Friday, July 24, 2009


Here are the Homeworks given to us. (:
You can also check on this if you're not from St. Clare of Montefalco as long as you have the same teacher with us.

Science - Ms. Flores
Filipino - Ms. Castillo
CVE - Sir Mansalay
AA - Ms. Bruno
English - Sir Licky
MAPEH - Ms. Dee
Geometry - Ms. Garcia
SS - Sir Rocky
TLE - Sir Vitug
Comp - Ms. Adviento


*Do the student activity on p. 13
*Read chapter 2 of your book and answer the 4 review questions on p. 32 (write it on 1 whole sheet of paper)
*compose again a prayer using the format taught in class with concluding paper (short bond paper w/ design or background)

*read and answer all activities in the english journal
*read the excerpt from Le Morte D Arthur
answer the ff:
a. understanding the text (p.29)
b. activity under value infusion (p.30)
c. post-test (p. 31)
-study the rule on subj-verb agreement
answer the ff:
a. pretest (p. 58)
b. act. and post test (pp.60-61)
-optional: watch any arthurian movies.

-sagutan ang kabanata 1-15 ng Noli.
-pagsasanay o gawain I, II a and b, IV at V
-isulat sa isang buong papel

*SW #2 p/55 A 1-15
#3 p.65 D 1-10
#4 p. 66 IV 1-20
#5 p. 66 V 1-15
#6 p. 87 A 1-10
#7 p. 221 E 1-5 F 1-5
#8 p. 222 G 1-3
-your notebook

illuminated manuscript
*i/8 illustration board (black for base)
use recycled materials for decorations
gold or silver inked pens for lettering

perform the ff. activities, record observations and accomplish the act.
a. act no.8-floating food pp.35-38
b. no.9 - the wave bottle pp.39-42
(finish product will be submitted on aug 4, 2009)
-in a short bond paper, illustrate at least 5 diff. techniques for separating the components of mixture. label the apparatus, equipments and chemicals used.
-in a whole pad paper, answer chapter test no.2 on pp.33-34
-in your ntbk, draw the diff. models of the atoms and briefly describe each.
-memorize the chemical symbols and chemical name of the elements in the periodic table.
-make a replica of periodic table of elements in a 1/16 size of ill. board whcich will only show chemical symbol atomic num. and atomic mass.

Social Studies:
Day 1:
-Make a map of ancient Egypt @ the Minoan (&A) Civilization.
-Enumerate events and contributions under Minoan and Myceanean Civilization.
Day 2, 3, and 4
-Answer letters A, B, and D on page 69.
Day 5:
-enumerate prominent people of the Greek civilization and give their contributions and describe their known description/image.
Day 6, 7, and 8:
-pp. 82-83 (ABCD)
Day 9
-make a timeline of events under the Roman civilization.
Day 10
-Enumerate preminent people during the Roman Civilization.

-Apply the text tool in creating text art.
-Faithfully follow the instructions.
-Illustrate a frame by frame text art based on a given requirement such as:
a. interval of frames
b. special letter

Materials: Use one short bond paper. See page 28 of your book.

No special assignment given. Just practice soldering.

I'm not sure if you're suppose to buy your own soldering tool and sucking tool, but as far as I know, you're supposed to bring soldering tool and extension cord on Aug. 3rd. (: