Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not Today

I thought we're going to Bulacan today because it's the birthday of my half brother's daughters. Although it's fine even if we don't have to go. My Dad then told me to get ready because my Mom said we're going to watch Harry Potter today. Okay, what the hell? We can't watch today. First off, it's a Saturday meaning a lot of families will be going to the cinema and watch it. I doubt that Festival will have all their 9 cinemas open exclusively showing Harry Potter. Besides I have to study. I also have plans of seeing Syd on Sunday to watch Harry Potter.

My Dad told me that we're going to Bulacan tomorrow and visit the twins. I was like, "What about Harry Potter?" and once again, he told me his ever favorite reason: "Harry Potter will still be there next week. When you watch it the next weekend, it won't be different." Well, what if I say that Bulacan will still be there next week, huh? I really hope that he understands that Harry Potter is my only happiness in life. I sound deprived, but I'm not, really.

And yes, I told my Mom that we have to watch HP on Sunday. That would be a treat for myself for studying this Saturday, and it's a sort of break from exam pressure.

If we go to Bulacan tomorrow, I won't go. Bulacan is too far, somewhere in the north. We might take a few stop overs in Quezon City or Manila. The only thing I'm excited for that is I might get my birthday presents (I sound so materialistic) and we can finally go to Trinoma. -win-