Monday, August 31, 2009

I love textsfromlastnight.

(559): Psycho is an understatement. U were running around the house screaming IM UNDER THE IMPERIOUS CURSE

Oy, look.

I showed it to Josh last night, and he loved it. :)
And it makes me so darn happy.
I know I'm obsessed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009



You made me so happy. :DDD

i'm like touched that you called me your friend.

I feel so special now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Just Makes Me Really Happy.

I woke up this morning and logged on Twitter (I'm such a whore), and I checked my replies. I was extremely happy to see Josh Golden's name in it. He seriously made me smile and happy. I actually had my moment of fangasm, that I just had to jump around in circles and go back to my bed, lie down, roll around, and mess up my bed. I was that ecstatic. I even danced the ever so popular happy hotdog dance.

Looking at the picture just excites me even more. :DDDDDD
I'm seriously hyperventilating.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's shave some dignity

I stripped off my dignity for him, and in return I got a bottle of water.
Pathetic, honestly, but it was fun.

Alright, so, I dared Regina that I can actually talk to the 3rd year Solano (everyone knows his brother, the senior one) and ask him about his height. In return, she'll buy me a bottle of water. Since she doesn't have anything to do with it, she agreed. I was with her, Riched, and Mark, but unfortunately she had to go to the TLE lab for her gown fitting. So, it was just Mark, Riched, and I. We walked around, seeing him every now and then. Just when he's about to reach us, he always has to turn back, or I would chicken out. We just kept walking, chatting nonchalantly waiting for the right time. There was one point that I think he realized we were following him because we are always there whenever he turns his back or so. I was ABOUT to talk to him, when suddenly, two juniors were with him. It would have been less embarrassing, but I have no idea who those juniors are. Once again, he turned back and went up the Audi-gym. I had an "oh no!" moment, because I might not be able to do it. But yeah, he turned back again, and this time I ran to catch him before he's off the stairs.

So, this was what happened.

Me: Excuse, what's your height?
Him: 6 feet?
Me: Oh yeah? I'm 5 feet 1!
-insert his amusement here-
Me (as some sort of postscript) : ...Sorry, it's a dare kasi.

That was kind of awkward, and funny. The only thing that alleviated me was that he laughed when I told him I was 5 feet 1 (and a half, forgot to tell him that :P). I will never ever forget the fact that he was amused with me. Haha, I'm such a comedian.

The only downside to that, is that I'm hanging my head in shame now and I don't think I can actually face him again. It's blatantly exaggerated, but it was embarrassing. But yeah, I lost some of my dignity because he's like new, sometime around July-August? And we have absolutely no idea of each other's palpable presence. But like what I told Mark, I'm a journalist, and a journalist should never chicken out because it's part of their job. :D

Oh hey, I did it, and Regina gave me money to buy water:P

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tell me why.

We've talked things over and we agreed that it's the best way to do such.

Then why do I actually want to negotiate and talk things over?


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yesterday was my post birthday party. I know it's been forever but we've been planning it since August 3rd. We had plans of visiting Jolo in Makati, but we heard that he got out last Wednesday or Thursday.

It was so unfortunate that Allen, Arwin, Criselle, and Janjan can't go. Anyway, we planned to meet up in Pacita around 9:00. I arrived almost ten, but just so everyone is already there because my Dad gave us a ride. Arwin and Frans weren't there yet so we waited. It was untypical for Arwin to be late since he lives in Southview, around five to ten minutes from our meeting place. We found out why though. Arwin's Mom called Francis and explained that she has no idea about Arwin going out, and such. Apparently, the number Arwin gave was his Mom's number. She explained that Arwin talked to his Dad last night but she had no idea what they talked about. Since he wasn't answering our calls and text, we decided to wait for him a bit since he might not know how to commute.

So, this little girl came to us asking for change. Actually, she came to Eudes and tugged his pants. The funny thing was she won't leave Eudes alone. There was one point that her face got in touch with Eudes' crotch. I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh at people's state, but I wasn't laughing because she was poor, but instead because her face faced Eudes' crotch. Apparently, that wasn't the first time. But nice kid, Eudes, bless his heart, gave change.

Frans arrived and we were still waiting for Arwin. We decided to leave him, and then he texted Francis through Y!M. So the car ride was noisy, our conversations kept on overlapping. My Dad didn't mind it much though, he was silent all throughout. But anyway, he can't make us shut our mouths even if he goes Silencio on us.

When we arrived, we ate at Greenwich, my treat. It took us forever merely because we just have to chat and such. By the time we left, we took a picture. The photographer was quite funny. His amusing statements need to be heard, not read. I looked like a retard in the pictures. Sorry. :(

After that, we went to the cinemas. It had the longest line ever. The Orphan wasn't showing, and so we decided to watch UP. We were planning to watch GI Joe, but Eudes, being such a happy slaughterer already watched the movie. Besides, UP was the movie closest going to be previewed closest to the time.

UP is such a wonderful movie. I honestly cried. Anyway, after the movie my back was wet, and Eudes was beside me. Haha, WD? (:

After that, we separated for awhile because they wanted to play DOTA. Ara got me a gift, a headband and hair clips. I swear to God, that's all I really want because I don't put a lot of stuff up in my hair. After getting me headbands and such, we went back to XSite and did some mad arcade.

