Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mail, HP, and Wicked

Ayeee, today is a happy day.

First off, it's the last day of exams. I only studied in Social Studies. I forgot to study in Advanced Algebra. To be honest, I don't love to study in Math for exams. How am I suppose to know what problems I should work on right? They're given... randomly. Luckily, my notes were good enough and I just read them over and over again. They're bound to get in my brain somehow. Eudes was nice enough to show me the Egyptian timeline. Sir Joner gave a copy to his students, and Eudes have a lot of connections.

Second, I watched Harry Potter today. I won't be a spoiler if you haven't watched the movie yet. It was so damn good. I cannot see the disappointment they are talking about. I'm not the one to compare the book from the movie anyway, unless the movie absolutely sucked. The effects, as usual, were breathtaking. David Yates is a good director. I have to admit that I didn't read the book before the movie was shown, and I don't have plans on reading the book now. I agree with what Ate Patrisha (our debate "coach") said in her blog. It was the same thing that my Mom said. Even my Mom wasn't disappointed with the movie. When it ended though, I felt like it happened so fast, haha. Draco was still mmm hot damn. He looks really, really gorgeous with what he was wearing almost all throughout the movie. For some reason, Bellatrix annoyed the hell out of me in this movie. I know that's the way her character is supposed to be, but meh.

Third, I bought Wicked. Yes. After debating with my mind while we were going to the bookstore, I told my Mom that I'm going to buy Wicked as a birthday present... for myself. I haven't started reading yet because I'm in the middle of reading Prince Caspian and The Magic Nephew's Tree, or something similar to that by C.S Lewis. All I know is that it's part of the Chronicles or Narnia. I borrowed it from the library today. But if I can't help it, I would really start reading Wicked.

Last epic thing that happened was Jen received her letter. I'm so ecstatic. You see, I haven't mailed a letter to anyone out of the Philippines except for my Dad. But that was when sending letters were still a popular thing. I can remember walking to this post office with my Mom. We're going to pass by this filthy store, and the post office itself is so dark and smelly, you'd puke. But yeah, Jen said that my handwriting was tiny. Haha, well... that's true enough. I really do have tiny writing. ;D

Mmkay, today is a good day. :]
And now I'm going to be off to start making the e-invite project in Filipino, my READ program news revision, and the typing thing for Sir Vitug.