Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a week!

"I may be frumpy, but I'm super smart.
Check out my grades, they're "A's" for a start.
What I lack in looks well I make up in heart, and well guys, yeah, that's totally awesome."
-Hermione Granger; Harry Potter the Musical

This week has been so exhausting, confusing, and whatnot. First off, we had the exams during Monday and Tuesday. You already know how I feel about exams. Yes, I do understand its importance, but let's face it. I'm a student. It's perfectly normal for me to detest exams.

Wednesday and Thursday were two heavy days. I can barely remember anything we did, except that we changed the seating arrangement. I wasn't so excited about it. Allen and Jolo were fun seatmates. Especially Allen. Oh well, at least we'll still be seatmates during English class. At least until Sir Licyayo can walk properly again. Anyway, we changed it in a "V" way. V for Vitug, my adviser's last name. If you look at the left side, I marked my seat by a black dot. I'm right behind Janjan and Frans and I get a perfect view of the whiteboard. My problem with the original seating arrangement was when the teacher starts writing at the right hand side of the board, I won't be able to read it thanks to the glare. Although I'm still having problems with reading the writing on the board, it's better than the last seating arrangement. I think the problem is my glasses now. Boohoo. I hate being four-eyed.

Friday, was well, interesting. First we had a mass, and being a July celebrator, I'm supposed to carry our class offering. Nilleth carried the bayong basket, while I held the money. Luckily, I met Lorenzo again and he was, like last year, in front of me during the whole thing. Once again, Lorenzo showed me how proud he was of his height, by talking to me and asking me I was staring at his chest. Well that's because it feels awkward to look up at him while we're having a conversation. I cannot help it that I am very short. Then, he kept on laughing at the gradeschoolers because they were so tiny. They were just up to Lorenzo's waist or crotch. He enjoyed the feeling of being a giant. Aha. I probably would too if I were that tall. So yeah, thanks to Lorenzo, I stopped being nervous upon walking down the aisle (it sounded like I was getting married, but no, I'm not).

After the mass, Allen, Mira and I went to the Digital Printing Office to get our ID pictures taken. Unfortunately, the photographer was scheduled for the gradeschool department so we can just have our picture taken on Monday. It's going to be tough. We might be late for CVE. I'm not sure if Miss E. will be really bothered, but I'd rather not be late in CVE.

By the way, the trip going back and forth to the DPO was tiring. First off, we came from our classroom, in the third floor of the 2nd to last building in school. We walked all the way to the Administration Building which is across the Pre-school building right by the lobby. Then we climbed the stairs. I told Allen how it feels like Hogwarts, and he commented on my geekiness again. The DPO building was on the 2nd floor. Stairs again. And it was hot too.

We also planned about our August presentation. It's going to be a musical!

Then, we had a serious "thingy" during TLE. I'm sure that it's a matter that's suppose to stay within the 4 walls of our classroom, therefore I'm not going to blab about it. Besides, it's a personal matter regarding someone and it's not me. I'd share it if what happened was about me but it wasn't.

We had a Herald meeting. Ate Jhem asked us to do slogans for our club. Mine was: We Write To Enlight. Ha, isn't that such a cool slogan? Then we also did an opinion paper about the Charter Change and the Constituent Assembly. It was hard, but as what Syd said, we had our "Activist Mode" activated. I was able to finish mine. Well almost. I was able to voice out my opinion. Once again, I did it as a debate speech. Definition, then arguments.

I missed debating. :|
I can't wait till I can debate again.

Anyway, the iSpeak2 sounds exciting. ♥ Right, dahhhling? ;D

I'm going to watch 17 again and de-stress myself.