Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's shave some dignity

I stripped off my dignity for him, and in return I got a bottle of water.
Pathetic, honestly, but it was fun.

Alright, so, I dared Regina that I can actually talk to the 3rd year Solano (everyone knows his brother, the senior one) and ask him about his height. In return, she'll buy me a bottle of water. Since she doesn't have anything to do with it, she agreed. I was with her, Riched, and Mark, but unfortunately she had to go to the TLE lab for her gown fitting. So, it was just Mark, Riched, and I. We walked around, seeing him every now and then. Just when he's about to reach us, he always has to turn back, or I would chicken out. We just kept walking, chatting nonchalantly waiting for the right time. There was one point that I think he realized we were following him because we are always there whenever he turns his back or so. I was ABOUT to talk to him, when suddenly, two juniors were with him. It would have been less embarrassing, but I have no idea who those juniors are. Once again, he turned back and went up the Audi-gym. I had an "oh no!" moment, because I might not be able to do it. But yeah, he turned back again, and this time I ran to catch him before he's off the stairs.

So, this was what happened.

Me: Excuse, what's your height?
Him: 6 feet?
Me: Oh yeah? I'm 5 feet 1!
-insert his amusement here-
Me (as some sort of postscript) : ...Sorry, it's a dare kasi.

That was kind of awkward, and funny. The only thing that alleviated me was that he laughed when I told him I was 5 feet 1 (and a half, forgot to tell him that :P). I will never ever forget the fact that he was amused with me. Haha, I'm such a comedian.

The only downside to that, is that I'm hanging my head in shame now and I don't think I can actually face him again. It's blatantly exaggerated, but it was embarrassing. But yeah, I lost some of my dignity because he's like new, sometime around July-August? And we have absolutely no idea of each other's palpable presence. But like what I told Mark, I'm a journalist, and a journalist should never chicken out because it's part of their job. :D

Oh hey, I did it, and Regina gave me money to buy water:P