Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Throwing Something In

The first thing I hate is impressing someone. The mere fact that someone tries to impress me is annoying.

Oh wait. Let me clear something up.

When someone impresses me because of their knowledge, I am either impressed or not impressed. I don't get annoyed though. Things like that, in my opinion, are stuff you should brag about. After all, it's not everyday that you see someone with 100%s right? :)

But to brag about money, and other material things? That's just wrong. For one, it degrades a person. There's nothing wrong about being rich, but bragging about it is something else. There are times when I feel like I want to shank someone when they start talking about their material wealth. Like, how many millions can they spend in one mall, what company their parents own? Jesus, please. Let me remind you, it's not YOU who made that sort of money and success right? It's your parents'. Not yours.

Second, don't try to fool us.

There's nothing wrong about bringing or owning something secondhand. You don't have to go tell us that you had it especially made that way (in which it looks like a thousand cats had fun scratching it). We're not blind. We won't say anything bad against you if you tell us the truth. In fact, the more you lie, the more we hate you.

Third, I'll be frank. I am sick and tired of you trying to control us.

We're human beings, okay? We're fallible. You're not perfect. Therefore, you can't expect us to fit in with you, right?

I'm sorry that we can't act and be like you. We have fun with our lives, and you don't. I am terribly sorry that you don't get to do anything that fun much because you'll be called a hypocrite (sarcasm intended).

You love to criticize us and talk about us as if we don't have any idea of it. You're not really that subtle, are you?

You love to pick on us, and I have to admit, you can offend us. Are we really the only ones you have set your eyes on? It seems to me that one of your hobbies is criticizing us, telling us how much badly we suck. We know that we can never please you, and you know that you will never see the good in us. Why don't you just take a break and stop saying that we're the pests of your life? We're not exactly ecstatic about being with you, you know.

PS: This is not meant for anyone.


Callmenow said...

i thought you were speaking of a particular person

Callmenow said...

i thought you were speaking of a particular person

Kuhleeel said...

I love your blog! *applauseapplause!*

Hedda™ said...

If I am, I wouldn't be so obvious, would I?

I know how to use symbolism.

Hedda™ said...

Haha, we all know that, Kahlil. ;D

Kuhleeel said...

Shank them, we should! We must! Methinks this blog is oh so cool. Way.

mirabelle said...

nice blog hedda :) YOURE REALLY GOOD AT THIS CUSTomize thingy. XD i liked your post by the way :) its straightforward and direct to the point :)

Hedda™ said...

Kahlil: I read the one in your multiply. Shank shank shank. xD

Mira: Heh, thank you. :P

Kuhleeel said...

I'm gonna share a "quote".

"I kissed a girl. I like it!"


Hedda™ said...

I've never kissed a girl.

But if I would, I don't know if I'll like it. :D