We went to Powerbooks and I almost cried when I saw this book. It was Php 632. But since I'm determined and such, and I got really nice friends, they paid for about Php 135 worth of it, and I gave in my Php 500. Aw, shiz. They're so nice, haha. We went to the food court, and waited for Eudes to return. Then we made plans to go to the rollercoaster, but for some reason I didn't feel like riding it. But in the end we went to XSite. We had this sort of scary encounter. As we took our picture, someone ran to us. It was Eudes. =OO

Eh, so the ride was fun. Except that Ara didn't want to go on again. Francis was apathetic all throughout the ride. Seriously, he was in the front and all that but all I can see was that he was fixing his hand because his bag was slipping. Francis is effed up. After the ride he had to go home, so it was just Ara, Jean, and I.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello, AA.

You successfully made my head stopped functioning for quite a while. Seriously.

The exam in Advanced Algebra was difficult, absolutely difficult. The first page questions were fairly easy though. I even got hopes that I'd get a score higher than forty. Ehh, the hopes were killed when I reached the 2nd or 3rd page. The questions seemed gibberish to me. It wasn't making any sense, at all.

The last page had zeroes of polynomials and synthetic division questions, so I didn't struggle that much. I actually panicked when I saw the clock at 10:45 and I was still on the twenty-first question.

So I won't be expecting to receive a line of 9 in AA on my card. I've come to expect an 86? That is, if my score is exactly 30.

Damn it, AA. Why the hell are you so ferocious? D:

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am now SheepGirl according to Kuhmil, or rather Kahlil. Stfu, Miss Sangel was the first one who kept calling you that.

Being called SheepGirl does not have anything to do with my passionate love for sheep, nor does it have to do with me being docile and vulnerable, in fact I am the mere opposite. SheepGirl still has something to do with the psychological exam in Chemistry. I took it quite seriously, unlike others, who chose horse just because of a certain homo sapien.

Just to clear up things Kahlil, I am not prioritizing my love life. Meh, you can call me SheepGirl till college and I really will not give a damn. Another thing I have to point out is that you need to stop pushing Francis in my life. :P

I told Francis the "handsome in any angle" thing because it was a pick-up line. :P
And geez, it's not Franciiiiiis, okay? It's someone else. x]

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am 100% sure

That the optimists are the ones who have a problem, and not the pessimists.
We're just being realistic.

It's kind of unfortunate how schoolbooks tell you what kind of person you should be. If you were to follow it, then you might as well live the perfect life because no one can be that mentally healthy. Let's face it, it's impossible.

Blaming the media isn't a good decision either.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Kahlil Carmona: yoo ah.
Kahlil Carmona: lovelife girl si hedda!
xxheddaa.mclovin: Shut up.
Kahlil Carmona: i just read your blog..
Kahlil Carmona: guilty.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Oo na.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Haha.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Guilty talaga.
Kahlil Carmona: and i can't believe you just said na gwapo si francis.
xxheddaa.mclovin: It's a pickup line.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Masyado niyang sineryoso. xD
Kahlil Carmona: or is it part of your guilty lovelife?
xxheddaa.mclovin: No, it's not. xD
Kahlil Carmona: ayeeee....
xxheddaa.mclovin: NYEH
Kahlil Carmona: guilt wraps hedda's red face.
xxheddaa.mclovin: Che.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I can't wait till this week is over.

Last week, we had the IP presentation, and despite the short time preparation given, we did well. I can see that the teachers did not like the diorama that much, and there was the "clay incident", but I still think it's good. The dance was perfect though.

After the IP, we were all happy because finally, one major project is over. The next thing we are to worry about is the August Core Values presentation which we'll be having on Friday morning. It's not as hard as the Integrated Project, but there is just no time. I am very much grateful for the teachers who allotted even just 20 minutes of their time for us to practice.

We also had the dance drama and aerobics routine in PE and Health, thus cutting more time for us to practice because the two aforementioned dances are our exam in MAPEH. Sadface.

Today is Wednesday. I've been staying over until 6:00 in school since Monday. I've been sleep deprived AND tired. It wouldn't be that much pain if we're not given assignments and next week is the first periodical tests. Spell time pressure?

Tomorrow, we're bound to be in school until 7:30 in the evening. I am very much aware at how tiring it will be, and I am really sorry for everyone who has to say. Needless to say, we have to be early on Friday. However, I required everyone to bring chocolates and we will all eat them together before the presentation for sugar rush. I just hope no upchucking will occur, that would be so unfortunate. Mira is also bringing Stresstabs tomorrow, and I will overdose myself with them. Not exaggerating. I need all the energy I can.

About the presentation, I cannot say that we are done - done. We are about done, or halfway done, depending on how you define it. We know what to do, but we just haven't tried putting it all together. A big problem is, we somehow lack cooperation. It was not the same as last year, wherein when one will say "group yourselves" we would automatically follow. It saddens me much that we have to shout all the time just to get everyone's attention. Sometimes one has to shout more than once, then when our attention is finally caught, once someone starts speaking, people would slowly start talking again.

Then there was the time wherein we were presenting our work. We told everyone to just watch, but what happens? They'd start butting in with suggestions. Suggestions aren't really bad, but the fact that you have not seen the whole thing yet, is just... annoying.


My Mom allowed me to not attend school on Friday if I get sick on Thursday. A part of me hopes I get sick, and another part hopes not. Eh, we'll know.

Cross your fingers that we'll be able to do it at least well.

I'm not hoping for perfect. It's impossible.

Monday, August 10, 2009


According to the psychological examination we took during Chemistry today, this is the order of things I prioritize the most:

Love, career, pride, money, family.

Eh, honestly? I was surprised when Miss Flores said that those who chose sheep (she asked us to order animals according to our priority), and there are only 3 of us, are those who are "in love".

Damn. I seriously thought the sheep was the most harmless of all, but no it meant love.

To cut it short, I obviously felt guilty.

Bulls-eye, definitely. :/

PS: I am very disappointed to know that he's not really that amazing the way he was described. He was very overrated. Haha. =]

PPS: His accent still blows me away thoughhh. Haha, it's like Canadian and something else. =D

PPPS: I should record him the next time he talks. x]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just To Say I Can

A long time ago, I had a wonderful dream. I was walking up the sacred stage to receive my award. It was the red eagle, same as before, but what that dream special was that I had a special award in Mathematics. As the precious gold medal was about to be on my neck, I woke up. Dream's over.

Such thing is impossible. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but it's true. I'm not good in Math. Last year, I got this high score in our monthly test and I was so ecstatic that my ego must've gone taller than I am.

Today was the qualifying exam for the Mathematics Trainer's Guild. It's a national organization wherein all Math geeks reunite and role play numbers. Like, the time when seven ate nine (789), or the time when a kid got dyscalculia (number dyslexia) and mixed up all his 6 and 9s. Not really. They do NOT role play that, I think. Seriously, the MTG is, like what I have said, is a national organization wherein students who are gifted with numbers do extensive training and such to hone their already honed skills. To be fair, they have qualifying exams every year. During fourth grade, I joined and I was successful. Sadly, I lost my confirmation slip, so I was not able to join. Last year, sophomore year, I tried joining again. Unfortunately, I didn't pass. This year, I tried again. I'm not really expecting to pass seeing that I am not sure of any of my answers.

But the thing is, I tried. I tried, and I did it just to say I can take a freaking difficult Math exam. Others would chicken out because they know for a fact that they don't do well in Math. Hey, it's just an exam and sooner or later, the MTG people will forget your name if you made such an embarrassing score. I didn't mean for it to sound that bad, by the way.

The time I opened my booklet, I was appalled. The whole thing seemed like a bunch of jumbled letters mixed together. It was a mess. Literally. But I reread the questions and tried using the ever so famous Hula-hula Method.

I was done with the booklet early but I didn't want to pass it yet because the others might think that I'm overconfident. Thank God for Monares (I forgot his first name. I've been calling him by his last name since 5th grade)! He passed his booklet first and everyone else followed him. I waited for a few more moments before I finally passed mine.

When we went outside, we were the only ones finished with the exam. It seems to me that everyone was taking it a wee bit seriously. Well, I took the test about 75% seriously because I spent Php 35.00. That's already a lot of money, haha.

I won't be surprised if I didn't pass the exam. It would be an honor to pass, and I will surely not decline the confirmation slip they'd send.

Cross your fingers (and toes) that I make it. (:

Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's official. There's no classes on Wednesday in honor of former President Corazon Aquino's death. My Mom wanted to go to her wake, and she might tomorrow (or whenever it's open to the public again). I want to go with her but I have school.

I was very ecstatic when I read the news. I've been doing nothing this week but assignments, assignments, and assignments. It's starting to get old. Raymart is panicking though. We have our Integrated Project presentation and our August Core Values presentation, in addition to that, our dance drama.

I have something to share about our group's presentation. I am the "light". My role is to bring the light to those who were blinded by sin. It's such a holy role, don't you think? Allen sounded slightly apalled, and I don't blame him. It seems like a big joke.

Anyhow, Raymart said that we need to meet up on Wednesday. All I can say is damn. Damn it. It's so unfortunate that I live almost about 30 minutes away from school and whenever we're going to meet up, we have to meet somewhere near school, usually in Ministop. Then when we end up early, I can't go home unless Alyssa is there and I'll hitch a ride with them. Commuting = fails.

If ever we meet up on Wednesday, I'm one hundred percent sure that we will be able to make miniscule progress. As a group, we bring about chaos and since we have to work on TWO different things at the same time, it'll be hard to make impressive progress. I know we can do it though. After all, we ARE Clare.

I didn't mean to sound that arrogant, but heck, aren't we the best crammers? (:

Poor frog.

(828): There's a dead frog in my kitchen?
(402): Yeah, you found him outside and decided to give him a bath with your roommates electric toothbrush.
(402): The worst part is that you sang Air Supply songs to him as you did it. Poor guy died in the middle of "Making love out of nothing at all"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rest In Peace Corazon Aquino