alyssa, and I so everytime we go to the mall, you can bet that they're always with us. This is probably the year that I was closest to Arwin, despite the fact that he suddenly developed a snobby attitude. Haha, he's actually braver that year. He can start telling my classmate something rude in which he doesn't really intentionally to. Another thing was that he was so bonded with Syd, I assumed that they have a clandestine (kidding!).

One thing I can never forget was during the AYC elections. Miss Cruzada asked us who are the interested students to run for the student council. Arwin kept on muttering something about literally running and how he can do it. And so, out of randomness, we encouraged him to run. He and Miss Cruzada even had a funny exchange of words. When Arwin raised his hand, we all started applauding for him. Then Miss Cruzada asked him in what position will he run. Arwin was like, "what's the available position?" In which Miss Cruzada replied that Arwin's response is enough to make her do cartwheels in front of our class.

During dismissal, we thought Arwin will not do it. But true to his word, he signed up for treasurer. If that's not shocking enough, he was an independent candidate.

I told all my servicemates to vote for him, since he wasn't so popular. One of my servicemates even commented on how brave he was to run alone.

He was a good candidate even if he didn't win.

Then there was also the time they had an exposure trip. I wasn't with them but Mrs. Siasat told us stories. They went to the senate and get to meet the senators. Arwin told Sen. Jinggoy Estrada (from what I can remember): It is a privilege to meet you, Senator. Then he also told Sen. Bong Revilla to look at his camera for the picture taking. Haha!

I also remembered the time that we were practicing for the IP. Kyle and I were looking for the SMYM and we saw them fooling around with the audio player. I asked Kyle to dance the Happy Hotdog Dance while the song Funkytown was on. As Kyle was dancing, Arwin went to the other side with a pokerface, and started dancing this weird robot dance. It was shocking. He danced randomly!

Then there was also the singing sessions they have during Math class. Since they adore Michael Jackson sooo much, they sung Heal the World. Once again, I can remember Arwin starting the song and having the loudest voice. :P

So yeah, that's my Arwin timeline. :]
I definitely can't wait for August 1st. I get to see him again!