Monday, August 10, 2009


According to the psychological examination we took during Chemistry today, this is the order of things I prioritize the most:

Love, career, pride, money, family.

Eh, honestly? I was surprised when Miss Flores said that those who chose sheep (she asked us to order animals according to our priority), and there are only 3 of us, are those who are "in love".

Damn. I seriously thought the sheep was the most harmless of all, but no it meant love.

To cut it short, I obviously felt guilty.

Bulls-eye, definitely. :/

PS: I am very disappointed to know that he's not really that amazing the way he was described. He was very overrated. Haha. =]

PPS: His accent still blows me away thoughhh. Haha, it's like Canadian and something else. =D

PPPS: I should record him the next time he talks. x]