Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yesterday was my post birthday party. I know it's been forever but we've been planning it since August 3rd. We had plans of visiting Jolo in Makati, but we heard that he got out last Wednesday or Thursday.

It was so unfortunate that Allen, Arwin, Criselle, and Janjan can't go. Anyway, we planned to meet up in Pacita around 9:00. I arrived almost ten, but just so everyone is already there because my Dad gave us a ride. Arwin and Frans weren't there yet so we waited. It was untypical for Arwin to be late since he lives in Southview, around five to ten minutes from our meeting place. We found out why though. Arwin's Mom called Francis and explained that she has no idea about Arwin going out, and such. Apparently, the number Arwin gave was his Mom's number. She explained that Arwin talked to his Dad last night but she had no idea what they talked about. Since he wasn't answering our calls and text, we decided to wait for him a bit since he might not know how to commute.

So, this little girl came to us asking for change. Actually, she came to Eudes and tugged his pants. The funny thing was she won't leave Eudes alone. There was one point that her face got in touch with Eudes' crotch. I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh at people's state, but I wasn't laughing because she was poor, but instead because her face faced Eudes' crotch. Apparently, that wasn't the first time. But nice kid, Eudes, bless his heart, gave change.

Frans arrived and we were still waiting for Arwin. We decided to leave him, and then he texted Francis through Y!M. So the car ride was noisy, our conversations kept on overlapping. My Dad didn't mind it much though, he was silent all throughout. But anyway, he can't make us shut our mouths even if he goes Silencio on us.

When we arrived, we ate at Greenwich, my treat. It took us forever merely because we just have to chat and such. By the time we left, we took a picture. The photographer was quite funny. His amusing statements need to be heard, not read. I looked like a retard in the pictures. Sorry. :(

After that, we went to the cinemas. It had the longest line ever. The Orphan wasn't showing, and so we decided to watch UP. We were planning to watch GI Joe, but Eudes, being such a happy slaughterer already watched the movie. Besides, UP was the movie closest going to be previewed closest to the time.

UP is such a wonderful movie. I honestly cried. Anyway, after the movie my back was wet, and Eudes was beside me. Haha, WD? (:

After that, we separated for awhile because they wanted to play DOTA. Ara got me a gift, a headband and hair clips. I swear to God, that's all I really want because I don't put a lot of stuff up in my hair. After getting me headbands and such, we went back to XSite and did some mad arcade.

We went to Powerbooks and I almost cried when I saw this book. It was Php 632. But since I'm determined and such, and I got really nice friends, they paid for about Php 135 worth of it, and I gave in my Php 500. Aw, shiz. They're so nice, haha. We went to the food court, and waited for Eudes to return. Then we made plans to go to the rollercoaster, but for some reason I didn't feel like riding it. But in the end we went to XSite. We had this sort of scary encounter. As we took our picture, someone ran to us. It was Eudes. =OO

Eh, so the ride was fun. Except that Ara didn't want to go on again. Francis was apathetic all throughout the ride. Seriously, he was in the front and all that but all I can see was that he was fixing his hand because his bag was slipping. Francis is effed up. After the ride he had to go home, so it was just Ara, Jean, and I.