Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just One Picture

I just got up from bed. I've been up since 8, thanks to my Mom (and my aching back) telling me that we can't watch Ice Age 3 today. I am so pissed. It's for the reason that my Dad isn't around and he can't drop me off my Mom's office later. It's good that she knows how I feel about her office. I hate that place. She has a computer but it has no Internet. There's no wiFi either so I can't use a laptop or PSP. I'd do my homework, but that would mean I need a computer to do it. Ha. Basically, I spent the whole half of the day re-reading So Totally Emily Ebbers by Lisa Yee. Around 2 PM, my Dad comes in and tells me that it's 2 in the afternoon. I did the usual eyebrow raising I always do. He left me alone upon seeing that I'm absorbed in whatever I am reading. 30 minutes later, he came in again and said we're going to leave now. Okay? I was like, wtf. I haven't taken a bath, my hair is a mess, and my back was still aching. I asked him where we are going and he said that we're going to my cousin's place way in the north. Eh, go there instead of seeing Ice Age? I told him no.

I've been receiving texts last night from almost everyone. They've been saying hello, and one thought it was my birthday. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be buying load this weekend. I usually buy one when we're going out because Globe has a weak signal where I live. I'd transfer to Smart but everyone in CSA uses Globe.

How has this week been?

It was interesting, yet, once again, tiring.

We finally had the presentation in Social Studies. I was supposed to play Amenhotep, and due to the lovely 3 seconds make-up Mira did, I had to remove my glasses. The whole world was a blur. Jouella and Allen were telling me something but I can't exactly understand them. I know that I have to use my ears, but when someone is talking to me, it makes me understand them more when I have my glasses on and the world is clear place. I can't really explain why, but I felt like a retarded person, talking to them and then not being able to see them clearly. Anyway, despite of Jolo's absence, we were able to perform well getting a perfect score.

Speaking of Jolo, he's been absent for a week, and I don't have the load to text him. I was so glad when replied to my comment on Friendster even though that comment was given last week. For whatever happened last week, I'm glad that he's okay now.

I finally have a copy of Macromedia Flash 8, the same Flash program our school uses. Eudes and I have a wonderful plan with it. -insert demonic laugh here-

We've had quizzes the whole week. My brain cells died sometime during Wednesday. Some of the quizzes were fairly easy, some weren't. The quiz in Advanced Algebra was not so easy. I know the answers, but I ended up writing something else on my paper. I got a ten out of fifteen. It's good enough, same as my seatwork score. I remembered one number wherein I had four different unions and the answer was the set of real numbers. Fail, fail, fail.

Yesterday, we watched the Core Value Presentation of fourth year St. Augustine, the cream section. We're assigned for August, in which the Core Value is Devotion to Study. I won't be a hypocrite. I'm not devoted to my studies. Haha. I just do the best that I can with my lack of studying. My Mom believes I can be better if I study. Yeah, right. I don't want to mess up the top ten (that's a big joke)! We started planning for our presentation and Raymart got the idea of showing a Harry Potter themed presentation. Of course, I got so excited. But later on during the day, Sir Vitug said that our original idea was good enough and that we should not just do an HP themed thingy. I was so heartbroken. So was Alyssa. According to Francis, Sir was probably not thinking of a funny HP. But whatever, I'm still going to do an HP themed script (same with Alyssa) for self satisfaction.

Last night, I had the best conversation with my "buddy". I find him interesting rather than impressing. He doesn'tget impressed with what I have to say, and I don't get too impressed with what he's saying either. Feelings are mutual between us. I like conversations like that. Although I have to say, I was impressed with what he told me when we were talking about school. That one line made me go "Whoa!"

I can't wait for my birthday. 18 days! :D