Monday, August 17, 2009


I am now SheepGirl according to Kuhmil, or rather Kahlil. Stfu, Miss Sangel was the first one who kept calling you that.

Being called SheepGirl does not have anything to do with my passionate love for sheep, nor does it have to do with me being docile and vulnerable, in fact I am the mere opposite. SheepGirl still has something to do with the psychological exam in Chemistry. I took it quite seriously, unlike others, who chose horse just because of a certain homo sapien.

Just to clear up things Kahlil, I am not prioritizing my love life. Meh, you can call me SheepGirl till college and I really will not give a damn. Another thing I have to point out is that you need to stop pushing Francis in my life. :P

I told Francis the "handsome in any angle" thing because it was a pick-up line. :P
And geez, it's not Franciiiiiis, okay? It's someone else. x]