Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just To Say I Can

A long time ago, I had a wonderful dream. I was walking up the sacred stage to receive my award. It was the red eagle, same as before, but what that dream special was that I had a special award in Mathematics. As the precious gold medal was about to be on my neck, I woke up. Dream's over.

Such thing is impossible. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but it's true. I'm not good in Math. Last year, I got this high score in our monthly test and I was so ecstatic that my ego must've gone taller than I am.

Today was the qualifying exam for the Mathematics Trainer's Guild. It's a national organization wherein all Math geeks reunite and role play numbers. Like, the time when seven ate nine (789), or the time when a kid got dyscalculia (number dyslexia) and mixed up all his 6 and 9s. Not really. They do NOT role play that, I think. Seriously, the MTG is, like what I have said, is a national organization wherein students who are gifted with numbers do extensive training and such to hone their already honed skills. To be fair, they have qualifying exams every year. During fourth grade, I joined and I was successful. Sadly, I lost my confirmation slip, so I was not able to join. Last year, sophomore year, I tried joining again. Unfortunately, I didn't pass. This year, I tried again. I'm not really expecting to pass seeing that I am not sure of any of my answers.

But the thing is, I tried. I tried, and I did it just to say I can take a freaking difficult Math exam. Others would chicken out because they know for a fact that they don't do well in Math. Hey, it's just an exam and sooner or later, the MTG people will forget your name if you made such an embarrassing score. I didn't mean for it to sound that bad, by the way.

The time I opened my booklet, I was appalled. The whole thing seemed like a bunch of jumbled letters mixed together. It was a mess. Literally. But I reread the questions and tried using the ever so famous Hula-hula Method.

I was done with the booklet early but I didn't want to pass it yet because the others might think that I'm overconfident. Thank God for Monares (I forgot his first name. I've been calling him by his last name since 5th grade)! He passed his booklet first and everyone else followed him. I waited for a few more moments before I finally passed mine.

When we went outside, we were the only ones finished with the exam. It seems to me that everyone was taking it a wee bit seriously. Well, I took the test about 75% seriously because I spent Php 35.00. That's already a lot of money, haha.

I won't be surprised if I didn't pass the exam. It would be an honor to pass, and I will surely not decline the confirmation slip they'd send.

Cross your fingers (and toes) that I make it. (: